Fate stay night fanfiction shirou saber relationship

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fate stay night fanfiction shirou saber relationship

This version of Fate/Stay Night focuses primarily on Rin and Saber's relationship while also exploring the themes of gender and sexuality. Now with strange Black Command Seals on Shirou's hand and their old friend Saber by their side, Rin and Shirou must use all their skill to win one of her boyfriend's responsibilities in the relationship since waking up in the. Even so, something about Shirou Kotomine had just seemed off. . When Saber had accepted the Grail's summons for the third time, she hadn't . Saber only found out the day she came to her and revealed their relation.

Though now she had been summoned to this Grail War in the form of her younger self right after she pulled Caliburn and went on a few adventures with Merlin and Kay.

That she had told her Master after he had explained to her why he had hugged her. Her Master's name was Shirou Emiya, and he was apparently from another timeline, where he had participated in a Holy Grail War, by summoning her adult self.

And apparently, they had fallen in with each other. A thing Lily didn't think was possible with her older self, she knew what would happen to her when she truly took up the persona of a king. A life without love. Though he didn't have to mention that they had sex, Lily had blushed up a storm hearing about such a lewd thing.

Well at least didn't stay a virgin even if it was after death. And because of that Shirou had promised his Saber that they would see each other one day, and so he spent the last five years of his life doing so. Trying to find a way, to do so. And that's why he was here in this timeline, by the act of the Wizard Marshall Zelretch, who had offered him the chance to do so earlier. By participating in the Grail Wars that occurred around the world and trying to summon his Saber.

It was a tale that Lily found to be romantic. So she wondered what other things Shirou desired. Shirou had read in the pamphlet that Zelretch had given him, the Sub-Grail Wars had started working probably about a year ago and could summon a full set of seven Servants. So now there seemed if the schedule were true a Grail War would occur at least once every three months in various countries. Though a wish had still yet to be granted by the last four as the competition had either managed to destroy the grail in the act of spite or kill each other before a wish could be.

As had happened many times in Greece with the Masters killing each other over a catalyst for Heracles and Achilles. Shirou kinda, in a messed up way found that funny. Lily smiled at her Master. She and Shirou had very successful in the War, with her acting more as support to Shirou due to her Journey of A Blooming Flower skill, and Shirou's unique Magecraft that allowed him to copy Noble Phantasm and use them.

So together they had managed to defeat three Servant, and Master pairs and they were no fighting against the last Servant of the war. They had managed to beat Lancer, Rider, and Assassin. Whos identity had been Benkei, and Ushiwakamura their Masters had been working together. The assassin had been one of the Hassan-I-Sabbah, with the ability do things with crystals. The Archer, Lily, and Shirou's remaining opponent in the who had defeated the rest of the Servants in the war was one Nikolai Tesla apparently a famous inventor, who had very much been enforced by his legend.

Though the one that fighting him was Shirou, as he was much better suited to go against the mad inventor. Though Lily wished that he would stop laughing, and shout about how great he was. Lily's opponent was instead the Magus who was the Master of Archer, while Lily thought it was a rather dirty move, more befitting of an Assassin.

She knew she had to do it for Shirou's sake and increase his chance of winning against Archer. For she would not let the kind man, she had gotten to know over the past week of conflicting be killed unable to reunite with the one he loved. Even though the person Shirou loved was technically herself. But that was semantics, though semantics she could wait for later. And she would kill herself first if she had to be departed from his food. The target that they had gone after together had been a man who'd slaughtered more than thirty Enforcers.

Kiritsugu had made it just a little too obvious that they were coming, which Kairi had found infuriating. It didn't make sense until their target attacked them preemptively. The spell used had turned the surrounding environment to glass from the sheer heat. Kiritsugu fired a single shot in the same instant. And their job had ended before Kairi had the opportunity to do anything. The Mage Killer hadn't batted an eye as the other mage's body tore itself apart at the seams.

