Lego batman chapter 1 ending a relationship

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lego batman chapter 1 ending a relationship

The Joker is a minor character in Batman: The Telltale Series and a supporting character turned This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Batman stops them of course, but his usual gusto starts to dissipate after . movies about people breaking up and then making up by the end all day and night? He burns rubber and makes a beeline for one of Joker's known hideouts . . done with their relationship drama. lol Also I am totally on board with. Episode 1. WW: August 8, Episode 2. WW: October 3, Episode 3 The game is a sequel to 's Batman: The Telltale Series, which was . for Riddler, John gives him a lead to investigate in Gotham's East End. . Batman- Joker relationship over the years, there has never been one quite as . Lego series.

When Harley betrays the group, John is shocked by her leaving them behind and flees the scene as the Agency arrives.

Batman: The Enemy Within

If Bruce chose to blow his cover, it is unknown how involved he was in the raid on the lab. After making it into the lab, John's impatience leads to him continually pestering Freeze to hurry up with the extraction, which is looked down upon by Bane.

When Batman arrives on the scene with Catwoman, John initially suggests a peaceful method, but does not get involved as they battle the rest of the Pact. However, whilst Bane has Batman trapped, John prevents Freeze from attempting to kill the vigilante, telling him to fight his own hero. When Harley betrays the Pact and escapes with the virus, John is shocked at this betrayal, but manages to escape as the Agency arrives.

After the raid, John fled back to Old Five Points in order to hide from the Agency, only to find their operatives already there. After he hid in a place that they could not find him, John watched as they stole Riddler's blood, from both his corpse and the samples that were collected by Freeze. After he told her what he'd seen, Harley rejected John and gave him a black eye before she fled.

With his feelings truly broken, John broke into Harley's Office and drank himself into unconsciousness. After he was woken up, John drunkenly introduced himself to Avesta and ranted about his perceived one-sided friendship with Bruce. John blamed Bruce for the advice that he had given him to win over Harley and showed his frustrations about how the Pact had been disbanded.

As Bruce tried to get more answers from him, John drew a gun on him and Avesta and was talked into dropping it. As John attempted to leave, Avesta blocked his entrance while Bruce talked him into telling them about what had happened. Though reluctant to help them find Harley, John was talked into doing so but insisted on doing so alone. Regardless of whether Bruce chose to let John go alone or join him, John left to find Harley by himself.

If Bruce insisted that he joined John, John held him and Avesta at gunpoint before he fled and ensured that they did not follow him. John eventually tracked Harley down to the defunct Bonus Brothers Carnival, where she had stored one of the GCPD's armored vehicles after the attack on the Agency convoy. After he informed Bruce, John investigated the Funhouse where he and Harley had set up a lair and discovered multiple agents there. John murdered the agents, though he claimed it was only in self-defense.

Eventually, John was discovered talking to the agent's corpses by Bruce, who came after he was given the lead to follow. After he was discovered, John claimed that he was attacked by the Agency and, succumbing to something dark building up inside him, had bludgeoned them to death with the nearest object that he could grab.

However, Bruce found multiple holes in the story, including a gunshot wound to an agent's back. Depending on dialogue chosen, John and Bruce's "friendship" either improved or decreased. During the conversation, John revealed that he knew that Bruce was actually Batman and deduced it some time ago. If Bruce didn't acknowledge that to be true, John gave him evidence to support his claim, along with actions that he had taken throughout his time in the Pact.

After he revealed that Harley had fled to the Gotham Bridge, John asked Bruce to help capture her before she did anything too drastic. John also asked Bruce whether he believed his story and promised to help if he did. Depending on whether Bruce believed John, the following possibilities happened: Worried that the Agency may kill Harley, he asks Bruce to get involved and stop them from doing so.

When Waller shows surprise on his appearance, he simply waves at her as Bruce talks to her. With Waller running out of options, she allows them to try and talk her out of destroying the bridge.

lego batman chapter 1 ending a relationship

As he watches as Bruce struggles to get Harley to stand down, John goes up and tries to talk to her himself. If Bruce lets him take over negotiations, he promises to get her to stand down. As John communicates with her.

