Evangelion 2 0 ending relationship

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evangelion 2 0 ending relationship

and about half of are, aside from some subtle differences, streamlined After that, in meta-acknowledgement of Eva's ending, Shinji completely changes . Evangelion angelfirenm.info Evangelion departs from the original much more extensively than , . Bringing an end to Rei's arrangement. Its ending paves the way for the significant storyline departures from the In an attempt to heal the relationship between Gendo and Shinji, Rei prepares a dinner party. At the . Evangelion made its International/US premiere at the Hawaii.

And by the end of the movie, after having to fight Asuka and pretty much turning against those he used to trust, it turns out Gendo planned ahead of all this and it would only lead to creating a Fourth Impact, which, to prevent, meant the death of his last friend.

Rebuild starts as a retelling of the original series, only to go completely Off the Rails in the second film and start telling an entirely new story. Always Save the Girl: And he fails to do even that.

Shinji did save her from the 10th Angel's core, but now she's trapped in Eva's core instead. Pretty much the entire damn thing is a few hundred steps up from the TV series.

Utada Hikaru with "Beautiful World" for 1. Evangelion revolves around a number of world destroying events. A massive explosion melts the Antarctic ice cap and tilts the Earth's axis. The seas flooded most coastal areas and are now poisoned, unable to sustain any life. Species on land perished due to the change in seasons and weather and humanity nearly wiped itself out in war. The reformed humanity is far more united than before but also in heavy denial about how much the world has changed. All of humanity believes another "impact event" will leave no survivors.

This is why the world's governments are willing to throw all their money and support behind the bizarre and mysterious NERV. Fourth Impact — Just like in the original series this is Gendo's ultimate goal, i.

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The end of 3. Remember Unit's halo slowly expanding into that vortex thing at the end of the second film? The third film names the phenomenon as the Door of Guf and at the beginning of Fourth Impact, Unit opens one that's easily dozens of times as wide so violently it sweeps aside all clouds. Then the Geofront starts rising out of the ground and the Red Evas start to float by the millions, circling the event with the same otherworldly shrieking as the original series' Second Impact flashback.

And we haven't even talked about entire buildings being alternately pulverized by the shattering ground or floating weightlessly in the air as Shinji stares in horror. To Ode to Joy. This being EVA, the answer is no. Wille has developed anti-Eva ammunition that can rip right through armor and A.

But them do nothing against Unit because apparently it doesn't use an A. Monster of the Week Kaworu becomes a major character in 2. Touji's nameless sister, who was never even seen in the original, shows up in 2.

She does, however, ultimately ditch the Unskilled but insanely determined mantle in favor of becoming an insanely effective sniper after the Time Skip. Shinji tries to be this in 3.

Subverted in that in the end, he only makes things worse. Shinji tries to cope with his actions by telling himself that at least he saved Rei, when Fuyutsuki shows him the truth behind Reihe breaks shortly.

End of Evangelion vs. original ending to Neon Genesis?

The dummy system rips targets into bloody shreds. It's not really balanced, seeing as Japan has all the working EVAs. Provisional Unit was destroyed along with Angel 3 and Mark. And aside from those, Unit is missing or destroyed and Unit became dinner for EVA, so it's far from balanced, really, when only one country has the EVAs, even if they get locked away.

Considering all the Angels are attacking Japanit's probably better for the safety of the world that they have more Evas than not. Thrown out the window in 3. Wille also has possession of Unit 01, but it's unknown which, if any, government they answer to. NERV is also shown to be building hundreds of Mark.

Aside from the usual type of fanservice involved with gauze and band aids, bandages are used to a symbolic effect in 2. Eva 13's only weapons are its fists and four drones that create an artificial AT Field. It has infinite power while Wille's Evas don't, so it only needs to stall for time until their batteries run out. At the end of 2. The Eva seems to hear "forget everything else and save Rei" as "annihilate everyone else in the world and save Rei".