It took five minutes before the sounds of screaming, bones crunching, and joints snapping finally stopped. When Kairi had looked again, their target wasn't even human anymore. Humans didn't die like that.

The right arm had turned inside out and was actually inside the man's torso, which had torn open like something out of a horror movie.

There were the obvious and bloody signs of a catastrophic aneurism, and half of the joints were bending in the exact opposite direction from how they were supposed to move. Both hands had snapped apart, the fingers shattered like bundles of twigs, barely held together by a few strands of sinew.

All this from a single shot from an old gun. That was what it meant to be hunted by the Mage Killer. Publicly, the Mages Association decried Kiritsugu as a renegade and a disgrace, but behind closed doors they employed him just as much as anyone else. It was also entirely possible that many in the Mages Association just resented him for being so brazenly technologically literate as well.

But when you were skilled and efficient, people tended to overlook moral quandaries and personal grudges, and the Clock Tower was no exception. Hell, if he hadn't finally kicked it a few years back, he probably would have been recruited for this Grail War mess.

And now some kid with his name showed up working for a supposedly impossible Master? That was too much of a coincidence for Kairi. Whether this Shirou Emiya really was related to the Mage Killer or was just using the name to take advantage of the reputation, Kairi had little doubt he would end up being one of the most dangerous forces in the Grail War.

And that meant the necromancer needed to know who he was and fast. He'd get his feelers on it as soon as possible, but until then… A line of people with red eyes dressed in spotless white military uniforms occupied the surrounding streets. A dozen hulking rock golems lumbered up behind them. Kairi pulled out his sawed-off shotgun, fully loaded with gandr imbued fingers.

I thought it was just me, but you were a decoy too! He could already hear the heavy footsteps of their reinforcements coming up behind them. And how 'bout that Servant on the roof back there?

Ah yes; their not so inconspicuous tail. Mordred had sensed them when they were getting the clothes, but they couldn't have attacked in the public shop. Once night had fallen, they'd initially waited for the hero to attack, but they never did, seemingly content to watch without taking action.

If they're one of the other Servants of Red, they might help us, or stand back. Regardless, they needed to deal with the problem in front of them. Mordred turned and caught an attack from one of the golems with one hand. Being reunited with Shirou and Rin was a wondrous surprise that she would be eternally grateful for.

This was… less so. When she had gone out to buy ingredients for Shirou as an apology for her… forceful handling of the matter of Avalon, the last thing she had anticipated was catching sight of her in a nearby clothing store. The homunculus created from her genetic data. The warrior poisoned against her by her sister's venomous words… and her own, admittedly, subpar handling of the situation. The knight who demanded to be her heir, and yet brought her kingdom low.

Her son, who she'd last seen when she drove Rhongomyniad through her chest. What was she doing buying clothes in this time period? The answer to that was obvious enough. Why she was buying clothes with a large man with three scars over his right eye was more confounding. Could she not assume spirit form, or did she just wear modern clothing so that she could remain materialized by preference, as the King of Conquerors once did?

That seemed fine, but did she have to choose attire that was so… scant? It was unbecoming of a knight. She should have returned to Shirou and Rin immediately, but against her better judgement, she began to follow her wayward son and her Master. She stuck to the rooftops to avoid civilian eyes as much as possible and tried to suppress her prana, so Mordred wouldn't sense her. It was surreal to see her again. When she had seen Lancelot in the Fourth Holy Grail War, she had been filled with horror and self-loathing.

But with Mordred, her feelings were more conflicted. While she had accepted her decisions and the consequences thereof, she still remembered that Mordred had not only raged against her but chose to start a war that slaughtered thousands of innocents, knights who had been friends of them both. The title of Knight of Treachery had been well earned.

