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If These Girls Knew That Slender Man Was a Fantasy, Why Did They Want . Road, where the asphalt turns to gravel and dead-ends by the woods. . Her extended family is large, and her relationships with the adults in her life Morgan's over-the-top creativity must have appealed to Anissa, but perhaps. So the other fans called him "Slenderman". Slendrina is the only antagonist in Slendrina: The Cellar, she will follow the player around the map, until they turn. Slender Man was invented on a forum in on behalf of the mythical character Slender Man in June — will indeed And at the end of the day, that's all it is: a myth. , photographer unknown, presumed dead.

When he was a teenager, he was hospitalized for something like a schizophrenic break himself. Just two months before the stabbing, Matt proudly posted a drawing Morgan made of Slender Man: Her extended family is large, and her relationships with the adults in her life — with her father, especially — had been sustaining; she was having a hard time adjusting to the ruptures in her world.

She once slapped a classmate for using a racial epithet. He kind of started crying. There, Anissa was drawn to Slender Man, but also to Zalgo, a super-evil entity, and to Jeff the Killer, an ever-smiling ghoul said to be based on an actual child murderer.

According to the mythology, Slender Man is a lurker. He is almost always depicted around children, though whether he is merely observing the misfortunes that befall them or causing them to happen can be unclear. For her part, Morgan tormented Bella, who was terrified of Slender Man, sending her links to Creepypasta and warning her that Slender Man would get her as she slept.

According to someone familiar with the case, the relationship between Anissa and Morgan was not sexual, but it was in a way like an affair: It became a total preoccupation that existed alongside the much more mundane aspects of being Morgan told Anissa she had a map in her head, but Anissa felt that they were lost.

Like children who run away from home with precious belongings tied into bandannas, the girls were serious enough about their plan to have packed, but not enough to have brought anything of particular use. They had a couple of granola bars.

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They had some water bottles. Anissa had even brought along keepsakes in the form of some old family photos. Written just days before the stabbing, one was like a will, bequeathing all her possessions to her parents. The other was an overwrought adieu, as though the murder in her mind were a suicide, too. You wanted to do this. In private, telepathic conversations, Morgan promised Slender that if they failed to go through with the murder, then Slender could have his way with their families.

Anissa fell apart again. I want to call my mom. I want to go home. At the police station, the girls were put in separate, identical blank white rooms, furnished with nothing but one table and two chairs, for questioning. Mounted high on the wall of each room is a video camera, which the detectives, by and large, ignore. In the recordings, the girls are disheveled, articulate, Morgan gets little disposable booties, too, like you get in the hospital, and she starts fiddling with them, until, on her left foot, most of her toes have pushed through.

When the detective brings her two big gray blankets, she wraps one around her shoulders and coils the other around her ankles, making a fat covering for her feet.

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The detective questioning her, Michelle Trussoni, is gentle and motherly. Anissa is helpful, detail-oriented, and literal. She wants the detective to understand; she wants to do a good job.

She weeps more or less continuously. But she has a grasp on things — on who Slender Man is, on what Creepypasta is, on the exact route she and Morgan took out of town, on the last names of her relevant friends.

You can sense her relief. One of the things she wants to make very clear is that Morgan did the stabbing, not her. She even gives the detectives a sort of redemption story: When the recording begins, she is sitting on a chair. The posture of her arms forces her body forward, but she cranes her face up, toward the camera, like a pale and curious turtle. Once the cuffs are off and the questioning begins, Morgan blames the whole thing on Anissa.

Anissa told her to do it. Anissa made it seem necessary. Of the two, Morgan was much more in the grip of the mythical power of Slender Man, but she barely mentions him until Detective Tom Casey, apparently receiving reports from the next room, begins to press the point. Morgan pulls her bare arms inside her giant shirt; sometimes, she tucks her whole head in there, too. She approaches the Styrofoam box daintily, like a cat, and removes a single French fry, eating it in tiny nibbles.

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Slowly, she takes out another three, placing them in a small pile on the table. She eats the fries one by one, crouched in her chair. Then she sits back down and removes a few more, holding one fry upright in one hand and her asthma inhaler in the other, like little dolls, and makes them dance.

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Since May 31,the day of the attack, the girls have been living in a juvenile-detention facility. Their month tenure makes Morgan and Anissa eminences here; for most kids, Washington County is a layover, a place where they spend a few days or weeks, awaiting trial after jacking cars or selling drugs or doing something stupid with a gang. In hearings, the same prison guard has testified on behalf of both girls. Anissa and Morgan are kept apart — separate living quarters, separate classrooms — but depending on the day, they will glimpse each other as they pass in the hall.

The judge in the case has ruled the girls mentally competent, their crime serious enough to be tried in an adult court. Should she have run away and summoned an adult? But given what she was dealing with … she did what she could. She has been reprimanded only a handful of times: Anissa is also a mess.

She seems unable to retrace her steps and fully understand how she got to this place. In July of last year, after threatening self-harm, Anissa was put on suicide watch and given a straitjacket. She occasionally complains of stomachaches, enough to keep her out of classes in jail.

Kenneth Casimir testified in June. Casimir also found Morgan to be at continued risk for harming others. She eats her meals on her knees on the floor with her back to the door, and when someone unexpected comes to see her, she sometimes whirls around and make claws with her hands, like a cat.

She regards the ants in her jail cell as her pets, feeding them off her meal tray; sometimes, she will take them to the rec room and throw them on other kids. During her incarceration, Morgan had a falling-out with her father, ripping him out of all the family pictures in her cell; apparently, the fight was about his disrespect for her imaginary friends.

But tragedy happen when he was 10, his house was burned and his parents were killed. After he ran away into the woods, having himself to safety, he found a dark and small house which it is the house of Granny. So Granny was the mother of Slendrina's mother. Granny welcome Simon and she took care of him. Granny was a widow and had a daughter name Angelene Slendrina's mom.

They spent a lot of time, walking in the woods when suddenly on one night, Simon lost Angelene in the woods as if they got lost. Eventually, He foound her lying on the dark. Simon brought her home and Granny medicated the wound of her leg.

When Angelene woke up, She told whole thing happen to her. She told a creature with red eyes and sharp teeth had bitten her leg as she was trying to save herself and she kept talking about a curse.

Angelene seem to be crazy and she doesn't know whats gonna happen next. At night, She dreamed that someday, They will have a cursed daughter. And then that day, Slendrina was born. But when she was 14 years old, the curse occured. One night, they are playing in the woods, They saw a shadow figure in the sky that looks like Slendrina's mother.