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China and Maldives sign free trade, maritime deals | South China Morning Post

The latest Tweets from Blood Relatives (@blood_relatives). Sunny pop from a rainy city. [email protected] Band #3 of our Winter Highland Fling. girls' high school, I discovered their music was electric-rock played by young men .. maintained strong ties with Maldivian family and friends. A turning point in. “My entire family, my parents all depend on me and now I can't even pay India- Maldives ties have been on the downswing since , when.

All of the themes seemed to be threaded throughout, so I just constructed a timeline for the songs to relate to one another. I was really obsessed with the idea of someone slowly going blind from setting their own house on fire, the house they once shared. But I suppose we all tell stories in our own ways. Musically, the record sees you experimenting with sweeping string arrangements and even some psych-rock.

What were you listening to while working on this record? We were listening to a bunch of stuff: To name a few. This time around you worked with producer Randall Dunn on the LP.

Opposition candidate confirmed as next Maldives president

What made you want to bring him into the fold? What did he add to the recording experience? Faustine [Hudson, drummer] suggested Randall Dunn, so she set up a meeting in my old backyard in Ballard. We ended up talking about movies, of all things, not music. Randall and I both went to film school, but both ended up being musicians. I had met Randall on a few occasions, mostly though his band the Master Musicians of Bukkake, and through the folks in Rose Windows. Randall has, what I feel, an uncanny ability to listen to a song once or twice, and then hear a symphony behind the song.

He brought in some of his stalwart musicians and collaborators, specifically Eyvind Kang on strings, and really deepened our approach to instrumentation and arrangement.

PM Modi Embraces Maldives As New Leader Takes Office, China Out Of Favour

This is just as much his record, as it is ours. Throughout your time as a band, how do you feel like the Northwest music scene has changed? Seattle has just gotten so expensive, forcing artists to leave north and south of the city.

This story is not new, but it is new to me. Maldives have always been a changing line-up. This time around we are gonna be without our lead guitarist, Tim Gadbois, who moved to Michigan last year.

Opposition candidate confirmed as next Maldives president | South China Morning Post

Some Chinese workers this year completed the mile-long China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, which towers over the city connecting the airport on one island to the capital on another. The airport itself is undergoing expansion, with a second runway to accommodate the thousands of tourists who arrive each day.

The Yameen administration also threw open new islands and lagoons from the 1, islands that make up the necklace-shaped archipelago for development of resorts. Sensing an opportunity, India has told Solih's team it stands ready to help, Indian government officials in New Delhi and Maldivian authorities in Male said.

There is also a currency swap agreement between the Reserve Bank of India and the Maldives Monetary Authority that could help maintain financial stability, the official said.

PM Modi, making his first visit since taking office inwill hold talks with Solih before the inauguration.

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India has had a long standing defence cooperation agreement with the Maldives, providing coastal security and patrols of its exclusive economic zone. But Yameen saw such co-operation as a cover for surveillance and had asked India to withdraw two military helicopters along with 50 military personnel this year. The Indians had refused and now officials in Delhi said they expected the visas of the personnel involved in the operations to be renewed.

A diplomatic source said the United States was also set to increase its engagement with the Maldives. Its relations had also become strained because of Yameen's crackdown on political rivals and supreme court justices. But China remains a big player, given the investments by its state companies and as Chinese tourists pour in. That means the relationship is unlikely to completely unravel.