But had her failure to understand her son not merited the betrayal? On the other hand, the king's duty was to ensure his people's safety for as long as possible.

fate stay night fanfiction shirou saber relationship

Thus, was it not her duty to deny the throne to a reckless upstart who cared more about having the throne than the responsibility that came with it? But, was it also not a parent's duty to protect and care for their child? To say nothing of skewering them with a divine artifact? She would be useless to Rin and Shirou if she allowed these conflicting emotions to unbalance her.

She needed to deal with them immediately! Of course, she was alone. It would be improper to initiate a battle when Rin was absent without her express orders. She should observe the enemy Servant and then report back with what she'd learned.

Preferably without being seen. The two continued walking down a dark alleyway, only to be set upon by a hoard of homunculi and a squadron of hulking golems. The master pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and charged the homunculi, shouting, "Show me the extent of your power, Saber! At least that meant she wouldn't have to deal with her being affected by Madness Enchantment.

Though honestly, it was difficult to tell the difference between her fighting style and that of a Berserker. As she had been in life, Mordred was both utterly bursting with power and completely lacking in any restraint. Her technique, if one could even call it that, was simply to smash the golems with whatever she had on hand.

There was no finesse, no precision, and she threw her sword away like a fool! Still, she was only fighting golems, so her brute force strategy was perfectly sufficient for the task. The homunculi, armed with only bows and polearms, were no match for her Master either, who blew through them with his firearm and a strange grenade made out of a heart. It was over in minutes. Mordred finishing the last of the golems by carrying one over her head and smashing it into another. Saber would deny it in the future, but that did bring a smile to her face.

Saber could agree with that assessment. That scarred mage had been ruthless in his attacks, but when faced with multiple opponents, that was perfectly understandable. He had been practical in his strategy, eliminating one group of foes before taking cover so he could evaluate the changed battlefield.

It was not a knight's way of battle, but he was not a knight. Besides, it was far more honorable than the last mage Saber had known who used firearms. The master rubbed his chin in thought.

They didn't even send one of their Servants," Mordred whined. Saber slowly backed away from the edge. Had she been detected? Mordred would never have been able to restrain herself if she knew someone was watching her. What do you think of my skills as a warrior? Her lips fell into a more contemplative expression. Nevertheless, Saber knew that if she had been taking the fight seriously, all of those things would have been perfect, though perhaps with a little too much emphasis on using brute force.

She blinked as a thought occurred to her. Had she been fighting like that because she was seeking approval?

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It wouldn't do to focus on such thoughts. Saber backtracked and dashed off in the opposite direction, her mind awash with doubts despite her best efforts. When Mordred had arrived at Camelot, she had been wearing full armor, helmet included. Her deeds earned her a place at the Round Table, but the other knights had no idea what she actually looked like. Saber only found out the day she came to her and revealed their relation.

And on her face was an earnest smile. Saber had been confounded by her enthusiasm and the news of Morgana's manipulations. She had had no idea how to respond to such news, but she had known Mordred, and she knew that despite her noble heart, she did not have the capacity to be king, seeing the throne only as a right and not a responsibility.

The enthusiasm quickly turned to fury and Saber thought to never see that earnest smile again. And yet, when Mordred spoke with her Master, there it was. The knight she had called friend, the son she would have been proud to call hers had fate not put the responsibility of kingship upon her, still lived. She was buried underneath the ruthless butcher who thought nothing of razing Camelot for vengeance, but she was still there. There was still a hero hiding somewhere in that armor.

Saber found herself smiling. But the thought quickly soured. Whoever this Master was, he was bringing out the best of Mordred, reigniting the kind soul that had first sworn fealty to her, and who had eagerly adopted the values of knighthood.

With her new, and admittedly better understanding of her own past, Saber wanted to speak with her son. To try and reconcile after their last battle… but it was more than likely that her presence would simply cause Mordred to regress back to the spiteful upstart she'd been upon her death. No, this was something best left to the scarred mage. The smile remained on Saber's face, but it was the smile of a person who had a wish they couldn't imagine being granted.