Depending on the choices made, the follow will happen. If Bruce puts faith in John and is able to prevent Waller from interfering, John is able to subdue her and hands her over to the Agency. As Harley asks him why he had betrayed her, he comments that he has been shown how to be good.

lego batman chapter 1 ending a relationship

When Waller asks him to hand over the virus, John refuses to, believing that it should be destroyed. When she tries to kill him, John realizes she is as bad as the Pact and calls her corrupt. He then steals a smoke grenade from an agent, which he sets off, makes an attempt on Waller's life and detonates Harley's bombs.

Climbing on the bridge's railing, John promises to bring the Agency to justice before jumping off the side. If Bruce chooses not to let John negotiate or begins to suspect he's up to something, he takes the trigger from Harley's hand and demands that they stand down. Chastising Bruce for not trusting him, he calls the billionaire dangerous and berates him for trusting Waller.

As he sees Harley being dragged away, John blames Bruce for what has happened and detonates the bombs. Standing on the side of the bridge, he embraces his madness and is praised by Harley for what he has done. He then kisses her and jumps off the bridge, the two disappearing into the night. If Bruce chooses not to believe him, John admits his disappointment and, believing he should be at Harley's side, tries to escape. As Bruce chases after him, he blocks his path with some mannequins and escapes.

John then flees to another location, where he collects one of the stolen vehicles, and drives to the bridge to save Harley. Arriving in the midst of a failed negotiation between Batman and Quinn, John drives his truck into the bridge, indirectly releases Harley's bombs onto the entire bridge and causes Batman to miss an attempt to steal either the virus or the detonator. He then makes his presence known to everyone and admits his loyalty to Harley.

Taking the detonator from her, he berates Batman for not helping him and calls what he stands for "a joke". Venting his frustrations, John takes control and sets off the bombs to destroy the bridge. As he watches the carnage ensure, John tells Batman that he could have prevented this destruction and how he has created him.

As Harley praises him, John kisses her and jumps off the bridge, disappearing into the night. Same Stitch After the events on the bridge, John decided to discard the name that he was given at Arkham and adopted a new identity: The Agency also began manhunts to find Joker and capture either Harley or Batman.

Depending on the choices made in the previous episode, the Joker became either a vigilante or a villain. Depending on what happened, the following possibilities will happened: If Bruce believed that he killed the agents in self defense and trusted him enough to help capture Harley Quinn, Joker becomes obsessed with helping Batman bring criminals to justice and begins assembling his own crew to help him.

With Stacked Deck patrons Willy Deever, Frank Dumfree and Lauren deciding to help him, he begins creating his own gadgets and weapons to help him and creates a new costume based around clowns and happiness. Together, the group set up base in the disused Ace Chemical Processing Plant. After several weeks, Joker sends his followers to Riddler's old hideout to attract the Agency's attention. When Batman arrives on the scene, the Joker attacks the agents as they subdue Batman with their stun pistols.

Working together, they defeat the group, despite being severely out numbered. As Joker introduces Batman to his helpers, one of the agents, Roger Harrisoncalls the Agency to send an asset in to capture them.

As the Agency drops of the package, revealed to be an enhanced Bane, Joker tells his followers to escape whilst he and Batman deal with the criminal.

With Bane's venom injections now lasting longer and using a tubing system as opposed to the injections, Joker and Batman find it hard to defeat the bohemeth. Joker is also shocked as Willy dies trying to stop Harrison, if Batman doesn't react in time or decides to save the Agency operative instead. At Batman's suggestion, Joker either rams Bane in his Jokermobile or drops a smokestack chimney on him.

As he confronts Bane, he learns that Waller has incorrectly implicated him for Riddler's death, causing him to lash out in anger. After being called off by Batman, the two leave as more agents arrive. Making their way to an alleyway, they are met by Alfred, who has come to help Bruce look after his injuries. Delighted to finally meet Bruce's guardian in person, John offers to help Bruce look after his injury, only to be declined. Whilst Bruce takes care of his injury using a medical kit, John converses with Alfred.

Though he contemplates killing her with the virus, Joker ultimately is convinced to hand it over to Bruce to destroy it. Afterwards, he accompanies Bruce as he meets up with Iman Avesta to get blackmail on Waller.

Whilst Batman meets the agent, Joker is told to stay hidden whilst he meets with her. After watching Batman negotiate with Waller for her to leave and possibly hand him over for an additional demand, Joker, furious at his actions, intervenes and makes his presence known. Believing that he isn't willing to do what is necessary to protect Gotham, he attacks Waller and his former compatriots in the Pact, who have now become assets to the Agency.

