Relationship graphics for facebook

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relationship graphics for facebook

Images help us learn, images grab attention, images explain tough concepts, and attention and gaining interaction, especially on Facebook. 3 days ago If your Facebook posts get more engagement, they're going to be more When thinking about images, keep in mind that sizing them correctly for each . to identify and present ourselves to others,; to foster relationships. relationship, love, funny comics, romantic relationships, love couples, love cartoons,. It is easy (Source: Yehuda Devir/Instagram/Facebook).

Want to use this graphic in print or on your website? About Facebook is a great service.

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I have a profileand so does nearly everyone I know under the age of However, Facebook hasn't always managed its users' data well. In the beginning, it restricted the visibility of a user's personal information to just their friends and their "network" college or school.

relationship graphics for facebook

Over the past couple of years, the default privacy settings for a Facebook user's personal information have become more and more permissive.

They've also changed how your personal information is classified several times, sometimes in a manner that has been confusing for their users. This has largely been part of Facebook's effort to correlate, publish, and monetize their social graph: It's a great overview, but I was a little disappointed it wasn't an actual timeline: Let me be clear about something: It's helped me reconnect with dozens of people with whom I'd lost touch, and I admire the work their team does.

relationship graphics for facebook

I hope your takeaway from this infographic isn't "I'm deleting my account"; rather, I hope it's "I'm checking my privacy settings right now, and changing them to a level with which I'm comfortable". Data The data for this chart was derived from my interpretation of the Facebook Terms of Service over the years, along with my personal memories of the default privacy settings for different classes of personal data.

The population sizes are statistics from Google, the Facebook Data Team, and wild guesses based on what seemed reasonable to me. I welcome data corrections, so please leave a comment below if you have better numbers to share. Types of Personal Data Facebook's classification system for personal data has changed significantly over the years. I tried to capture what I thought were broad topics that have remained relatively consistent.

But they might need some explanation.

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In Facebook Newspeak, they're a "Connection". Your family members, city, place of birth, religious views, favorite authors, schools attended -- anything that is an entity you can list a relationship to in your profile. The people you've friended Networks: Although there might still be a time and place for these types of posts, brands should strive to start conversations with customers without being shameless about it.

relationship graphics for facebook

For example, you can poll your audience while letting them lead the way in terms of discussion. In fact, tacking on questions to any given post is a smart way to encourage comments without having to beg for them.

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Check out how Birchbox uses a question in one of their video posts as a sort of call-to-action: Controversial content can do just that, although brands should tread lightly as not to run the risk of offending or alienating their audience think: Consider brands such as Delish that regularly post buzzworthy articles that drive a ton of discussion and shares without ruffling any feathers.

Yet so many brands overlook it—your employees. Employee advocacy has never been more relevant than it is today. Since Facebook is prioritizing content from friends and family over businesses, this is the perfect time to start your employee advocacy program or rev it up if you already have one.

And when you tack on these new changes to the algorithm, the number of people that see your content is going to be reduced even more. Encouraging your team to share your content with their networks on Facebook instantly amplifies your reach. Not only that, but since the posts are coming from friends and family instead of your brand, people will be 16 times more likely to actually read it.

The challenge is getting employees to share your content. It requires too much time and effort on their end to go to Facebook, type up a message and share it. Plus, some employees will just flat out forget to share and never check the email again.

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Bambu makes is very easy to curate content for your employees to share on their personal Facebook page. You can give background info as to what the content is about and provide suggested messaging to include in their post. Register for our free webinar here.

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You also have the option of beefing up your descriptions via hashtags or shouting out another page, both of which can expand your reach even further. Again, your end-game is to encourage engagement. For starters, consider crafting unique descriptions for your posts in order to reintroduce them to your followers without becoming repetitive. Where you might have used a quote the first time, you could switch things up with a tag or question the second or third time. There are tons of Facebook tools out there that can help you transform your pieces into something totally new in no time flat.

For example, you can turn a quote from an article into a custom graphic using Canva or Adobe Spark. You could likewise repurpose a blog post into a video using Lumen5 or Animoto. For marketers focused on problem-solving and educating communities, Groups might be better suited to your strengths rather than starting a Page from scratch. Narrow Your Audience The beauty of Facebook is the ability to zero in on your audience. If you have a widespread audience, consider narrowing your audience down by interests or geography.

Facebook and Sprout gives you the option to set these preferences and restrictions per post.