Sims 4 relationship bit

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sims 4 relationship bit

hello Sims 3 friends, I have messed around a bit searching to edit the relationships of my characters that I made Nov 19, @ pm. “angelfirenm.info_friends_for_sim” –Spawns a sim on your lot NOTE: You can not REMOVE a bit, you'll have to override it with another. Problem. My Sims kids suddenly are not the parents children anymore but their siblings. Type angelfirenm.info_bit Sim 1>.

She remains friends with him, and they get to know each other over the course of many days as Christine works on her career. She decides that if she's going to be a secret agent, she really should work out a bit, so she heads to the gym.

sims 4 relationship bit

It's there that she sees a rather handsome man named Freddie Holman working out on a weight machine. Since Freddie is working out anyway, Christine decides to start exercising at a nearby weight machine as well.

sims 4 relationship bit

Because Sims can speak to each other while doing almost any other action, she starts conversing with him while they're both pumping iron. She uses her Confident Emotion to learn that he's single. Christine remembers her learned lessons. Rather than immediately hitting on Freddie, she just converses with him pleasantly. The best weapon at her disposal is the Friendly At worst, it will help to see whether they are incompatible.

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At best, maybe Freddie is a Geek too, allowing for Christine to steer her conversation topics a certain direction. Luck isn't on her side, but it doesn't matter. Christine continues to speak pleasantly, sneaking in a flirt here and there, but ultimately keeps everything friendly for now. She also chooses to share a story of her peeing her pants, which is weird, but apparently Freddie and another Sim are into it.

Whatever it takes to get those relationship meters high. It's not the best progress, but it is progress. Dating[ edit ] The days pass as Christine lives her life. She calls up Freddie now and then, inviting him over for lunch or otherwise just to hang out and improve relationship scores. Again, other than the occasional flirt, she keeps things innocent and focuses on improving the friendship score for now.

Explore the Romance category these options will probably start to appear whenever you open a conversation, as well and look for some relatively inoffensive chat options, such as Compliment Appearance, Give Relationship Advice, or Ask Risque Question. This is indicative of your relationship points. The larger this pink bar, the greater the romantic connection between these two sims. Continue with non-physical displays of affection until the pink bar is about one third full.

You can probably guess what Woo Hooing is. Two sims getting married at a park in The Sims 4.

sims 4 relationship bit

Satisfy the guests for some marital bonuses. Continue to build your relationship in this manner and, eventually, you can press your sim to ask for an engagement. Once two sims are engaged they can get married on the spot, either by Planning their Wedding costly, but a bit more fun or simply Eloping free and instant, but a little dull. This is one of the best ways to get a lot of money in a hurry in The Sims 4, short of cheat codes.

Two sims getting to know each other at the gym in The Sims 4. Maintaining the Relationship Throughout this process you need to maintain a level of consistency. Go too long without sims meeting and their affection bars can reset back to zero, forcing you to start the whole process over again.

Consequently, you need your two sims to get together on a regular basis.

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Not every day, necessarily, but every few days at the very least. There are a few different ways to maintain contact: Invite the sim over to your home. You can also invite the sim to meet your sim at a different location to hang out. Pop over to their house, assuming you know where they live. Look at the Manage Worlds screen to see which families live in which houses. Lingering in public places will also bear fruit at times, though not always.

Use the Travel option. Talk to the sim remotely. You can send Texts to sims via the Relationship tab, and if you have a computer you can Chat with the sim. Perhaps the most important piece of advice in all this is to use common sense. The Sims 4, for all its wackiness, utilizes the basics of building and maintaining relationships.

How do you hook up your sims? A trained army of attack bees? Don't try and tell me Sims 4 isn't hardcore gaming.

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She's also started making a pretty penny making flower arrangements - one of the new creative options in Seasons - until I decided to brighten up the yard with a simple bit of rustic charm.

I got a scarecrow, but then my sim kept getting distracted from her flower arranging side hustle and wandering off to talk to him. Worse, when she made jokes, he seemed to laugh. They're getting along famously, and while there hasn't been a romance option yet I can't wait to see where this new relationship goes.

sims 4 relationship bit

I'd like to say bees and chatty scarecrows were the weirdest part of the game, but I'd be lying. At first it seems to mainly be about constant leaf maintenance, raking them into piles, playing in them, risking neighborhood annihilation by burning them. Ignore them and they start to decompose, then you're just that person living in a trash pile.

Then the game's version of Thanksgiving rolled around, and it with it came the gnomes. Hell hath gnome fury I'd spotted some cute little gnomes in the Seasons special items and thrown some around the porch for the homey, Grandma won the lottery vibe.

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One had a little bear suit, one was ghost themed, it was all very cute. But come Thanksgiving, an option opened to give them gifts, and more gnomes appeared, the group of them materialising in different rooms of the house in a sinister manner.

One even looked like a little Death, complete with robes.

sims 4 relationship bit

Some I managed to appease with presents of pie or toys, but one stayed furious. At least, I think that what him being on actual fire signified - the other gnomes had halos by this point - and when I tried the 'plead for forgiveness' option I got struck by lightning.