Relationship to principal card holder

relationship to principal card holder

This may not sound like the best deal in the world, especially if it looks like you'll be the primary cardholder in the relationship. However, as well as bearing the. Relationship to principal cardholder. BEA SUPPLEMENTARY CARD APPLICATION FORM. HKID Card No./Passport No. (Please provide a. given to the Supplementary Cardholder will be the same as the approved credit Relation to Principal Cardholder. Card No. Nationality/Citizenship. O Filipino.

Existing DBS credit card holder applies for a new DBS credit card through DBS Omni

Payments can be made in cash or check. Check payment becomes part of the available credit limit only after the funds are cleared. A posting period of at least three 3 banking days shall apply to payments made at any accredited payment center. Existing banking regulations on the acceptance and clearing of check payment shall likewise apply.

Should you share a credit card with your partner or your kids?

Payments made during the billing cycle shall be deducted from the outstanding balance being subjected to interest on the date the payment is made. The BANK may vary the interest rate for certain customer segments as it deems fit.

relationship to principal card holder

The rates shall be determined by the BANK and are subject to change without prior notice. Only cancelled accounts are eligible for refunds. For active accounts, no refunds shall be allowed. Overpayments to the credit card accounts will be applied to future usages and shall not earn interest.

relationship to principal card holder

Lost and Spoiled Card Replacement Fee will be billed to the Card account as soon as the request for replacement is received and processed by the Bank. Statement retrieval and delivery fees.

relationship to principal card holder

Monthly Maintenance Fee to be applied to cancelled accounts with outstanding credit balances. Promo Charges- amount charged due to the availment of certain promos as defined in the promo mechanics.

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In case of insufficient funds, the BANK has the right to debit the minimum amount due only. Dollars will be converted to U. But, with emergence of credit cards, taking on credit is not all that bad an idea any more. If you are reading this story on Firstpost online, we will safely assume that you know what credit cards are about, and how they work.

But there is a good possibility that you don't know much about supplementary credit cards. Hence, we bring you five things you need to know about supplementary credit cards.

Five things you need to know about supplementary credit cards - Firstpost

To know more, read on. As the name suggests supplementary credit card is a card with an additional credit you can get on your existing credit card. When you ask the bank to issue a supplementary credit card on the basis of your own credit card primary cardyou can pass the supplementary credit to any family member like your parents, spouse, and children who are over the age of 18 years and the like.

And, the number of supplementary credit cards which you can apply for varies from bank to bank, but it's usually in the range of three to five. Supplementary cards can be used both in India and abroad to shop offline and online. Which means, a supplementary card can be used both in India and abroad to shop offline and online. The supplementary cards can also be used at an automated teller machines ATMs to withdraw cash as well.

Supplementary swipes also gets the same reward points as your primary credit card. Irrespective of the number of supplementary credit cards you take based on the primary credit card, to give to your family members, the bank will treat all the accounts as a single account.

So, if your primary card limit is Rs 2 lakh, each supplementary card you apply for will have the same limit. So, in a way, if you have one supplementary card, the Rs 2 lakh gets divided between your primary card and the supplementary card you give to your family member. But the best part is that the primary card member has the option to not let the supplementary card have the same limit, instead allow a lower sub-limit on the supplementary card.