Where did rick and ilsa meet

where did rick and ilsa meet

Rick and Ilsa had the perfect affair in Paris and the ultimate resolution to their dilemma When we meet him in Casablanca, he is hardly a man we can admire. Get a summary of everything Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) does throughout she meets, falls in love with and stands up Rick Blaine, whom she really does care. Whom does Ilsa first recognize when she enters Rick's? Rick; Sam; Berger; Louis Where did Rick and Ilsa first meet and fall in love? Paris; Marseille; Oran.

Bergman's official website calls Ilsa her "most famous and enduring role". Film critic Roger Ebert called her "luminous", and commented on the chemistry between her and Bogart: Selznickby lending Olivia de Havilland in exchange. Henreid, an Austrian actor who had emigrated inwas reluctant to take the role it "set [him] as a stiff forever", according to Pauline Kael [19]until he was promised top billing along with Bogart and Bergman. Henreid did not get on well with his fellow actors; he considered Bogart "a mediocre actor.

Claude Rains as Captain Louis Renault. Rains was an English actor born in London. Conrad Veidt as Major Heinrich Strasser. He was a refugee German actor who had appeared in The Cabinet of Dr.

He fled the Nazisbut was frequently cast as a Nazi in American films. A major star in German cinema before the Nazi era, he was the highest paid member of the cast despite his second billing. Peter Lorre as Signor Ugarte. Greenstreet and Lorre appeared in several films together over the next few years, although they did not share a scene in Casablanca.

where did rick and ilsa meet

Curt Bois as the pickpocket. Bois was a German-Jewish actor and refugee. He had one of the longest careers in film, making his first appearance in and his last in Leonid Kinskey as Sascha, the Russian bartender infatuated with Yvonne. He was born into a Jewish family in Russia and had immigrated to the United States. The Making of Casablanca, that he was cast because he was Bogart's drinking buddy.

The French actress was married to fellow Casablanca performer Marcel Dalio until their divorce in She was the last surviving cast member at her death on May 1, The third credited American, she was the stepdaughter of Jack L. Warnerthe studio head. John Qualen as Berger, Laszlo's Resistance contact.

He was born in Canada, but grew up in the United States. He appeared in many of John Ford 's films. Sakall credited as S. Sakall as Carl, the waiter.

The Wrong Man Gave Her the Right Feelings

The Jewish-Hungarian actor fled Germany in His three sisters and his niece later died in a concentration camp. Dooley Wilson as Sam. He was one of the few American-born members of the cast. A drummer, he had to fake playing the piano.

Even after shooting had been completed, producer Wallis considered dubbing over Wilson's voice for the songs. Notable uncredited actors are: Marcel Dalio as Emil the croupier. After he fled the fall of France and went to America, he was reduced to bit parts in Hollywood. Another Austrian, he had spent time in a concentration camp after the Anschlussbut left Europe after being freed.

Gregory Gaye as the German banker who is refused entry to the casino by Rick. Torben Meyer as the Dutch banker who runs "the second largest banking house in Amsterdam".

Meyer was a Danish actor. Frank Puglia as a Moroccan rug merchant. Dan Seymour as Abdul the doorman. He was an American actor who often played villains, including the principal one in To Have and Have Not, and one of the secondary ones in Key Largoboth opposite Bogart.

where did rick and ilsa meet

Gerald Oliver Smith as the Englishman whose wallet is stolen. Smith was an English actor. Norma Varden as the Englishwoman whose husband has his wallet stolen.

where did rick and ilsa meet

She was a famous English character actress. Much of the emotional impact of the film has been attributed to the large proportion of European exiles and refugees who were extras or played minor roles in addition to leading actors Paul Henreid, Conrad Veidt and Peter Lorre: A witness to the filming of the "duel of the anthems" sequence said he saw many of the actors crying and "realized that they were all real refugees".

The comedian Jack Benny may have had an unbilled cameo role, as was claimed by a contemporary newspaper advertisement [28] and in the Casablanca press book.

That's all I can say. The Jack Benny Fan Club can feel vindicated. The background of the final scene, which shows a Lockheed Model 12 Electra Junior airplane with personnel walking around it, was staged using little person extras and a proportionate cardboard plane.

It proved too difficult to get Claude Rains for the shoot, and the scene was finally abandoned after David O. Selznick judged "it would be a terrible mistake to change the ending. In the south of France, they went to a nightclub that had a multinational clientele, among them many exiles and refugees, and the prototype of Sam.

Shifting focus to up close and personal, however, there is another story; a story we don't really want to see because the long distance one is far more enjoyable. Reality is often too complicated for pleasure and pleasure is what we want when we watch Casablanca for the tenth or twentieth time.

We don't want truth but the truth is Rick's and Ilsa's "love" is shallow with little authenticity. This man and woman fell in love, undoubtedly made love although we never see it and celebrated their love without gaining any significant knowledge of one another.

Their intimacy is phony. Anyone who's ever been in a serious relationship knows that true intimacy is established only with trust and knowledge.

Yet from the beginning, Rick and Ilsa agree not tell one another too much. Who are you, really?

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We said, no questions. At this point in their relationship, Ilsa believes that her famous husband, Victor Lazlo is dead. Two years later, Rick can't understand why she didn't tell him this and we can easily understand his confusion. Why didn't she tell him about Victor Why, indeed? Why all the secrets? Didn't she or couldn't she take Rick seriously? I know so little about you. I know so little about you except that your teeth were straightened. What is it about Rick that makes Ilsa fall in love with him?

When we meet him in Casablanca, he is hardly a man we can admire. He is self-centered, disillusioned, embittered and an exiled loner. He is cruel to his French girlfriend who begs him for his attention.

Where were you last night? That's so long ago, I can't remember.

Will I see you tonight? I never make plans that far ahead.

where did rick and ilsa meet

I was a fool to fall for a man like you. What kind of man is Rick? Compare him to Ilsa's secret husband, Victor Lazlo who is educated, cultured and a political activist with an international reputation.


In comparison, Rick is under-educated, unrefined and inarticulate. The best sweet-talk he can come up with is: Victor Lazlo is obviously older than Ilsa and although he is an elegant attractive man, it is doubtful they have a strong physical attraction. Ilsa alludes to hero-worship and their on-screen kisses are the small cheek pecks of a brother and sister.

Rick Blaine, however, is a guy with attitude who invokes in Ilsa all "the right feelings. Had Casablanca been made today, undoubtedly there would be skillfully photographed bedroom scenes showing sweaty skin and faces in an altered state of consciousness.

Passionate physical love is a bio-chemical bliss so powerful that many people get stuck there, preferring to be ecstasy junkies at Stage I of relationships instead of struggling to achieve true intimacy by facing the tedious emotional challenges of developed partnerships.

Any mature adult knows this. We all know this and this is exactly why we love romantic stories: Rick and Ilsa's love is the love of the erotic with a large dose of magical thinking.

The flashbacks don't really show us much but if we fill in the blanks we can well imagine how they fell in love. Ilsa sexually responded to a cluster of attitudes: Rick found the beautiful Scandinavian woman uninhibited, open and responsive.

We can only guess how they are together in the bedroom but it is evident that when Rick wakes up Ilsa's Aphrodite, Athena disappears. Two years later when Ilsa walks into his cafe and rediscovers him, the feelings return.

I know I'll never have the strength to leave you again. I can't fight it anymore. I ran away from you once. I can't do it again.