Fighting both his former friends and agents, Joker and Batman are quickly overwhelmed and surrounded. Believing there are no other options, Joker throws two bombs towards both the Agency and the Pact, hoping that they will force them back or kill them. To his surprise, Batman chases after them, successfully throwing one of them to safety whilst he is injured trying to stop the other.

Following this, Joker fights his way through the survivors and captures Waller, taking her hostage and fleeing. Though chased through Gotham, he manages to lose his pursuers and takes her to his hideout.

Joker and his crew set up plans to force confessions out of Waller about the Agency's involvement in illegal or unethical activities, destroying both her and the organization's credit, and then execute her. With that, he plans to target other organizations, though it is currently not known which ones specifically. During the midst of filming, Batman arrives to save her. Joyed that the vigilante has survived, Joker pleads with him to stand by and let Waller die or help him bring down the other criminals in Gotham, using his new and somewhat twisted brand of justice.

As he attempts to execute Waller, Batman stops him. Sending his gang to fight him, Joker takes Waller to the higher levels of the facility, hoping to get her to confess to Riddler's murder. When Batman arrives, having defeated his allies, Joker tries to get Waller to confess to Riddler's murder, believing that she had framed him in order to cover her own tracks. With her refusing, Joker threatens to drop her into one of the vats, only for Tiffany Fox to appear and confess to the murder.

Though he initially disbelieves her, the evidence she presents causes him to realize she is telling the truth and he tries to kill her. When Batman steps in the way, Joker decides to attack him, only for him to be tackled over the railing by Waller.

Before he falls into one of the vats, Batman catches him with his grappling gun, but Joker uses his own to reach one of the other walkways. As he tries to escape, Waller's agents arrive to stop him. Losing faith in Batman and his war on crime, Joker attacks the agents, killing them, and embraces his new identity. With Batman standing in his way, Joker engages the vigilante in an fight, the two evenly matched with their skills and equipment.

Managing to gain the upper hand, Joker moves back to try to kill Waller and Tiffany, only for Batman catch up and stop him. Chased to the control room of the plant, Joker realizes that he is destined to become a "villain" and continues to fight Batman, eventually ending with both of them severely injured. Finally defeated, Joker tells Bruce how much he really wanted to be a hero and asked whether he actually considered him a friend. Whilst Batman is taken away for medical aid, Gordon organizes for Joker to be returned to Arkham Asylum.

Left alone in his cell, he is left to contemplate his actions. If Bruce revealed to him that he considered him a friend, he visits Joker in his cell, much to the latter's joy. However, if he was told he was an enemy, he decides to become "enemies for life" with Batman. If Bruce didn't believe John or trust him to arrest Harley Quinn, Joker and Harley put together their own criminal gang, which he plans revenge against Wayne.

Crime doesn't disappear entirely, but the biggest draw inherent in it does. Team efforts to pull off a heist? There are plenty of villains, but there is never Joker. Batman stops them of course, but his usual gusto starts to dissipate after the first few weeks.

The victories feel very hollow, even to Robin. More than anything though Richard notices the gap in his own life as week after week goes by and there is not a single day in any of them where Joker swoops in to take him away. The other children even start to talk about it. In a way he knows he should be glad. It means he won't worry his dad like that ever again, and yet…he misses it.

The bell rings for recess and the children race from the school. They rush to the playground and split off into their groups. Richard lags, running at the rear of the pack. His mind wars over which piece of equipment he should play on today and he veers left, heading for the slide. It is then, out of the corner of his eye, that he notices a startling contrast — something that does not belong. Startling green set against the red brick of the school.

He screeches to a halt and pivots, his eyes widening as his gaze falls on a familiar figure. A smile spreads clear across his face and with a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure none of the teachers are paying him any mind he changes course. He makes a beeline for the criminal.

lego batman chapter 1 ending a relationship

Joker sits on the sidewalk and leans back against the brick wall, his legs bent and his arms hanging over them. Joker," Richard calls to him.

lego batman chapter 1 ending a relationship

When he reaches Joker, however, the cheer falls away. Up close he can see how vacant Joker's eyes are.

lego batman chapter 1 ending a relationship

Honestly he looks like he is looking at nothing at all. Is he even awake? Can people sleep with their eyes open? Richard frowns and just stands there for a while, watching the man. It takes a full minute for him to settle on his knees at Joker's side.

