Muv luv yuuko ending a relationship

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muv luv yuuko ending a relationship

I might also spoil, though I will try to confine them to spoiler tags. Muvluv Extra introduces us to the Takeru and the six main heroines in an The voices I enjoyed included Takeru, Mitsuki, Sumika, Yuuko, and Ayamine. .. Hes a really wussy doctor, in a relationship with Ayamine, and right in the middle of. The notes I took while playing Muv-Luv, a adult visual novel that's just than the last, until by the end, all of the bizarreness and high-flying antics have sniper, and screwball physics teacher Yuuko runs the base with an iron fist. amount of time defusing the tense relationship again in UNLIMITED. Is it a big deal if I flee'd then went to the Prep room where Marimo was? In relation to Unlimited, the girl which you have finished the route on Extra just before playing Unlimited will be the first First time for Muv Luv I meant.

That scene where the individual beta classes were explained was the worst scene in the game. They threw away the golden oppportunity of showing each of the beta classes play to their strengths and counter the human front's efforts.

Instead, we were told they COULD do these things, and were probably doing it in the background whilst Takeru's group mowed them down like mooks in a Musuo game. If that wasn't your intention, I apologize. There's obviously grounds to argue on if it deserves to be the best or not, but on the grounds of popularity, it's all subjective opinion.

I'm sure everybody has the "I don't understand why x is so popular" thoughts. Although, yes, his constant inner-monologues is one of the things I agree with you on. Although, I've not read many VNs it seems like something that happens quite a bit in the medium perhaps not to the same extent. If I had wanted to fully disengage, I wouldn't have posted at all.

I hoped there may have been a chance you were messing around so I went with it. She makes a final appearance as a memory in Takeru's dream, shortly after the Defense of Yokohoma. Muv Luv Atonement Spoiler Alert: This page contains details about plotlines described in the Visual Novels. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Marimo in her youth Marimo's backstory is further expanded in Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Atonementwhere the story of her past as a young pilot is revealed. Despite pursuing college education to become a teacher, Marimo is frustrated by the Empire of Japan's increasing obsession with a more military-focused education, which leads to her voluntarily enlistment in the Imperial Army in order to become an eishi, so as to do her part to end the war, and return the nation's education system to its original state.

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Expand to view spoilers. During her time as a cadet, she clashed numerous times with her group leader, Araidue to their varying points of view. Arai feels that women should be behind the frontlines, doing womanly things rather than fighting, a sentiment Marimo vehemently disagreed with. Despite their inability to get along, both Arai and Marimo continued to be assigned to the same teams during their training, their rivalry pitting them against each other, and at the same time, forcing them to strive to be their very best; both of them were consistently at the top of their class.

During their training squad's Comprehensive Combat Examination, Marimo played a key part in helping her team to get past an automated turret blocking the cadets from their final obejctive. Due to that, Arai decided to accept Marimo, although not without telling Marimo that he is able to do so only by seeing her as a man.

Eventually, after becoming an eishi, Marimo rejects her initial posting to be an instructor, and requests assignment to the Japanese Expeditionary Force that was sent to Dalian, China. Marimo was made a squadron leader, with some of her former teammates, Arai amongst them, under her command. Unfortunately, due a sudden surprise BETA attack on their position, most of the Imperial Army units deployed as the rearguard are all but annihilated.

Marimo is among the few survivors, and after a few more battles where she tried to avenge her comrades by fighting recklessly, she accepts her reassignment to an instructional unit. She feels that she bears the weight of those who died under her command upon her back, and in order to atone for that, she must instill upon the cadets all that she has learned from those that have gone before them and lost their lives.

Having earned a name as the youngest pilot to be given a position as an instructor of the Fuji Tactical Fighter Training GroupMarimo has been assigned to the Imperial Army Hakuryou Base. Her cold and stern demeanor has earned her a great deal of notoriety amongst the cadets, and her combat achievements in China a legend amongst her peers.

What makes an identity? Muvluv seems to imply that memories play a key role in the identity. Otherwise Unit 00 would be On the other hand, Kasumi remains essentially different from Sumika, aside from borrowing a few habits. Muvluv also offers the social answer: This is delivered both in the pseudo-quantum-babble concept of a person existing only while remembered, and in the heroic concept of a man or woman in the case of Muvluv becoming his legend.

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The Inevitable Selfishness of Man: MLA shows us the humanity of an apocalypse on the brink of destruction. In an ironic twist of the supposition that many reasons are needed to fight, MLA shows people clashing to advance their reasons, even slaughtering each other for them. We have Yuuko using everyone around her like game pieces, we have American policy focused on domination of some hypothetical post-BETA world, and we see even Takeru initially focused more on jumpstarting his squad's combat skills than their social bonds.

The Indomitable Selflessness of Man: Muvluv constantly beats into your head the glory of heroic sacrifice in battle. I've heard people complain about this theme, likening it to Imperial Japan's ultra-nationalism and kamikaze spirit or some shit. The game pretty much stops giving a shit about the Shogunate or the Imperial system after the coup d'etat arc.

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I mean those nameless mechanized infantry platoons that tried to hold the main shaft of Yokohama base. I mean the Captain of the Lafayette who body-blocked all the lasers of the Original Hive to get the last hope of humanity on the ground. The writing almost never impressed with sheer elegance, style, or wit.

muv luv yuuko ending a relationship

Figurative language was limited, though there were few moments like the "tsunami of BETA" that gave me pause. Overall there weren't really any points when I thought "That, language-wise, was actually a brilliant way of putting it.

It had such sparse exposition that it read more like anime subtitles or a play script than any sort of novel. The quality of visuals and SFX made that a fine choice. I especially liked how everything connected.

Pacing I'll make this quick. Muvluv's main flaws are that it forces you to endure several hours of intentionally trite slice of life plus another several hours of unfulfilling training arc to even begin the story proper.

muv luv yuuko ending a relationship

It also has problems being concise in its lectures. All the mandatory lectures have information that enrich the story, but I feel they somehow take longer than necessary. If I wanted more lecturing I'd go to graduate school or some shit, not read a tale of love and courage.