Luckily, the worst effects are deterred, but not before Shinji is granted some nifty, if worrisome, gifts— A spiffy new paint job for his Eva, nifty glowy eyesand oh, yeah, about five minutes of godhood. Unless you want to be reduced to a bloody mess by Shinji, we suggest you be nice to Rei. Rei and Asuka fill the roles respectively in 2.

Gendo has become this as of the end of 3. Having manipulated the death of Kaworu, dethroning and removing SEELE from power, and has manipulated the events behind both third and fourth impact to fit his goals.

Shinji pulls his last minute save of the Bridge Bunnies again, just like in the series. Then he gets his ass kicked by the Angel, again, just like in the series. Then, when the EVA shuts down, he starts breaking down emotionally, begg—wait. Shinji ends up ripping Rei directly out of the bastard Kaworu pulls this off in the end of 2.

Mari Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Rei, Mari, and Asuka Rei's not exactly blonde, but has a very light hair color nonetheless Blood from the Mouth: From both unit and pilot when Zeruel stabs through Eva with its various tentacle Now almost every Angel explodes into a shower of blood-red, not blue this time.

Sahaqiel takes the cake, effectively drowning the entirety of Tokyo 3 in a sea of gore. The effects of this are shown in the second film, where a giant water purifier is dedicated to undoing both Second Impact's red sea and Angel ichor. Lilith's giant rotting corpse in 3. Parts of it swell and enlarge as the Angel searches for a way out.

Mari lands three perfect headshots on the Mark. Unfortunately for her, the Mark. Many, both subtle and not. Calling the Old Man Out: After the Eva incident, Shinji attempts mutiny against Gendo by attacking Central Dogma with his Evangelion, and was only stopped by the timely application of excessive LCL cabin pressure. Kaworu after the credits of the first movie. Rei in the third. Cannot Spit It Out: The sheer lack of information given to Shinji drives the plot of 3.

The first ten-or-so minutes after Shinji's awakening are spent ascertaining his authenticity. Strange, but considering that between the end of 2.

After this first victory in fourteen years, Misato, Ritsuko, Touji's sister Sakura, and Asuka finally confront Shinji - all of them grieved at having to live in the world he created for thembitter because he had spent the entirety of that time asleep inside the world's safest bed-chamber cradled by their hard workand regretful with the knowledge that they namely Mis ato encouraged him to take the action that had caused Third Impact.

Almost as soon as the reunion begins, another enemy engages the Wunder. Shinji cannot understand or accept this.

evangelion 2 0 ending relationship

He escapes with whom he believes to be Rei, who takes him to Gendo, who benefits tremendously from Shinji's confusion and disbelief of the Wille crew. Further justified by Eva Mark. As in the original series, the Second Impact is a very well-done example of this trope. Caught the Heart on His Sleeve: Misato tries this with Shinji in 2.

Remember the Lance of Longinus and how it was used the last time to take out the Fifteenth Angel? Well, the Fifteenth Angel hasn't appeared yet in Rebuild, and Instrumentality can still be executed as per End of Evangelion. Touji's sister, Sakura, who is only mentioned in the first film and appears in a voiceless cameo for a few seconds in the second film, shows up in the third film as an officer of WILLE. It turns out Gendo not only knows that Kaworu is an Angel, he planned everything in 3. And it went just as planned.

evangelion 2 0 ending relationship

Kaji is the only cast member from 2. Whether he's dead or imprisoned is not explained. For Toji, it's especially strange as Shinji finding his nametag at NERV implies his death, yet Sakura being nice to Shinji all the time implies the opposite. See the character page to know why. Mari seems to be a tad detached from reality, at least when she is inside an EVA.

Shamshel and Zeruel as usual, as well as the Eva Mark. Conspicuous CG Ramiel and Sahaqiel fit this to a tee, but there are other minor examples as well. An example of Tropes Are Not Badbecause although they stand out against the traditionally animated background they are also Eldritch Abominationsso it works. Averted for the CG background characters.

evangelion 2 0 ending relationship

Who could have told all those people walking about Tokyo-3 were completely digital? Played straight in a few scenes where the Evas are CG. Gendo agrees after being reminded of Yui. Soon afterwards, Mari arrives in Japan by parachute, landing on top of Shinji at his school's rooftop.

