Abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers video

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (bloopers)

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers video

Abbott. &. Costello. Meet. Frankenstein. (Universal,. ). An enduringly popular more to promote Universal's home video product, but it does provide a good context and sharing some of the out- takes and bloopers Monk describes. Synopsis: In the first of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's horror vehicles for Universal Pictures, th. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein Bloopers. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein Bloopers. Abbott Abbott and Costello meet the Invisible Man - promotional photo Download video Youtube.

So I'm not completely naive to that world. Usually, the filmmaker is the drive behind the films you end up doing. You have to make a decision. I think if people are interested in seeing you play a particular part and you like the part, the collaboration is immediate.

After Safe, I decided to do that. James Wong with Catherine Chan in 'Safe' Lionsgate Statham set his sights on the lead role in the dramatic thriller, Hummingbird, written and directed by fellow Englishman Steven Knight. In Hummingbird which Statham recently wrappedStatham portrays a war veteran who reinvents himself as an upper-class Londoner. However, when his wife is murdered, he must embrace his violent past while searching for her killer.

He's a brilliant, brilliant writer. I mean, you have to roll the dice sometimes to go after what you want. We all come out winners.

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Do you always have to stay physically fit for the action roles you play? You know, the stronger you are, the less chance they have of affecting you. So yeah, you really have to concentrate and throw a bit of dedication into the mix. So, I always get down to the gym and do some training. Get ready, and don't go out. And then you'll be okay. We work with an action crew and it varies so much, which makes it interesting.

If you do the same thing all the time, it'll drive you to boredom. So it can be very But I liked the subway fight, and all the nasty thugs that ensue. It was very inventive and quite painful for a few stuntmen.

There's something quite odd about it -- you talk to them like a grownup and they talk to you like a grownup. But that's when the chemistry comes -- and it really works. I think that's what makes the relationship sweet, you know? Like I mentioned, she's a young girl, but she's way above her years.

I think that's what makes it special -- we talk to each other in a very simple way. You know, it makes it very sweet, and it works really well, When they cast the film, we had a little get together beforehand and do a little rehearsal.

But Boaz is a very experienced filmmaker. He does the things he needs to give her the confidence she needs. It works that way. But whoever you're working with, you feed off each other's sort of energy.

If it's a good one, which it was, it works really well. You know, you're only as good as the person you're opposite. I'm afraid that's the truth. Yeah, but in the end he leaves the position he's in, because he doesn't like the corruption around him. He leaves for a wholesome reason, and then he does things that he's not really proud of.

But I don't think he's as dark as any of the people that he ends up straightening out. I mean, he does go to a place where he's almost about to kill himself. But everything that meant anything to him was taken away. So for sure, he was in a very dark place. I'm never gonna go there.

I'm normally on the safe side of the fence.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers video

And, you know, never to the point of throwing in the towel. Obviously, there's the physical choreography that has to take place. And, at the end of the day, he is the director. He is the man who puts the story together. So the construction of where and when these moments happen are very much in his control.

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He seems like he did the right thing. Nobody can write that. So, did you do some humorous adlibbing? I will say, Boaz is quite a funny writer, and he's responsible for all of the humor. But the delivery, obviously, I have to take care of. But yeah, the humor is in the writing. But the Guy Ritchie movies I did, he has a certain wit with a pen.

He made me funny. You know, a lot of that sort of straightly played humor seems to have a place. I quite like that kinda stuff.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers video

With both The Expendables movies, you've got such a massive, brilliant group of action stars -- who have made some of the greatest action movies of all time. So you're in for the ride with those people. And in a movie like Safe, I'm on my own. Sly had a great time on this one. Actors just come in and go out.

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But for a director, it's a few years of their bloody lives. It's a real big gig. Because if you do a roundhouse kick, or if you do something too fancy, you know it won't really fit for the character. So you're restricted by what the character and his background dictates. My dad also used to box.

So I have a little experience in, you know, throwing a punch. They keep me very busy. But I work with a group of people in LA who have experience in martial arts, like you wouldn't believe. For instance, they know and have studied it -- relentlessly -- for years and years.

So, I'm working with them even when I'm not filming. I'm working with them when I am filming. So I'm absorbing and taking it all on board, all the experience I can. It's a real passion. And that's another reason I tend to gravitate to doing these films, because I really have a fascination for martial arts.

Is that something you embrace or dislike? I first saw Abbott and Costello in this movie when I was. Abbott and Costello, as railroad baggage clerks, receive a strange shipment the last remains of Dracula and. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Lenie Peneviews.

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein Bloopers

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Abbott and Costello, as railroad baggage clerks, receive a strange. Abbott and Costello meet the Invisible Man - promotional photo test. Free full length movies and documentaries for everyone to watch and enjoy. Blamed for the disappearance, Abbott and Costello follow their trail to the island, where not only do they meet up with Dracula Bela Lugosi and the Monster. Need to access completely for Ebook PDF abbott costello meet frankenstein wardqs? Chaney is pictured below in a candid sho t with his dog, Moose.

A doctor once gave Lugosi shots of morphine to relieve a pain in his leg. He developed a habit, and remained addicted for years. ByBela was 66, in ill health, and struggling financially.

He eagerly signed on to reprise his immortal Dracula characterization, albeit it in a comedy. It was to be his final "A-List" picture. He's seen below in a candid shot with Franken-Strange The man in the middle is Bud Abbott's nephew. After 30 years of brilliant service, Jack Pierce, the Greek son of goat hearder who had come to America and built Universal's horror stars with his own hands, was unceremoniously fired by two weeks before shooting on this film began.

Universal had merged with International Pictures, who deemed Pierce's methodical, painstaking methods "old fashioned.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers video

The difference is noticeable, especially on the Wolf Man. Chris Mueller sculpted the Strange Frankenstein head piece and the Chaney Wolf Man, but he was not the make up artist. Bud Westmore was the credited department head. Longtime Abbott and Costello gag-writer John Grant was hired to punch up the screenplay's comedy, and the finished script, with the exception of Bud and Lou's moving candle gag borrowed from Hold That Ghost, contained completely original material.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein bloopers video

The seven-week shoot was accomplished economically, with director Charles Barton interrupted only by practical jokes, pie fights, marathon card games and Bud Abbott's drinking. He once suggested to Barton that he ought to finish all his scenes before four o'clock.