Yuusha yoshihiko ending a relationship

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yuusha yoshihiko ending a relationship

Men, love, sex, work, marriage. The three women end up living under the same roof by coincidence, and it is there that they share each. It deals with the relationship between a young Greek man Niko and a Turkish girl . Pia and her family, it leads to the both of them deciding to end their relationship. .. Yūsha Yoshihiko is heavily influenced by the RPG game series Dragon. Davi Yuusha Yoshihiko To Maou No Shiro Reverse image search is your best friend! 4. I found this on the "On this day" thing. It's me doing the.

In a entertaining way, it transforms the tale of struggle between humans and demons into a story of that almost seems to be educational at times. It's almost like watching the fantasy version of the Discovery Channel as the Demon Queen educates about trading and her ways of inventions.

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The series maintains as a small cast of characters. Obviously, we have the two main stars of the series, Maou and Yuusha. They often go by their titles, Demon Queen and Hero respectively. In fact, many of the supporting cast seems to follow this trend.

Their names matches their respective titles and defines the role they play in. But perhaps the most interesting relationship in the series is between Hero and the Demon Queen.

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This is because they are nearly nothing alike, even in terms of being the same race. Hero seems to be a guy of using action rather than words of persuasion.

On the other hand, Demon Queen seems to play the role of a politician and uses her intelligence. Yet upon closer examination, they get along quite well and intimate at times. This brings a problem of their relationship being too rushed.

As a matter of fact, there is strong hints of romance between the duo already after the initial episode. To add to this relationship is a strong dose of fan service. With or without horns, she retains her stature as a female that seems to allure viewers.

yuusha yoshihiko ending a relationship

This shouldn't come too much as as surprise though as the production studio Arms handles the series. Arms is known for its rough and sketchy ways of presenting fan service such as in Elfen Lied, Ikkitousen, and Queen's Blade. Their stance of producing lascivious visuals has been a long standing trend. In this case, Maoyu isn't off their charts. As being labeled as an adventure genre, the series takes the fantasy theme well.

yuusha yoshihiko ending a relationship

There are the old medieval like architectures and maintains that feeling of being in a fantasy world. The way the characters are dressed reflects this theme of being in simple wear in the case of servants, modern in the case of the maids, and fancy in the case of high level authority figures. Hero's design sees him as a warrior and 'hero' as the title suggests him.

On the other hand, there is Demon Queen who is dressed in an ornamental way that is elaborate and eye-catching. Speaking of useless, I find the fan service of this series to be just that.

yuusha yoshihiko ending a relationship

Even with the light humor, romance, and sweet moments, I find the fan service part of the series to be in the way and preventing Maoyu to shine itself. It is distracting and seems manipulative in some of the sweet dialogues that moves away the balance. Other problems I've ran in to the series is the rather weak story based off the original premise. Some of the preceding episodes from the narrative prequel pilot almost seems like filler. It doesn't also help the fact that some of the jokes made throughout the series becomes a bit stale.

Furthermore, Hero seems to attract other female characters of interest and creating some unfriendly rivalry for our Demon Queen. It falls under a track of insubstantial romance with a seemingly love triangle between her, Hero, and the Female Knight. Maoyu also seems to adapt many of the same themes as another popular title that debuted a few years back. Fans of Spice and Wolf may notice many similarities such as the adventure style storytelling, theme of economics, fantasy setting, and even the main female protagonist shares the same seiyuu.

In terms of artwork, the series did its job right. Despite some of the characters being serialized with the fan-service and presented in a gratuitous way, it maintains its background of the fantasy setting well.

There is the elaborate landscapes, the majestic rivers, and plain rural backgrounds. The way the characters are dressed reflects off that old and classic feeling from the Dark Ages. It's the way that an adventure should be and maintains that theme well. It is sufficiently powerful enough to even repair detached limbs back to their stumps and leave no scarring. It is noted that of his former party, despite his profession as a frontline warrior, he was also one of the team medics.


The Hero is well-versed in using a sword for combat. Combined with his magical skills, such is his strength that he is able to single-handedly fight against armies on his own. He is considered to be the strongest swordsman in the world, although as his abilities come naturally to him, he has difficulty in teaching others how to fight. Equipment Edit The Hero's Sword He possesses an ornate longsword, reminiscent of a European weapon; and he is able to wield it with great proficiency. However the Hero does seem to have hidden affections towards the Demon King as he always claims that she belongs to him in situations like the Evil King incident where he went to save the Demon King.

Also he is seem to be more affectionate toward the demon king, as they almost kissed twice. Where as the Hero has always been aware of the Demon Kings feelings, he is worried that if he were to die then the Demon King would be very upset which he can't bare. He also got jealous when he heard about her receiving a marriage proposal.