Burger wuss ending a relationship

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burger wuss ending a relationship

All about Burger Wuss by M. T. Anderson. Anthony has always been a wuss, but when his girlfriend, Diana, ends up making out ▾Work-to-work relationships. Burger Wuss, a romance novel with a twist, deconstructs gender roles and sheds light () refuses to soothe reade ers with a standard happy romance ending . white female, by showing the development of their relationship from both his. The author warns you that this is a book without a happy ending. (5–up) YA ( grades 8–12) Anderson, M. T. Burger Wuss. his family by preserving his self- respect, keeping his conscience clear, and maintaining his relationship with Kendra.

burger wuss ending a relationship

I didn't believe the whole infatuation with Diana the ex-girlfriend I had barely met her before they were already breaking up because she was cheating on him. I didn't understand the "revenge" part either.

If the kid had any sense, he'd be angry at Diana, not Turner. He frustrated me, but I guess that's what teenagers do.

Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson

The only redeeming character was Shunt. He was a misfit who wanted to bring down the entire burger conglomeration- that they were abusing the animals before they were cut up. Shunt's character was believable and almost entertaining- and even interesting. The rest of the people were flat and didn't have much of a story.

And Shunt only took up about 10 pages. He wasn't in the story much until near the end. If you liked MT Anderson's style of writing in this book repeatedly saying "like" and run-on sentences then you will probably like "Feed". It was a much better book of his and had a great plot. From Amazon I didn't like Feed, so I approached this novel apprehensively.

But I found it's simplicity refreshing and it's sarcasm entertaining. While it wouldn't be my pick for the deepest or most moving story, it's pretty good, and I think, worth reading.

From Amazon Anthony, a typical self-conscious high school student, is miserable.

Burger Wuss

He was dating Diana, the girl of his dreams, and everything was going well. She seemed to enjoy spending time with him and even appreciated his very odd, sarcastic sense of humor.

Then one night Anthony and Diana went to a party. They lost track of each other, and later Anthony found Diana making out with Turner, an arrogant guy she worked with at O'Dermott's, a fast food restaurant.

Anthony was furious at this scene and vowed to win Diana back and to get revenge on Turner. The first step in Anthony's plan is to get a job at O'Dermott's, especially after Turner dumps Diana and Diana quits working there. Once there, Anthony befriends Shunt, the disgruntled anti-establishment cook who wants to start a resistance movement to undermine the company.

Shunt hopes to disrupt the shooting of an O'Dermott's commercial in their town, and Anthony just wants his girlfriend back. But can they pull off their plan without getting caught? Most of the characters in this story were great--they each had distinct personalities and problems that came through and made the plot more interesting.

I liked the insight into fast-food places and the rivalry this book showed between the employees of these restaurants. I thought the idea of the grammar patrol, roaming around and fixing graffiti, was hysterical. A revenge story set in a burger shop? With two chains pitted against each other? Perfect YA material for a great read involving teenagers, plans, relationships and giant character ketchup dispensers. Anthony interviews for a job at O'Dermott's, but we are soon let into his secret - after walking in on his girlfriend Diana kissing another guy and them breaking up, he has vowed revenge on his nemesis, Employee of the Month at aforem Would you like fries with your revenge, sir?

Anthony interviews for a job at O'Dermott's, but we are soon let into his secret - after walking in on his girlfriend Diana kissing another guy and them breaking up, he has vowed revenge on his nemesis, Employee of the Month at aforementioned burger joint. Anthony is the 'wuss' of the title, and though he's smart, he's definitely not a character you fall for, you definitely want him to get his revenge, but he is a flawed individual. Some funny references at the burger joints to their work ethics and interviews, workers' roles and supervisors' attitudes.

A good last-minute feminist rant, and final twist that made me smile, making an overall great read for teenagers. The lives, loves and relationships of young adults is realistically portrayed, and it's refreshing to read such a funny story about a 'loser' fighting back. Some mild sexual content and themes more suited to older teens. Usually I am more of the Mike Lupica sports or the Darren Shan horror type of person but I decided to try something different and I am glad I did get to.

The way it is written is different. I just don't see how Anthony the main character could be so dumb and let one person control him.

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Turner person who stole Anthony's girlfriendworked with Anthony. The first day Anthony started working, I have read many books in my life and this one particularly stood out to me.

burger wuss ending a relationship

The first day Anthony started working, Turner had acted like he didn't know Anthony. That right there should have been a sign to Anthony. I would have been yelling at Turner or looking at him like he was dumb.

My Head Is Full of Books: Review: Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson

That is the reason I liked this book. It left me, the reader, wanting to read more and more. I just could not get enough of this book.

burger wuss ending a relationship

I would be reading it at times I wasn't supposed to be.