Zim gaz relationship quizzes

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zim gaz relationship quizzes

Mary Sue Test. *4.) Results. *5.) Oh no! Good friends with Dib, Zim, Gaz ( ESPECIALLY Gaz), or the Tallest. Has a cute and insane Are you in love/ having a relationship with any of these characters? a. Zim. b. Dib. c. Gaz. I took Zimbio's Invader Zim personality quiz of DOOM and I'm Gaz! . Dib reacts to ZaDr, Tak reacts to ZaTr, and Zim reacts to any Invader Zim couple at all ever. The relationship between Gaz and Zim in the series could be accurately described as unfriendly, and aloof at best. Throughout the course of the show, neither.

Dumb like a moose! Did you hear that, Gaz? That's no human organ!

Gaz and Zim's Relationship

Humans don't have squeedly spooches! To defeat my enemy, I must study my enemy, then become my enemy, then move in with my enemy, then where my enemy's clothes, then-" -Dib "You're in my light. Bitters, I think a pencil is lodged in my brain. Can I go to the nurse? You've gone too far! You're a hideous blob of stolen organs! I need your help!

zim gaz relationship quizzes

I've got work to do. Fate of the world kind of work! Wait, no, forget it. Jumping in a puddle!?! You do realize I'm gonna have to destroy you now. Score one for the human race!

zim gaz relationship quizzes

Score nothing for the Zim The machine has assigned you a career in fast food preparation! Bitters "I will prepare food with my iron fist! Then I will work my way up to ruling you all with my fist! I leave you to your And now, they have the Earth. The mission's been compromised! I think we've been seen out of our disguises No, this is different.

Membrane "That's what the bat's for. However, he finds that getting rid of her is harder than it seems, and he ends up needing GIRDib and Gaz to defeat her. During their final battle outside Earth's atmosphere, Tak attempts to explain that his mission on Earth was a lie, told by the Tallest to get rid of him. In the end, as he makes a report to the Tallest, Zim brushes off Tak's explanation as a "lie".

Contents [ show ] First Encounter Early on in " Tak: The Hideous New Girl ", Zim doesn't recognize Tak as another Irken, but thinks that she is a normal human girl who has fallen in love with him a conclusion he draws when he misinterprets her gift of Valentine's meat and a poem as tokens of affection, rather than her making an attempt to blend in and insult him, and cause him great pain to boot.

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Interestingly, Zim chooses to take this opportunity to learn more about the nature of human affection, and attempts repeatedly to win her "affection" - with each attempt leading to suffering on his part. It is debatable whether or not Zim himself has developed a crush on Tak, or whether it's his big ego that leads him to fancy the idea she loves him.

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However, the latter idea is the more likely. The writers never establish Zim's feelings towards Tak Jhonen doesn't approve of them getting together out of all the pairings, as he has confirmed countless timesalthough it is clear that she hates him.

Zim also mentions he plans to destroy Tak after using her to study human affection, which hints that he has never cared for her at all. If you got a very high score and want to do something about it, keep reading below.

My character is a Mary Sue! What do I do? You can keep your character the way they are if you like them, or you can take some suggestions and try to make them less perfect. If your character is in love with another main character, you should scratch that. If the entire point of the story is about their love, you can't make your character look very un-Mary Sue-ish. The reason I say this is because I think romance isn't the best genre for Invader Zim.

If your character is a die-hard "Zim is and alien" Dib-believer, you should try making your character a little more skeptical.

Look at all of the other characters in the show; they all think Dib is crazy but in "The Nightmare Begins," they almost believed him! Maybe your character can think Zim is an alien, but not out to conquer Earth, or maybe vice versa. If your character somehow lands on Earth and wishes to help Zim, don't have them find him right away or have them help him right away.

zim gaz relationship quizzes

Zim probably won't let them help, so you'd have to work with the idea instead of just having another Irken or anything else help Zim right away. If your character is friends with Gaz, I'm afraid there is little hope.