Still, the emptiness never quite leaves his face. It's only recess and-" Joker barks out a laugh. Chasing me is a waste of his time.

And I can't touch you. He hears the words just as clearly in his head as if they were being said right here and now all over again. He was just really upset about something, something completely different.

He wasn't mad at you at all.

Joker starts and nearly jerks away out of instinct. His brow furrows as he stares curiously at the child. He can feel the emotion swell in his chest. Any more of this and it will break free. And you're not really bad anyway. Tears roll down his face and he can only be thankful that they are silent for once.

He can't afford to draw any more attention to himself by being so childish as to sob. We can get there and back before I have to go back to class. Joker wipes an arm over his face. It is just as quick as Richard said it would be. Every step of the way Richard keeps his hand in Joker's, even as they get an odd look from the man running the stand. They only separate as they sit across from each other on a bench.

Isn't this great, Mr. Joker contemplates the child. Now though, it sticks out to him. Joker shakes his head. Maybe that's a thing plenty of them do. Even if it is, he knows they wouldn't with him. An idea sparks in Richard's head and he grins.

You know, cause you're a criminal, and cause I already have a dad. I can't call you both dad. Joker stares for a long moment. Only as the sheer honesty behind the kid's words sets in does he react.

He bursts out laughing. He reaches over and ruffles the kid's hair.

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I could never be. At least…" his voice gets softer. Richard's face lights up. He bounces from his seat and slips his hand into Joker's. Joker starts and jerks his hand away. Richard's eyes widen and become watery.

He frowns and ducks his head. Panic twists his face and he waves his hands frantically. Joker blows out and breath. He leans heavily against Joker and nuzzles him.

Joker smiles, a soft genuine sentiment. They walk back together and once they reach the same brick wall, Joker lets go. Who knows when that will be. Richard puffs out his lips. Richard stares sadly after him, the bell ringing distantly in his mind.

After retrieving Harley's laptop through help from either Selina or John, Bruce finds that the laptop contains evidence of a biological weapon called LOTUS and the location of the lab, where it is being kept. After the Pact learn of the lab's location, Bruce is forced to either give himself or Selina up as the traitor, leading to the Pact attempting to execute them.

Depending on the decision, Bruce either accompanies them during the heist and sabotages it or escapes from his fate and confronts the group as Batman, possibly with Catwoman's help.

Regardless of the choice, Harley betrays the Pact and escapes with the virus, leaving Bane and Freeze to be captured by the Agency. The members of the Pact have planned to use his blood to convert the virus into a healing serum to cure their own ailments.

However, Waller has been aware of this plan and plotting to blackmail them into joining the Agency, with the promise of a cure.

Unknown to all parties, using even the working version can cause mental problems for the user. After following another lead given by John, Bruce finds him surrounded by agents' bodies.

Claiming it to be self defense, John realizes the truth about their "friendship" and reveals his knowledge of Bruce's activities as Batman. Regardless of whether he believes him, Bruce leaves to help the Agency capture a volatile Harley Quinn. Depending on the choices made by the player, John either helps bring her in or arrives to help her escape. Regardless, he detonates bombs placed around the bridge by Quinn and escapes in the ensuing chaos.

Several weeks later, John, now known as "Joker", reemerges, now either a vigilante with a twisted sense of right and wrong or a criminal collaborating with Quinn to get revenge on Bruce.

The Joker (Telltale)

The former scenario has Batman briefly working with Joker to fight off the Agency, until he kidnaps and attempts to kill Waller. Regardless of the path, Bruce learns that Tiffany murdered Riddler to avenge her father and eventually defeats Joker.

Following Joker's capture, Waller orders the Agency to leave Gotham and promises not to reveal Bruce's identity. Depending on player's decisions, Tiffany either joins the Agency or Batman's crusade, becomes a fugitive, or is arrested for murdering Riddler.

Returning home, Bruce learns that Alfred has decided to leave him and Gotham, having been struggling with their operations since he was kidnapped and tortured the year before. After a heated discussion, Bruce either decides to leave the life of vigilantism behind to convince Alfred to stay or allows him to leave whilst he continues to operate as Batman.

In a post credits scene, Joker is shown to have been returned to Arkham Asylum.