What is the relationship between reincarnation and caste system

what is the relationship between reincarnation and caste system

What is the relationship between one's karma and reincarnation? How did Hindu ideas about karma and reincarnation strengthen the caste system?. Jun 22, According to Hinduism a soul is reincarnated again and again, But it is important to note that reincarnation takes on different meanings in relation to For example, the caste system, varna, in India is well known to be firmly. Solved: Analyze how to Hindu system reincarnation supported the Indian caste system - Slader.

Yet Hinduism, the world's oldest surviving religion, is unified by its acceptance of samsara, a chain of births and deaths linked by reincarnation.

Controlling samsara is the law of karma. Hindus believe that all individuals accumulate karma over the course of a lifetime.

what is the relationship between reincarnation and caste system

Good actions create good karma and evil actions create negative karma. Karma is not assigned or regulated by any god; it's simply earned by an individual and passed down through subsequent lives. But while good karma can eventually earn a person a higher place in the caste system in a future life, the ultimate goal of any Hindu adherent is moksha, or salvation from samsara.

Moksha is the final of four primary Hindu goals. The first three -- kama, artha and dharma -- concern earthly pursuits like pleasure, power or well-being and virtue. Ironically, to achieve moksha, you must make a deliberate effort to not want it. Salvation comes only after a person has abandoned all pursuits and desires and accepts that the individual soul is the same as Brahman, the universal soul or god.

By exiting the cycle, an individual no longer endures the pain and suffering of earthly existence performed countless times over.

what is the relationship between reincarnation and caste system

The belief in reincarnation is also predominant in two prevalent religions from India: In this sense it promotes one to take responsibility for their action. But it is important to realize that samsara, karma and reincarnation are not to be viewed as a burden from which to flee. Rather these are doctrines that promote growth, education and opportunities to learn from mistakes Neufeldt The idea of reincarnation is not limited to Hinduism, it can be found in other faiths e.

How Reincarnation Works

Buddhism and it touches some who do not even relate to a specific religion. But it is important to note that reincarnation takes on different meanings in relation to different faiths and cultures.

what is the relationship between reincarnation and caste system

For example, Henry Ford spoke on the importance of reincarnation theory to his life by stating: Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience collected in one life in the next.

When I discovered Reincarnation …time was no longer limited.

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He looks forward to being reincarnated again and again, not to reunite with any god or for liberation of any kind, like in the case of Hindus, but for the mere pleasure of continuing on in this world and basking in its enjoyment. This is the appeal of reincarnation to some, in that it is a kind of way to escape the fears of death in hopes of being reborn over and over again, providing a kind of immortality.

This is one way to look at the doctrine. But for Hindus reincarnation as an escape from the reality of death tends to take away from the beauty of the doctrine to begin with.

Reincarnation and Karma

The doctrine, in Hinduism, was not build on such principles; to hope for an eternal worldly life is to never realize the true self. The doctrine of reincarnation is not itself difficult to understand, but the way in which people believe it is what makes for a more challenging task.

More often than not there are differing views, as with any faith, on how reincarnation works in Hinduism and in many other religions and cultures adopting the doctrine. There are typically two ways in which one understands concepts in religion, literally or metaphorically Garrett And the question becomes should reincarnation be taken literally?

Reincarnation and Karma | Mahavidya

Or should it be taken in a more metaphorical sense? There may be some dangers to taking the concept of karma and reincarnation too literally. The idea of reincarnation has found expression in India not as a metaphor, but as a metaphysical certainty. Reincarnation has justified social disparities and misery as being due to bad karma Garrett Some controversy has surrounded certain practices in India as being social consequences to the doctrine of reincarnation and karma.

For example, the caste system, varna, in India is well known to be firmly established to this day as a possible by-product of karma and reincarnation. There are four classes within the caste system, with the priestly class i. Brahmin class at the high end of the scale, who would represent good karma in action.

what is the relationship between reincarnation and caste system

Then there are the lowest of all lows, those who do not even get grouped into the caste system, but rather are the outcastes of society.

The untouchables or Candalas represent the lowest end of the scale in the caste system, and embody bad karma in action. Because karma states that one pays consequences for action from past lives, it has provided some with the mentality that the untouchables deserve everything they get.

In this sense, some believe that reincarnation and karma have increased tensions in India between the different classes, and justified mistreatment of individuals.

Here it is evident that the cultural manifestation of karma in India is very different from the formal terms of the theory Garrett These tragic outcomes have been explained by some as simply a tragic misunderstanding of reincarnation and karma.

what is the relationship between reincarnation and caste system

Swami Shivananda tries to clear these misconceptions: Reincarnation and karma need not necessarily be linked to the caste system, as stated previously; in karma yoga untouchables can seek moksa just like a Brahmin can. Hindu texts have offered different ways to looking at the concept of reincarnation and karma, leaving much room for different interpretations. The doctrine of reincarnation and karma are a means to promote good behavior, morality and growth in Hinduism.