Tugs bigg freeze ending a relationship

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tugs bigg freeze ending a relationship

including our hearts, we freeze our lover out or feel the chill of being cast out ourselves. We can't remember what we ever saw in this person. Crisis ensues. At this point, the fairy-tale romance may come crashing to an end, or it may a big- picture awareness—to revel in the gifts that come with each season. Tug-of- War. The Star Tugs Fleet (L-r): Warrior, Big Mac, Sunshine, Top Hat, Ten Cents, . to Zebedee's relationship with the tramper Johnny Cuba in the episode "High Winds ". . Vienna" at the end of "Bigg Freeze" - in a further in-joke, Goodnight Vienna. Sunshine and Ten Cents, Bigg Freeze After Tugs' production ended, Sunshine's model was purchased by The Star Tugs Company, an organisation which.

Boomer Boomer was found floating adrift in the episode "Jinxed", the only episode in which he has a speaking part, by the Star tugs Ten Cents and Sunshine where he revealed he was a jinx, which Ten Cents was very sceptical about.

After many incidents including almost sinking and his engine failing then catching fire, Ten Cents finally believed that he had a bad luck streak.

List of Tugs characters

After he was repaired at Lucky's YardCaptain Star decided that Boomer was to become a house boat, and he now resides at an upriver jetty, "Dun Tuggin" where he can relax all day, and the jinx has finally left him.

Boomer was originally called Captain Harry, and he says that he became jinxed when his name was changed to Boomer.

tugs bigg freeze ending a relationship

Boomer was the only tug except from the initial seven to become a Star Tug during the series, even if it was only for a very short period. He was also briefly a Z-Stack, when he helped Zip and Zug pull some munitions, but after the barge exploded Captain Zero got rid of him. He can be seen towing barges in the background of the episode 'Up River' with this exception he was never featured in the series again.

Boomer speaks with an Irish accent, and is voiced by Lee Cornes.

tugs bigg freeze ending a relationship

In Salty's Lighthousehe appears in two episodes, in which he experienced two very different adventures; in one episode he lost his 'bad luck' by successfully towing the schooner, and in the other one, he failed as in the original TUGS, and then became a 'vacation boat' in a story Ten Cents told to Zug. During these episodes, he is voiced by Scott McNeil.

Boomer's history reflects the naval superstition that changing the name of a ship invokes bad-luck. Billy Shoepack Billy Shoepack Billy Shoepack is an alligator tug ; just like an alligator, he sits incredibly low in the water. And in Billy's case, he's just as dangerous as an alligator; he carries supplies such as fuses and dynamite to the Upriver towns.

Billy has a particular fixation with his dynamite, and loves using it to create 'lovely big bangs' and 'blast someone out of trouble,' as he manages to do in the episodes "Up River" and "Trapped".

Billy has been ridiculed by the other tugs, for his unusual appearance and seeming lack of common sense, but his great courage and spirit has helped them get out of trouble, and changed their minds for the better. Billy speaks with a strong West Country accent, and is voiced by Lee Cornes. He was an elderly tug with a brownish colour scheme, appearing only in " Pirate ".

He was kidnapped by the "Green-Eyed" tugs, who held him as ransom in order to make his nephew steal barges. He was later rescued by Grampus. His body was reused as Boomer. Burke and Blair Burke and Blair were notorious scrap dealers, and scavengers. Burke was the one with a moustache, and Blair wore the glasses. They were always seen together, and had small appearances in many episodes across the series.

The only episode in which they speak is "Quarantine", when they try- and almost succeed in- convincing Captain Star to sell O. They were often seen in the background of the series, most notably at the end of the episode 'Ghosts'. Their names come from the Edinburgh corpse sellers: Burke and Hare and they are sort of tugboat alternatives to their human counterparts, in that they deal in dead boats - not people. Socko, and are both voiced by Paul Dobson. The Pirates A pair of villainous tugboats who slipped into Bigg City Port with the intention of stealing loaded barges that could be sold off illegally for trade.

To increase their security, they used Sea Rogue as their decoy, and to make sure that he performed their bidding, they took his uncle hostage and threatened to sink him if Sea Rogue disobeyed them. With the unexpected help of Zip and Zug, the Star Fleet and Sea Rogue were able to capture the pirate tugs and hand them into the authorities.

The pirate tugs were mysterious-looking vessels with black paint and a distinguishable pair of green-tinted spotlights. They are known among fans as 'The Green-Eyed Things'. The pirate tugs are among the few speaking tugboats among the cast that do not have faces. They are voiced by John Baddeley and Sean Barrett. They came from 'northern waters' in search of an iceberg, and travelled about the harbour at night with engines 'off', listening for cracking ice.

They were mistaken by the Star Fleet, Zorran and Izzy Gomez for being the phantoms of a tug fleet that sank in the great storm of After an eventful night, Hercules revealed the truth behind the White Fleet. Since then, the Star Tugs found they could laugh it off, but never forgot the night when fog nearly drove them crazy. The white fleet may have been used as the pirates. The Coast Guard He is a small vessel who acts as customs officer for the port.

He often stands at the entrance to the estuary ready to question and check incoming shipping before clearance. On other occasions he stands by and over-looks large-scale operations, such as demolition and quarry work. He also doubled as a 'one-man' police-force.

