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where tangents meet anime

Where Tangents Meet - LINE Webtoon by instantmiso. Where tangents meet # webtoon Anime Nerd, Manga Anime, Comic Character, Webtoon Comics. Read the topic about Where Tangents Meet Manhwa on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga. However, they meet up unusually; in their dreams. Where Tangents Meet sounds cliché when you first read the summary, but as . genre just like you, so i' m really curios about the thriller one!) manga, anime and drama.

She attempts to get closer to him, but he seems like the classic jerk…but then he turns out to be a germaphobe. Suddenly his behavior makes so much more sense.

where tangents meet anime

Asleep Beside You, F. Asleep Beside You This is an incredibly creative romance. However, they meet up unusually; in their dreams. Despite the somewhat awkward description I just gave, this is so addictive.

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They have amazing chemistry, but ABY takes a surprisingly psychological turn; it explores the effect the dreams have on both Kate and Tyr, who are ordinary people who are affected both positively and negatively by the dreams. With a cast filled with lovable characters and a surprising dose of realism, I highly recommend this.

For the Sake of Sita, Haga, complete: Filled with feels, romance, character journeys, Nepal mythology, and…time travel, this packs a lot in its twelve episodes. A distraught Sangmin makes a deal with the gods to be able to bring Sita back, which results in him traveling back in time to stop her from becoming a prostitute.

Always Human, walkingnorth, complete: Instantmiso tumblr Always Human is one of the best Webtoons when it comes to talking about relationships in general, not just romance.

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Sunati and Austen are a healthy relationship, but I like that it also focuses on the friendship between Sunati and her best friend Rae, and the familial bond between Austen and her sibling Yasel. Their relationship is built heavily on trust and respect, and most importantly, communication. If you want a non-angsty romance with a healthy couple, you should check this out.

Where Tangents Meet, instantmiso, complete: The main character is Landon, whose mom is a famous model.

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Then he meets Rachelle, a rather ditzy and naive girl who he finds irritating at first, but warms up to quickly. For the most part though, this series is a very sweet, heart warming romance with lovable leads and supporting characters that ended all too soon.

Winter Woods, Cosmos and Vanji, complete: Winter Woods Winter Woods is equal parts fantasy, romance, and with a touch of even thriller.

where tangents meet anime

It follows Winter, a man who was created in a rather Frankenstein manner; sewn together from corpses by an alchemist. However, the Alchemist died and left Winter and Roy, a creation in the form of a wind up bird, alone.


Winter was later discovered by scientists, but one of them poties him and sets up an experiment for him to become human. Little does she know that trouble lives just one door down the hall. Hi, you asked for prompts so Could you please do this one by kalaswolfgang?

Sorry in advance and cheers! It is a little past two o'clock in the morning, and the incessant banging on her apartment door has not stopped. Have you called at least?

Where Tangents Meet Manhwa

Kala whimpers but complies and shuffles her way to her kitchen, where a couple of cargo boxes lie on top of her small kitchen island. Now, how well can you handle a knife?

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You're taking out the stealth in my plan. I'll call the police for you. She wants to groan, but suddenly, the banging stops, replaced by a vigorous jiggling of her doorknob, and Kala decides to face her fate.

Grabbing a random pan out of one of the brown boxes and hoisting it in front of her like a shield, she tiptoes to the entryway.