Instagram relationship games you should play

15 Fun Relationship Games All Couples Can Play

instagram relationship games you should play

Think playing mind games with men smacks of unscrupulous femme fatale-style manipulation? Please. We're here to debunk that silly, silly. k Followers, 1 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Instagram story games (@storygamesforinsta). Make your relationship fun and sprightly by playing a few flirty games. Here are 20 Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend a question starting with “Would you rather ?” that ends . Instagram. This photo or video has been removed from Instagram.

Or he or she might name someone unexpected and spring a surprise on you! This game is all about asking them questions about yourself and wait for their answers to see how well they really know you. The older your relationship, the higher the difficulty level the game should have.

15 Fun Relationship Games All Couples Can Play

However, start off with the easier questions, like questions about your family, job, etc. Gradually move on to the tougher questions. This is a great game to play over text as well. Play for the fun and revelation A post shared by Dee Adamo dogislove on Oct 23, at 7: No matter what they choose, truth or dare, the other person always wins that round because you either get to know a revealing truth about your S.

There is also that thrill of guessing what the next truth is, or what the next dare is going to be, which is like a game in itself. But there is also the fun of watching them making a fool out of themselves trying to execute your dare. For the maximum laughs, make sure you set dares that are ridiculous and hilarious. But you can also make things flirty and steamy by making the dares naughtier and more intimate.

In which case, play the game in the privacy of your home; obviously, there is ample opportunity to set dares that are more on the wild side.

It is another really fun game that helps you get to know other sides to the personality of your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is great for couples who have just started dating and need to know things about each other, so ask questions which you are normally hesitant to ask. An excuse to touch A post shared by Wojtek Majchrzak majer.

But most importantly, it is a veritable excuse to get all touchy with your boyfriend or girlfriend, albeit in a clean way. Practice makes perfect the participants in this game, and the more you play, the better you get at guessing what your partner writes on your skin. And as you might have already figured out, this game can be taken to further flirty levels not just via what you choose to scribble but also where you scribble them.

The nape of the neck for example! We can all be pretty sure that anything that is written in that area will never be correctly guessed. Start by thinking about something in your mind — it can be an object or a person or an abstract thought —and ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to guess it via clues you provide.

20 Flirty Fun Games To Play With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

To narrow down the possibilities you can also pre-decide on one single subject within which to guess. But the thought could include movie names or actors or even dialogues from movies.

You can also increase the difficulty level by limiting the number of guessworks. How is this flirty? It can be, if you decide on the subject accordingly. The one thing about this game is that you get to know how much you both are in sync with your thoughts. For this game though, instead of writing song lyrics or movie names, you could write whatever it is that you want to communicate to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is precisely how you can play flirty and naughty with this game. What makes it fun is the time taken to decipher the meaning of the sentence. This whole process of playing makes the sentence even more fun to read, and there will be lots of giggles and laughs involved for sure. One for the imagination A post shared by Kel Ward Photography kelwardphotography on Oct 26, at 6: It is a very fun and competitive game because each player has the chance to control the direction of the sentence, but the other player also has equal chances to totally change that course and defeat their opponent.

The reverse writing game is a great way to do that over text. The rules are darn simple too. All you need to do is type your message spelt the reverse way. Needless to say, the latter version of the game is going to be more difficult to play, both for the one typing in reverse as well for the one trying to decipher it.

Also, the longer the sentence in question, the more difficult it is to play. Also, if you forget to proofread the sentence you've written in reverse, you might end up mistyping a word and make a fool of yourself instead of initiating a flirty fun game, as originally intended.

Told you, not easy! Play for a good laugh Bring the poet out of you with this fun game that deals with, as the name suggests, rhyming words. The rules for playing are simple: The first player again matches it up with another rhyming word and the game continues with each player coming up with one word every time until both run out of ideas.

instagram relationship games you should play

This is a fun game to play because the only criterion is to match the rhyming and not make sense, so the end result is often hilarious. This game also does put your vocabulary to test! It is like the guessing game but the player gets to ask not more than 20 questions to figure out what the other player has in mind. Or, on the contrary, maybe you end up choosing something totally innocent for the second round, and it will be fun to see your opponent asking the naughtiest questions because they expect you to have something flirty in mind!

This is a game comfortably played, both over text or in person too. However, it can also be flirty and incredibly fun. All you have to do in order to play this game is cook up a series of hypothetical situations and ask your S. As for the subject matter, the sky is the limit!

Get physical with this one! And no, not that kind of physical, rather the clean kind. The idea of a dance off is all about high octane energy and the one who dances until last beat drops, is the one who wins. If your partner responds with a dare, you command a dare.

This game requires couples to be creative to make it exciting and fun. The questions and the dares commanded can rate from being sexy, naughty, or disgusting to mention but a few. This game is best played at the comfort of your home. A post shared by Carlos carrlossito on Jun 27, at However, it can be exciting to play it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This game can be played anywhere.

instagram relationship games you should play

Whoever diverts the eyes first is the looser. The staring game helps a couple to bond and know each other physically. You can spice up the game by making funny faces while staring at each other. Of course, one of you will burst into laughter! This game does not require any creativity or equipment. The beauty of it is that you can play it anywhere. All you need to do with your spouse is to use your hands. You can decide to reward the winner with a special gift or by kissing.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend must be in the mood of singing to enjoy the game. One partner can start the song by singing one line. The other partner should be creative enough to finish the song with the last word and start another song with the same last word. The same goes on by taking turns. Whoever fails to finish the song is the loser. Phone Scavenger Hunt Be ready to have a good walk if you choose to play phone scavenger hunt game.

Scavenger hunt game helps the couple to create a stronger bond. You need a phone to enjoy this fun game. You need to text your boyfriend or girlfriend for some clues.

For example, where did your first romantic kissing moment occur? Your partner is supposed to follow these clues to make the game exciting. The texting in this game can be through the normal messaging or online texting. Mystery sound is all about recording different sounds and tunes. You then send them to your boyfriend or girlfriend through online messaging or just normal texting.

Your partner is supposed to guess the lyrics, tunes, or sounds. Remember to make the game as fun as you can. Dare or Remove It Game Just as the name suggests, it is a dare to remove your clothes game.

You need a phone to enjoy this game.

20 Cute & Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

You can send your boyfriend or girlfriend a dare. In return, your spouse should accomplish the dare. If he or she fails, he or she should remove a piece of cloth and take a photo with the cloth off.

It is a romantic exciting game for couples who make the game fun and loving.

Signs You're Being Played - Signs He's Playing You - Relationship Mind Games

One word one answer is a game that involves two players who know each other very well. One of you has to start by mentioning one word.

The other partner has to respond with one answer. By doing this, you come up with words that tell your love story. You and your loved one can play it by choosing a piece of paper at a time and doing exactly as it says.

instagram relationship games you should play

For instance, you can write kissing for two minutes or cuddling for three minutes and so on. You can play this game in the comfort of your home with minimal distractions. Double date charade is all about planning a date outdoor or indoor. You and your boyfriend or girlfriend get to serve drinks, wine, or appetizers and see which couple gets to win.

This is a great way to pass time as couples. You will also get to know each other better. Remember to keep the cute game fun and loving. You and your spouse can choose a favorite board game to unwind the evening with. You can keep the game interesting by keeping tab of the winner. You can decide to reward the winner with a romantic date or a gift. It allows the couple to share time together.

No sex or creativity is involved. It is all about flexibility and bending your body to touch as many portions as possible without falling. Your partner will also do the same. This game is fun and exciting. You can spice up the game by involving as many couples as possible. This game will allow you and your partner to bond in a special dirty way.