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Despite his size, he has heavy influence and authority over the vessels of the port. He has made numerous brief appearances, but had minor speaking roles in High Winds, Warrior and Quarantine. He speaks in a posh English accent. Because of his small size, remote eye mechanisms could not be fitted into his model. He was one of the models passed on to Thomas and Friends after the production of TUGS shut down, he was seen in season 4, however, it is unknown where his model is at the moment.

Coast Guard's Messenger A small motor boat with a shrill whistle, he appeared only briefly in Regatta to inform the Star Fleet of Lillie Lightship's predicament, having been sent by the Coast Guard to deliver the message.

The same small vessel doubled as the 'mad' speed boat that caused the accident in Quarantine. He was in this form before 4th Of July, as he appears in the liner scene of Warrior in Sunshine.

He is located beside the Fire Launch. In Salty's Lighthousehe was mistakenly thought to be the same character as the Coast Guard, and also became Cappy. Ocean liners The Duchess The Duchess appears in " Sunshine ", the very first episode, making her the first ocean liner we encounter in the series. She only appeared in two scenes in the whole of that episode: In appearance she looked a lot like Princess Alice - and it is possible she was the same model - only with modified funnels and ventilators.

Princess Alice Princess Alice was the most prominent of the three Liners - she appeared in three episodes "High Winds", "High Tide", and "4th of July"in High Winds she was in need of repair and the Stars and Zebedee all fought against the heavy winds to bring her safely into port. When she appeared in the 12th episode 4th of Julyshe was fully repaired - and was celebrating Independence Day heartily with the other vessels whilst being loaded by Big Mickey.

She makes a brief appearance in High Tide. Vienna appeared in the episode Bigg Freezein which the Star Tugs and Z-Stacks alike were eagerly awaiting her return.

In some videos she appears in the opening credits, and she makes a brief appearance in Sunshine. The model used for S. Vienna was later reused for Thomas and Friends[4] which can be seen at Brendam Docks. It is renamed "S. Roxstar" in a Season 10 episode - "Seeing the Sights". However she shows off the Inman Line livery.

Vienna was given her name solely to create an excuse for the characters to say "Goodnight, Vienna" at the end of "Bigg Freeze" - in a further in-joke, Goodnight Vienna was the fourth solo album of Thomas storyteller Ringo Starr. His strong accent and dialect indicate that he is from Australia, although in a TUGS themed card game it is said that he is from Cuba.

He made his first appearance in Sunshine and his main appearance in High Winds.

tugs bigg freeze ending a relationship

Cuba had arrived at Bigg City Port to make plans with fellow criminal friends during a period of strong and troublesome tempest weather. He threatened Zebedee and manipulated him into helping him into the port. Cuba sent Zebedee on an errand to steal a barge of coal, and threatened to sink him if he landed either of them in trouble.

Due to a feud between Cuba and Captain Zero that occurred in the past, Zebedee was placed in an awkward and dangerous situation, until Hercules discovered Cuba's hide-out in an abandoned dock. Zebedee plucked up the courage to trap Cuba and have him arrested, and was forgiven. Despite Cuba's claim that "they can't hold Johnny Cuba! In Salty's Lighthousehe couldn't have been more different - his name was changed to Steamer, and is a friendly character instead of a villain.

Here, he is voiced by French Tickner.

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He made a second appearance in the annual story "The Lost Barge" where he is still doing crime but no one wants to go near him. Cuba made a third appearance in the Buzz Book "Nothing to Declare", in which he helps the Navy by trapping a spy submarine and proves himself to have a good streak. Nantucket A dirty old tramper and a notorious villain, whom the Tugs call Dirt Bucket. His only appearance was in Quarantine, in which he attempted to trick Sunshine into taking him into port by pulling down the yellow "waiting for clearance" flag.

After his plan was foiled, he was sentenced by the Coast Guard to a further forty days in quarantine along with Zorran, who had fallen for the trick and pulled alongside him.

He speaks with a Lancastrian accent provided by Sean Barrett. In the close up of Big Mac saying, "You be careful, Warrior," his eyes look wonky.

TUGS Bigg Freeze Ending HD

As Zebedee and the steel rig head towards the bridge, in one shot Top Hat reverses with his load, but when it cuts back to Zebedee, he is still there. When Top Hat and Lord Stinker move the steel rig into place, Top Hat's bow ropes are missing, then in another shot, they're back again. When the bridge collapses completely, a small flame can be seen at the end of the tracks, which disappears in the next shot. In the first shot of Puffa, he has two coaches, but in the next shot he only has one.

The bridge wobbles when Puffa first crosses it. When Puffa crosses the bridge, he was going at a slower speed, than he previously was, when coming towards the bridge.

When Big Mac says, "We've as much right to go for this contract as you have" and "Zak's engine doesn't sound too healthy, Warrior," he is already hooked up to his barge and facing the other way.

tugs bigg freeze ending a relationship

He also appears to have a slight crush on Sally Seaplane. Sunshine also can figure things out very quickly, as in " Jinxed " where he points out that each of jinxed tug Boomer 's unfortunate mishaps occurs right after Ten Cents sounds his steam hooter, suggesting a cause-and-effect relationship.

He's also more open-minded about unusual phenomena such as ghosts than Ten Cents is. On the subject of whistles, Sunshine's is middle-to-high pitched and has a distinct whooping sound which could best be described as upbeat, suiting his personality and name.

Sunshine also has the highest pitched whistle of the Star Tugs. Sunshine usually works with Ten Cents, the Star Fleet's first and larger switcher.