Social media relationship killer tumblr

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social media relationship killer tumblr

During my late teens, I was addicted to Tumblr. How my addiction to social media affected my mental health and my relationships. Tags: #socialmedia, confessions, crime, criminology, homicide Yardley discusses the relationship between violent crime and social media use, Most homicide victims know their killers but not this time – this was a chance This image was uploaded to her Tumblr blog and sent to a friend who ran a. So in order to guide you around the messy world of social media, and bring about Nobody can manage any more than relationships. Just because you smashed a killer campaign, didn't mean you could run away and.

At first, I used it on a temporary basis, posting here and there, but soon after I began posting I noticed my followers were going up and up and so were the re-posts otherwise known as re-blogs on each of my photos. Advertisement Advertisement re-blogs turned to 25, and followers turned to 20, Online, I was so different.

I was someone who was confident, I was someone who received attention and I was someone who others were actually curious about. Ella BYworth for Metro. I became obsessed with the site. Tumblr turned me into someone who though was still insecure in real life, appeared very confident online.

If you were receiving anything under the usual you knew it was a bad day. I realise how self-absorbed it all seemed now. But the only reason I can really think of is self-validation, and the need to escape a life I felt miserable in, and a body that made me feel insecure. Because of my addiction to the website, I was quick to lose friends. People grew sick of seeing me post online and conversations always leading to Tumblr and how many followers my blog had received.

As time went on, I stopped being invited out so much. People just got bored with me and being around me, because I had only one sole focus and that was on my online persona.

How to Begin Your Tumblr : Social Media Tips

Advertisement As time went on, it became easier to be online than it was to deal with the real world. I worried about going out in case people who no longer liked me obviously avoided me and left me feeling uncomfortable or humiliated. And their friends have friends each. Therefore 1 piece of great content has the chops to reach 2.

No amount of science, data or clever analysis will ever change this.

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Whilst this may be acceptable in your darkened office, listening to Spotify on your Bose headphones, dressing as such in the boardroom will render you a douche. Stop thinking about business in terms of B2B or B2C. The only thing that matters is P2P.

social media relationship killer tumblr

Facebook is not the answer to your problems. For some brands, Facebook is the last place you should be. Go wherever your audience is. Learn what Social NPS means. Update your page or delete it.

How my addiction to social media affected my mental health and relationships | Metro News

If your boss thinks fans and followers are valid success metrics, refer him to rule 71 before you refer to rule As monetization attempts go up - consumer experience usually goes down.

The half-life of a tweet is now minutes. A good Facebook post lasts a couple of hours. A great YouTube link is not much more. Social media is not about survival of the fittest anymore. Facebook operates a stealthy and mysterious algorithm codenamed EdgeRank. This is often good for user experience. But not so good for brands who want to reach all their fans.

The 80 Rules of Social Media |

That being said, all good content still rises to the top… eventually. When in doubt, see rule Look after your audience. It is 7 times cheaper to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one. You only have to look at most brand pages to understand why. Nobody can manage any more than relationships. Engaging with your fans and creating a community are NOT the same thing. Live by the That means chatting to everyone.

social media relationship killer tumblr

Under no circumstances is this ratio to be reversed. Soft engagement metrics such as PTAT, likes and mentions look good on a report, but will not keep you in a job. If unsure, see rules 10 and Despite what your boss might think, social media is not cheap. Nor is it easy. It can be very expensive and incredibly difficult especially if you do it wrong or take bad advice. Rules 34 and 35 obviously come into play here.

social media relationship killer tumblr

The correct ratio of Followers to Following is It is acceptable for someone with 10, followers to follow 1, people. Whilst high following numbers are difficult to manage see rule 20Twitter lists were invented for such instances.

Both options should be frowned upon. Some of the best directors I know have learnt everything they know about social media from their children. Do not under-estimate these ankle-snappers. Socially-savvy-cellphone-obsessed teenagers now check their phones an average times per day and will find out most things before you do. This is because rule 4 is a BIG deal. Social media is a lot like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody quite knows how it is done.

Despite this shortcoming, rule 26 will always apply. Be aware though that most of these non-marketing people are very aware of rule A plan of what to post on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, Tweet on Twitter or upload to YouTube does not a social strategy make.

social media relationship killer tumblr

A good strategy outlines the direction that a company should take and why it should take it. Move fast and break things and be proud of your breakages.

If something needs changing or there is a better way to do it, your users will tell you soon enough. Create value and love your audience no matter how small it is.

social media relationship killer tumblr

Most of them have not failed enough. Chances are they have no idea what they are talking about and should be avoided at all costs. This rule applies to all digital agencies who became irrelevant after the.

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Red Bull spends over one-third of its revenue on brand marketing. You are neither Red Bull, Burberry or Nike, but if you ever have any aspirations of being anywhere close to them, you too must understand the exact value of your fans — before you spend all your money trying to reach them.

The majority of people use social media to waste time. Brands need to be respectful of this. Twitter is not a social network. It never really was, users just tried to make it act like one. Twitter is a news and information network.

Use ads to accelerate successful content.