Bad relationship with grandparents

30 Things That Grandparents Should Never Do

bad relationship with grandparents

Grandparents and parents often don't agree on what's best, and you about their wonderful relationship with their own parents or in-laws. Grandparents are some of the most important figures in any child's life, and nobody wants to set a bad example! To ensure your grandkids the happiest family. Join the conversation. GrandparentsFamily Relationships. From Our Partners. I have sympathy with Grandparents that theirs is a difficult balance to achieve. The parent-child relationship is a changing one: as a child.

Instead, Grace and her toddler fly across the country to visit her, and during their last five-day Toronto trip, they only saw Grandma twice for a couple of hours. How do you trim her nails? Part of that is just geography: And without the strong pensions the generation before them had, more baby boomers have to work into their golden years, making it harder to engage with the grandkids as much as they might like.

Plus, Grandma is just as likely to be on the job in her 60s as Grandpa is.

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Baby boomer grandparents with financial stability, meanwhile, may still feel young and healthy enough to pursue the retirement of their dreams: Mandy Milks Opinion overload Others, of course, are too involved.

But a larger generation gap is adding to the issue. Parenting styles have also changed dramatically, from the small stuff when to start solidsor how to get a baby to sleep through the night to the larger themes.

That shift was the main problem for Ahava Trivedi, a mom in Toronto. She has embraced attachment parenting, a style that came naturally to her, as her Indian-born mother raised her the same way. Ask for their help: Enlist grandparents as allies. Sincerely ask them for their help and make sure they know how much you appreciate their support as you do your best as a parent.

Make them team members, not enemies.

bad relationship with grandparents

This does not mean turning their grandchildren into spoiled brats; it simply means they are enriched by generosity to their grandchildren. When possible, if you are not dealing with a health or safety issue, give grandparents a little leeway now and then. When is it time to distance yourself from a toxic family member?

I would caution against completely or permanently distancing yourself, and your kids, from their grandparents. In the long run, children benefit from having adults in their lives that love them, and you could be cutting them off from that.

If you choose to distance yourself or even cut ties with a grandparent — what is the best way to describe this choice to your children? Be sure that you are okay with that message, as you are setting a precedent for the children.

bad relationship with grandparents

Better to consider a scaled back relationship if necessary rather than totally cutting the ties. Grandparents were just as tired when they were parents, but their effort was directed differently without the aid of internet shopping, a huge choice of takeaways and more affordable domestic cleaning services etc.

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Parenting methods have changed since their day. Or may simply fear putting their foot in it. Grandparents involvement with their Grandchildren As far as I see it, Grandparents involvement with their grandchildren can be summarised by 2 different spectrums.

bad relationship with grandparents

The ideal Grandparent involvement from a Parent perspective is in the green zone: These Grandparents are not just practical helpers, but also a source of ideas and valuable stakeholders in the upbringing of your children. The yellow zone represents Grandparents who are providing help that Parents appreciate on a less regular basis. We simply cannot force Grandparents to help out any more than they are willing.

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Even if they help out with other Grandchildren and it feels deeply unfair. They still may be a useful source of advice though and in seeking their opinion, you may receive some additional help! On the flipside, as Parents we can decide whether or not we wish to visit these Grandparents regularly: If they have strong opinions about differences in approach, you are also fully entitled not to listen and voice your own views freely as they are speaking with their rose-tinted reminiscent spectacles on.

To my mind, a Grandparent who is hands-on and has regular responsibility for a child is entitled to a say in how they are raised — and a Parent gets no say whilst they are absent. Consider how much alone time with their Grandchildren you really want this Grandparent to have. The free child care will come at a price.

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And as with the green zone, these Grandparents may also have higher expectations of you in return as they age. Given your higher levels of disagreement, is this an obligation that you want to bear? If this represents your situation: As with the yellow zone: