Starting a dd lg relationship

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starting a dd lg relationship

DD/lg relationships are where a Daddy Dom cares intensely for his little girl and Starting BDSM as a little girl is a safer and slower-paced way to learn about. posted in DDlg Discussion: Just curios, how long were you talking with your daddy/little before starting a relationship? And also how you 2. So when first going into your first ever DD/LG relationship its always the the relationship is long distance or living together you need to start.

Your role Your current health and medical history, including medicines you take Your emergency contact information Your limits locations, of partners, etc. Your likes and dislikes for certain actions Written confirmation of your safe words.

starting a dd lg relationship

This is the minimum amount of information you should trade with your partner. The best scene negotiation checklist is the one you will use. Most checklists will provide a listing of an activity paddling, spanking, etc. But both the Dominant AND submissive can fill it out. Dominants have limits too. And a submissive has the responsibility to know the likes and dislikes of her partner as well.

starting a dd lg relationship

Even though the Dominant directs the actions during the scene, outside of the scene there is an equality from which this negotiation stems. Both Dominants and submissives have desires and needs that their scene will fulfill.

starting a dd lg relationship

The scene negotiation helps you to see if you are compatible or not and what is acceptable or not to both people. And littles love pleasing their Daddies! Start a hobby together. Doing this will give you both things to talk about, and will provide something to do together to bond you closer.

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Some good ideas include: Be patient with each other. Remember, this is new for both of you. You will both undoubtedly make mistakes. Having patience and cheering for the other will motivate both of you to work harder. Talk about and establish punishments.

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Once they are decided and agreed upon, always remember to follow through. Establishing and following through with punishments will help the power dynamic stay strong for both parties. Learn the power of Love and Respect.

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The basic idea is that every little girl needs to be loved, and every Daddy Dom needs to be respected. If the little is being disrespectful, then the Daddy becomes unloving and hurt. If the Daddy is being unloving, then the little becomes disrespectful and hurt. The latter works extremely well for us. Set a one week goal, a month goal, a year goal, and a five year goal. Talking about and planning for a future will help show your commitment to the other. Build blanket forts, go to the park, share a milkshake or sundae at a diner, have tickle fights, etc.

Laughing is so important, and vital in bonding and opening up with each other. Speaking of playing with each other…have sex.

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Have a LOT of sex! Having a healthy sexual relationship will keep your butterflies fluttering in your tummy like they belong. Being wanted by another is a huge confidence boost for anyone. Your partner needs to feel wanted by you! Take your time and enjoy this new phase of your life!