Tort of interference with a business relationship

The Definition of a Wrongful Interference in a Business Relationship |

tort of interference with a business relationship

Can someone be liable for “intentional interference with business relations” for accurately informing people about some facts about the plaintiff. Tortious interference with existing contracts and with prospective business relations occurs when an outside party intentionally causes one party in a business. What are the Elements for a Tortious Interference Claim Under California Law? Breach of contract claims, however, are only possible between parties to a.

tort of interference with a business relationship

Thus, interference with business relationships may involve a breach of contract, but it could also include a variety of unfair business acts or practices. Interference with business relations falls under the general category of tortious interference. Tortious interference covers two types of torts: Interference with contracts and interference with business relations.

The two are essentially the same, except that in the first instance, a valid contract is already in existence.

Tortious interference

Interference with business relations can sometimes be more difficult to prove than interference with contracts. This is because it can be difficult to establish whether a valid business relationship actually exists. However, a third party may not interfere with a validly existing business relationship between two parties. In order to prove tortious interference with business relationship, most jurisdictions require that the following elements be satisfied: Also, the person must have intended both the coercion of the party as well as the resulting loss of business opportunity.

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In addition, the law allows recovery for lost profits based on future contracts or future business profit expectancies. However, the projected losses must be based on actual, verifiable figures.

tort of interference with a business relationship

More specifically, the following elements must be present and provable: There is a reasonable probability that the plaintiff would have entered into a business relationship with a third person.

The defendant intentionally interfered with the relationship.

tort of interference with a business relationship

The plaintiff suffered actual damage or loss. For example, if a person makes false claims about a business with the intention of coercing another party to end their relationship with that company, and that act causes the business to lose money that would have been earned in that relationship, tortious interference with business relations is present.

Businesses who have experienced interference in business relations can seek compensation for their losses in the civil court. The process can be lengthy and expensive, but LaGarde Law Firm offers representation on a contingent fee basis.

We front the costs associated with the lawsuit.

What are the Elements for a Tortious Interference Claim Under California Law?

We are paid if and when we obtain a favorable result in your case. When pursuing a claim, several types of relief may be applicable.

Businesses can seek compensation for current and future losses associated with the interference, but the numbers must be clearly defined and verifiable.

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