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She speaks in English on her phone about her landing point being diverted, then tells Shinji before leaving that he's interesting and she likes his smell of LCL. Shinji's awkward first meeting with Mari. Meanwhile, Rei is learning how to cook in preparation for the dinner party, cutting several fingers in the process. Asuka also attempts to learn how to cook, so that she may impress Shinji. Rei sends out invitations to the party to everyone, even Asuka, although Shinji has no idea that Rei invited Gendo.

Eva is airlifted to Japan as a result. Nerv headquarters encloses Eva because of the Vatican Treatywhich states no more than three active Eva units are allowed in the same country. Asuka, angered over the decision, runs into Rei in the elevator. Rei explains what it means to be an Eva pilot and Asuka tries to slap her in frustration. She notices Rei has more cuts from cooking than she does and asks Rei what Shinji means to her.

A jealous Asuka storms out of the elevator. While having some drinks and dinner with Kaji, Misato asks him to tell her the details of Seele and the Human Instrumentality Project, though he only claims that he isn't sure.

Misato broods about the pilots having to shoulder the burden of the Evas, and how testing for Eva happens on the same day as Rei's dinner party.

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Eva arrives and Asuka decides to be the test pilot to skip Rei's dinner party. During the testing Eva is taken over by the Ninth Angelsetting off an explosion at Matsushiro. Bringing an end to Rei's arrangement. In Eva Shinji is faced against Eva alone, but refuses to fight for fear of harming the pilot, despite being choked.

evangelion 2 0 ending relationship

Due to Shinji's refusal to retaliate, Gendo orders the Dummy System to be activated, forcing shinji to watch in horror while his Eva brutalises Eva and its core. When he regains the controls, Shinji begins attacking Nerv HQ and threatening his father. Asuka is shown to be alive, but in urgent care. Upon awakening in his hospital room, Shinji is brought before Gendo for his attack on Nerv. Gendo concludes that his son needs to grow up, and he responds by quitting as a pilot.

Misato attempts to convince Shinji to stay, revealing that Rei held the dinner party so that he and his father might grow closer, but Shinji resolves to leave regardless. While Shinji is leaving Tokyo-3 the arrival of the 10th Angel is reported. Confronting the Tenth Angel in Eva Mari can not harm it. She inputs a secret code that causes the Eva to enter the " Beast Mode " state, but it proves futile as she is severely damaged by the Tenth.

Mari crash-lands into a shelter, that Shinji had taken refuge in, and together they witness Eva being devoured by the Tenth Angel, who begins to match Eva's identification signal.

evangelion 2 0 ending relationship

In the Eva he manages to stop the Tenth Angel from destroying the bridge and triumphantly battles with the angel until the Eva runs out of power - losing an arm in the process.

Becoming increasingly angered In the darkened entry plug, Shinji's eyes begin to glow red as he yells "Give me back Ayanami! Eva proceeds to slice the Tenth Angel in half with eye beams, opening up the core that Shinji then enters. Inside, Shinji sees Rei cowering.

Reaching out his hand, she tells him that she can be replaced. Shinji denies Rei's claim and continues to enter the Tenth Angel, causing it to fuse with Eva, determined to rescue her. As Shinji embraces Rei they begin to dissolve, Shinji thanks Rei for her efforts of bringing him and his father together. Rei apologizes that she couldn't do anything, but Shinji says things are okay the way they are. Eva descends from the sky after lancing Eva The body of Tenth Angel, now a giant, red naked Rei, is fully fused with Eva's core.

The sky turns red, the Eva forms a halo and a black hole appears; sucking the damaged Tokyo-3 into it. Misato and the rest of Nerv realize that this is the beginning of Third Impact. The completed Mark, with the same halo as the awakened Unit, is shown descending from the sky. From the cockpit, Kaworu announces "The promised time has come, Shinji Ikari. This time, I'll be sure to bring you happiness.

New scenes include Shinji meeting Kaji at a Tokyo-3 train terminal and Eva being air-lifted out of the American base.