Honduras united states relationship

Honduras - US Relations

honduras united states relationship

Violence, poverty and oppression in Honduras are causing the history of relations between Honduras and the United States is a prime. The United States recognized the independence of the Federation of Central Diplomatic relations were established on April 19, , when American Envoy. Honduras - US Relations. Honduras has traditionally been an ally of the United States and generally supports U.S. initiatives in international.

But what angered Washington most was that Zelaya was close to the left governments of South America, including Venezuela. He wasn't any closer to Venezuela than Brazil or Argentina was, but this was a crime of opportunity.

History of the U.S. and Honduras

So, when the Honduran military overthrew Zelaya in June ofthe Obama administration did everything it could for the next six months to make sure that the coup succeeded. The "pressure from the international community" that Obama referred to in the above statement came from other countries, mainly the left-of-center governments in South America.

honduras united states relationship

The United States was on the other side, fighting — ultimately successfully — to legitimise the coup government through an "election" that the rest of the hemisphere refused to recognise. In May of this year, Zelaya stated publicly what most of us who followed the events closely already guessed was true: While no one will likely bother to investigate the US role in the coup, this is quite plausible given the overwhelming circumstantial evidence.

Porfirio Lobo took office in Januarybut most of the hemisphere refused to recognise the government because his election took place under conditions of serious human rights violations. In Mayan agreement was finally brokered in Cartegena, Colombia which allowed Honduras back into the Organisation of American States. But the Lobo government has not complied with its part of the Cartegena accords, which included human rights guarantees for the political opposition.

Honduras: America's great foreign policy disgrace | Mark Weisbrot | World news | The Guardian

He is producing biofuels in this region on disputed land. He is close to the United States and was an important backer of the coup against Zelaya.

honduras united states relationship

His private security forces, together with US-backed military and police, are responsible for the political violence in the region. US aid to the Honduran military has increased since the coup. These activities resumed once constitutional government was restored.

honduras united states relationship

Inthe United States signed the U. The legislatures of all signatories except Costa Rica ratified CAFTA inand the agreement entered into force in the first half of CAFTA eliminates tariffs and other barriers to trade in goods, services, agricultural products, and investments.

History of the U.S. and Honduras | U.S. Embassy in Honduras

Additionally, CAFTA is expected to solidify democracy, encourage greater regional integration, and provide safeguards for environmental protection and labor rights. The United States is Honduras' chief trading partner and the largest investor in Honduras.

honduras united states relationship

Government programs are aimed at promoting a healthy and more open economy capable of sustainable growth, improving the climate for business and investment while protecting U.

The United States also works with Honduras to meet transnational challenges--including the fight against terrorism, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, illegal migration, and trafficking in persons--and encourages and supports Honduran efforts to protect the environment.

The goals of strengthening democracy and promoting viable economic growth are especially important given the geographical proximity of Honduras to the United States. An estimated 1 million Hondurans reside in the United States,of whom are believed to be undocumented; consequently, immigration issues are an important item on the bilateral agenda. More than American companies operate in Honduras.

In order to help strengthen Honduras' democratic institutions and improve living conditions, the United States has provided substantial economic assistance. The United States has historically been the largest bilateral donor to Honduras.

honduras united states relationship

Over the years, U. This supplemental assistance was designed to help repair water and sanitation systems; replace housing, schools, and roads; provide agricultural inputs; provide local government crisis management training; grant debt relief; and encourage environmental management expertise.