Secretly greatly ending relationship

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secretly greatly ending relationship

Secretly Greatly is a really good movie about friendship, comrade and It is not a comedy or fun movie with such dark and sad ending, but a laugh at the first half and beautiful relationship between comrades and neighbors. Filming ended March 8, On the movie's second day of release, June 6, , "Secretly Greatly" broke the all-time single day ticket sales record for a. I feel the exact opposite way about Covertly, Grandly's ending, helped in no on youtube (yes, it's on youtube, just search fro "secretly, greatly") how it was played out, like a close hyung-dongsaeng relationship (but on.

The kids throw pebbles and rocks at him bad kids I must say and why is no one apprehending them for that? She is the owner of the grocery where Dong Gu works and he also lives in the small room at the second floor of the house. He is keeping his money in a biscuit can kept inside his closet. The next scenes just showed how mundane, un-spy like, and idiotic his everyday life and routine is.

Blowing his nose and toppling and rolling down the stairs to keep his indentity as idiot and clumsy. Sweeping the front of the grocery and greeting Yoo Ran. It is funny hearing all those thoughts inside his head as he criticized how the villagers act and live. The old lady is then complaining about the garbage bag full but not removed and DOng Gu hearing this came to help but with his strength ended up breaking the plastic bag. He said in his head that the old lady keeps the garbage fee and stores in on a deposit.

She is very frugal and stingy and we her keeping tab of her money in bank books. He even calls his foster mom stupid in his head. When the kids steal sausages, he puts these on tab. Then another villager is introduced — Ran, I think the most appropriate term is entertainer?

secretly greatly ending relationship

Again he puts this on tab. A mailman appeared and we get to know that he is another spy, Seo Sang Gu. They were discussing about how there are no changes happening and everyday is ordinary.

Sang Gu has been there for 16 years, unlike Dong Gu has been accustomed to his life and he likes the ordinary days better. Sang Gu seems to be happy and when asked why he said he was promoted as a staff. He mentioned how Dong Gu looks restless and asks if this is D-Day. But instead, it turned out to be the day where Dong Gu will poop in front of people as part of his disguise as idiot. He has schedule for this idiotic stunts.

Thrice or more of the rolling and stumbling, twice a month for the peeing in public, then once every 6 months for the pooping.

Unfortunately, he was seen at the gross act by Yoo Ran. I did not expect for Kim Soo Hyun to show his bottom like that, it was great for him as an actor…it was pixelated though. He got sick after and his foster mom took care of him even fed him porridge but he choked when she said that his pay will be cut due to him getting sick and not being able to work.

Following days, he was embarrassed when Yoo Ran passes by. In the past, Yoo Ran will always greet him during the morning routine of his life. But now, she just ignored him. When Yoo Joon slapped him, he fell to the ground, not even having the strength to react idiotic. Funny how he teaches some punching lessons not knowing that this idiot is a master of 8 martial arts and was raised to be a killing machine. To escape the scenario, he just foolishly runs after the mailman scooting by. Just taking a note of how strong he is, he carries two 2 sacks of rice in an uphill road without any problems.

They went to this place only to intoduce us to Go Yi Seon, the richest man in the village owning the compound where he has 20 rooms for rent and also his unemployed eldest son. This is where Ran is renting her place and also another new man who according to the old man is also an entertainer. Something made Dong Gu stare long at the room rented by the new man and his eyes looking suspicious.

Then we get to see Dong Gu exercising still keeping his body and strength in shape. My reaction at this scene was, can Kim Soo Hyun really do that kind of workout? And that Kim soo Hyun has abs and 6 packs. First he was just thinking to himself that for a spy it is not a problem if they are attacked while sleeping or at anytime.

That is how good they are. Then he is wondering if it was a mistake to receive this mission. The he talked aloud to somebody if he is abandoned. Turned out that another team leader is there — Lee Hae Rang. They then exchanged some welcoming punches to each other just enough not to kill each other. And we get a flash back that they are rivals ever since young. Hae Rang is a son of a general. He said he was just bored and asked for this mission, one he does not want to tell to Dong Gu.

It seems that their party does not trust those who were planted as spies like Dong Gu because he has been there for 2 years and there is already a risk of betrayal. So why send them in the first place? The next day he followed Hae Rang to know what the mission is. And the mission was to pass the audition and be disguised as a rock star. He was even flabbergasted that kids there can play guitar and sing really well but he is not giving up.

As for them, a mission is a mission and they need to fulfill it no matter what. For Dong Gu, this is better than his mission, because his is being an idiot. When he did, the boy was crying and asking for his help to look for his brother while calling Dong Gu idiot what a way to ask for help.

But with the kid sobbing and saying the background story of his love for his brother and how his hyung has not left his side ever since their father died, Dong Gu was moved. But I think the thing that really did move him is the sausage that the boy gave him. For this boy we could consider that a big thing, him giving the whole sausage to Dong Gu.

secretly greatly ending relationship

Then they look for the brother together. We get to see a glimpse of how good and moster-like Ryu Hwan is. He tasted the urine and deduced that the boy eats too much candy, then while the little brother imitated him and tasted the urine as well and was nauseated by it, he skillfully climbed the wall scanning the surroundings from the rooftop. The boy asked him how and when he climbed and he distracted him saying that he can see better there and for the boy to look at their house.

Complaining, the little boy still obeyed. But this is a fictional story. Then Dong Gu followed the sound and jumped and run from one roof to another. So he randomly snatched clothes hanging changed on them and put a plastic bag on his head to cover his face. He found the boy in the barbershop. The barber became the hero who saved the boy from the pervert. A military minister is being interrogated in a safehouse. He revealed the existence and background of the corps that was deployed as spies.