She had to stay away from her. The best thing that she could do for her wayward knight was to leave her alone. Which meant that she, Rin and Shirou needed to leave this town immediately. Besides, Mordred seemed to be under the illusion she had somehow surpassed the King of Knights.

It would be kinder to let her live in that fantasy a little longer. Where have you been?! You were supposed to be back hours ago. Have you and Shirou secured the necessary supplies and transportation? She would have snatch up Shirou's ingredients from one of the closing stores and leave the money behind as payment.

Normally she wouldn't ever consider such actions, but… Mordred. But you should prepare to move out as soon as I return. There is a dangerous Servant in this town. I'll explain when we reconvene. She'd been hesitant about the matter, but getting to Trifas on foot would take ages. She ultimately determined that they'd need to sell more jewels, but when she'd been rooting through her satchel for something suitable, she found a pair of diamonds that she knew hadn't been there when last she'd checked its contents.

She recalled what Zelretch had said in his first letter: No sense in forcing you to find your own way there on your own dime. The old man could be counted on from time to time after all. Nevertheless, it hadn't been enough for even a small used car. That's like something that an angry teenager would do. I can go look for her," Shirou offered, rising from his station. Rin held out a hand. She's on her way. She should be here in a few minutes at the latest. I know finding out about this Darnic guy can't have been easy.

I know he didn't kill my family, but they were still Tohsakas. What pisses me off though is that he stole their lives' work, the Holy Grail, and polluted it for his own gains. He dishonored generations of hard work for a power-grab. Magecraft was an art, a practice to be meticulously researched throughout one's lifetime until their time ended and they entrusted their work to the next generation. Every family spent centuries furthering their research, adding to their magic crests, all of them working to the bone to thrive.

Rin knew there were mages out there who didn't share her principles, who stole the prized research of other families and used them for their own advancement. Even Luvia was better than that. The Edelfelts might have been battlefield scavengers, but in a certain regard, they were making sure that when a mage died without an heir, their research would live on. Darnic killed people so that he could pry their prized possessions out from their lifeless hands after they so rudely refused to hand over literally everything they valued.

Darnic's type were scum who didn't deserve to be considered mages. She had slaved away for years, every day since her father died, so that she could call herself that. She would not let Darnic Prestone Yggdmillenia reap the spoils of defiling her family, even if it was in another world.

fate stay night fanfiction shirou saber relationship

Same as most mages" Rin shrugged. Even if we can't pull out a win ourselves, there's no way I'm letting him get the wish. It'll be a lot easier to deal with him than Vlad the Impaler. Kuzuki and Caster, and look how that turned out," Shirou reminded her. God knows I'll need to if we're going to get out of this alive. I don't know what I would have done if things had turned out that way.

And that terrifies me, just like I'm terrified at the thought of what you might become. But this isn't some drive-in movie where I throw away everything for some meaningless revenge. I'm going to make Darnic wish he never heard of the Holy Grail, but I'm going to do that because it's what we need to do to win and go home. Though I can't say I won't enjoy it.

Just know that I'm always here for you. She took his hand in hers. Rin instantly jumped away from Shirou, her cheeks blushing. I needed to dish out two more jewels, but at least we have some money left over. The Servant actually looked rather excited about being the driver.

She must have wanted to finally put her Riding Skill to use. Still, something was definitely off and it wasn't just her being giddy over getting Avalon back. Soon, she found herself sitting on the motorcycle behind her Servant as the group raced out of town. Once they were on the highway, the wind blasting past their faces, Saber closed her eyes for a moment, her brow creased in concentration. A moment later, a cone of high-pressure air erupted around them and gleaming silver armor materialized over the motorcycle, as well as the sidecar.

The wind was roaring past them now, but strangely, it wasn't buffeting them directly anymore.

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By using it to cover our vehicle, I can keep our wheels firmly on the road with the pressure while decreasing our air resistance to zero to increase speed. The most accurate name for the final result would be 'Motored Cuirassier. This isn't like you!