Pitta relationship

The Pitta of Relationship

pitta relationship

Ayurveda says that in a committed relationship, one plus one doesn't equal two, married to each other, and Pitta does best when married to Vata or Kapha. This is a common experience for us pitta dominant hotties! Our intention is generically to make our loving relationships even better, but we often become too . Pitta-dominant types are fiery and passionate. They need and want to accomplish . In balance, they love a good challenge; they can be.

pitta relationship

Pitta some extra space. She will cool down in her later years. Pittas tend to run hot, so they need to make sure that they find ways to cool off, especially during the summer days. Pittas can also be intense, so they need to set aside some time to relax, away from work.

What Each Dosha Needs in a Relationship

Using too much intensity with Ms. Pitta will almost always backfire. Activities that help Ms. Pitta stay balanced are walks in the moonlight, taking in the cool breezes and romantic poetry. Pitta does best with cooling food and drink. Herbal tea with rose petal is always a great choice. Pitta should concentrate on a cooling diet to control her inner fire.

What Each Dosha Needs in a Relationship

Pitta Man in Relationships Mr. Pitta dosha creates the heat we need to live, but if it gets excessive, Mr. Pitta can blow like a volcano. He sure can get things done, and is focused on his goals like a laser beam. Remember those good qualities and help Mr. He is ambitious by nature but can be demanding and abrasive, so he may need gentle reminders to cool off and stay centered.

Sometimes calling a break in an intense conversation is just the thing when Mr.

How the Ayurvedic Doshas Are In Relationships (Vata, Pitta + Kapha In Love)

The ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda knows all about the differences in us, be that our physical capabilities, statue, or mental and emotional makeup. According to Ayurveda there are three main body mind types, and several sub types made up of different combinations of these three main types.

The three main types are Vata, related to the element air, Pitta, related to the element fire, and Kapha, related to the element water. Each of these types has very specific and unique qualities that make them great at some things and maybe a little sticky in other ways. What is your Relationship Type?

How to love a Pitta | Elemental Om

The Multi-tasker The Vata type who is governed by the element air tends to have a more flighty way of live. Always full of ideas, innovation, vision, and very open minded to new things. We all know someone who comes up with amazing new ideas and concepts and releases them into the world, yet hardly ever follows through to the end.

pitta relationship

Vata tends to get bored easily and restless and will strive to find entertainment in many places. Yet this type also wants to achieve and push and tends to ignore their limitations with variable spurts of energy throughout the day. This type tends toward burnout, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Stability is quite important and it is important for the Vata person in your life to lend a strong shoulder to lean on, an open ear to their ever changing story.

Being a stable and steady pole for this person will help ground them and balance the wild and crazy changes in energy Vata can experience. Holding Vata in a bear hug will calm the initial restlessness and turn this rigid soul into a softly purring kitten. Giving your Vata honey a safe haven to come home to is the greatest gift you can give her.

pitta relationship

The Fire Cracker Remember the person with the fire in the belly, full of drive and energy? This is a Pitta quality and the fire in the belly is a representation of the fire element in this type. It also means that this person has a very strong digestion and high metabolic rate. We are talking about the digestive fire, Agni, that burns hot in this type. The Pitta person tends to be very driven at whatever they chose to do, and can also get a little hot headed and opinionated.