Meanwhile, Seo Sang Gu, the mailman went to see Dong Gu saying that his eassignment was ordered to be ended and he has to go back. Dong Gu was even happy for him as he can see his family again. Sang Gu requested Dong Gu to lend him his gun.

Sang Gu said his family was caught while trying to escape to China. They had an argument whether Sang Gu is trying to be a traitor.

That he should have brought more photos if only he knew this would happen. He kneeled down before Dong Gu, he would commit suicide so that his family will have a chance to live.

Dong Gu gets his gun behind the closet, but instead of lending it to Sang Gu, he pointed it to him saying that Sang Gu should atone for his sins. Sang Gu was ready and even pulled the trigger himself but the gun is not loaded. Dong Gu told him to stop crying and re-run the assignment.

During this whole argument, there are scenes in between of a sniper marking his target. Sam Cheon Po, pulls out his gun and runs towards the window after the gunshot. Dong Gu was affected by the incident that happened between him and Sang Gu earlier.

That night he was thinking deeply outside the grocery. Just then he had to presume his idiot disguise when the owner and his son went out and quarrel because of the son not eating before leaving for his night duty. The old lady told Dong Gu to eat inside and he happily follows.

secretly greatly ending relationship

Dong Gu watches as the old lady prepares dinner. Later when he resumed the letter he was writing for his mother, it was revealed that he was staring at the old lady because he misses his own mother so much and is envious of the owner.

If only he can live together with his mother, they will be as happy as the old lady and his son. He has so many unsent letters for his mother kept under the floor.

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And with it is a picture of his mother. He puts it in a ziplock plastic to take better care for it. Someone turned off the lights and he suddenly became alert. A gun pointed at his head in an instant.

He stayed calm asking the intruder who and from what squad he is. But he became anxious when the owner called him telling him to wake up early. The intruder took notice of this and asked if he is worried for the woman. The intruder gave a warning to Dong Gu to not forget his purpose. Dong Gu chased after him and they run from roof to roof. The intruder managed to escape. Atop a roof, Dong Gu was caught by Ran.

Ran is drunk and it was easier to just dodge the almost blown up disguise. Ran asked for him to come down and they played at the playground.

She is haunted by a problem she revealed when she said they should exchange secrets. Her secret — she is Ran, her real name is Huh Cheom Na. At first Dong Gu has the least bit of concern at what Ran is blabbering about.

Who cares about her real name, he just wants to go home. But his attention was prompted when Ran revealed the real secret — she had a child at age 18 and her parents sent the child to US for adoption. Of course Dong Gu will not talk about any secret. But in his head again, he revealed his secret, the one he is keeping from this village — He is Bang Dong Gu, his real name is Won Ryu Hwan, and he is a spy.

With that, he carried the unconscious Ran back to her house where Hae Rang is practicing guitar and laughing at Dong Gu carrying the drunken friend. Putting down Ran, Dong Gu asked Hae Rang why he is playing guitar that late night when everybody is already sleeping. Then Ran vomited on Hae Rang.

Here it can already be seen that despite Dong Gu detaching himself from the village, he is already being changed. Dong Gu asked if someone was also sent after Hae Rang.

But it seemed to be that it was only sent for Dong Gu. The party is afraid that the salmon that was sent far from home will cause trouble. Dong Gu asked what he means by salmon. Hae Rang informed him that that is what they are called.

Dong Gu retorted that everyone of them consciously thinks the same. But Hae Rang seems to be aware of a real problem back at their home. Then with Dong Gu gone, he started acting tough and mighty telling someone to stop hiding and come out.

Only to add a momentary comic relief and admit that he is mistaken. Nobody is following him. Dong Gu is analyzing the attack and how the intruder called him captain. The intruder is still following him so Hae Rang could not be really mistaken and he did feel someone lurking close by hiding in a dark alley as Dong Gu passes.

For spoiler-y purposes, the ending has been separated into its own section which one can ideally avoid if one is so graciously inclined. Three North Korean spies walk into a rural South Korean village. Their mission is to go undercover as sleeper cells while they wait for orders from the motherland, with their eventual goal aiming for the reunification of Korea. This forces the three of them, all tough and hardened black ops agents, to take on varying personas ranging from village idiot to rockstar wannabe.

The ones we end up meeting are well-realized characters with interesting backstories we only barely scratch the surface of.

Then the title of the movie comes into play, as political tensions between North and South Korea reach a boiling point when the North is forced to give up their undercover spies. But instead of letting their best and brightest fall into enemy hands, the big bad North hands down a covert and grand mission of grave proportions to each of their agents—commit suicide with honor or be executed dishonorably. There is no middle ground. For us westerners, the contrast and choices between the two places would be materially obvious — one country is prosperous and free and the other is not.

secretly greatly ending relationship

Won regularly writes letters to his mother which he cannot send. We are regularly given flashbacks to their training in the North. Any sign of emotional attachment is met with violence reactions. Won and Hae-rang are the bitterest of rivals. But over time in the South they become friends. The much younger Hae-jin admires Lt. Won and always has.

In the South, he finds a Lt. Won who can serve as a proper mentor and older brother who desires to protect him from the consequences of being a spy. For those used to consistent tone throughout a film, this may not be the film for you.

secretly greatly ending relationship

Instead of assasination, they are ordered to commit honorable suicide or face execution.