When does steve meet catherine in hawaii five

when does steve meet catherine in hawaii five

The following is a list of quotes from the third season Hawaii Five [Steve McGarrett has finally met his mother - and he wants some answers]: Steve: Yeah, . Steve: [sees Catherine taking the baseball bat] What do you think you're doing ?. Lieutenant Catherine "Cath" Rollins, USN (Rtd.) is the on-off lover of Steve McGarrett. Like Steve, her military service record remains vague. She previously dated Billy Harrington, one of Steve's SEAL buddies whom she had worked with. This Friday on Hawaii Five-0, Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) is back in the islands on a life-saving mission and, of course, she turns to Steve.

For his own safety from the Taliban, Catherine never mentioned Amir or his family to anyone. Season 1 Catherine made her debut appearance in Lanakila when Steve calls her for a favor. Catherine tells Steve he's like the good-looking guy from high school who knows how cute he is and just won't take no for an answer. Chin is impressed with Steve's multi-tasking skills getting Catherine to both recon a satellite and agree to a date.

In NalowaleCatherine is revealed to be McGarrett's girlfriend. The two wake up in bed together and Steve tells her he thinks he owes her dinner. They joke that they never quite make it to dinner. Their morning gets interrupted when Governor Jameson calls and ruins Steve's day off. After Steve leaves, Catherine runs into his sister, Mary, who jokes that Catherine and Steve had a "big night" last night.

Later, Steve calls Catherine asking her for another favor related to his case. Reunited with Catherine that evening, they finally get to having dinner on the beach. In Kai e'e, Catherine and Steve race downstairs to answer their phones as a tsunami warning sounds in the background.

Catherine tells her commander she can be back at base in 10, immediately followed by Steve telling the governor he can be there in 5. They kiss before rushing off to their jobs. He picks a flower and brings it to Catherine while he asks for two favors: Steve finds Catherine waiting for him in his office. She tells him she needs a rain check on dinner because orders came in and she's being sent to the gulf that night. As she goes to leave Steve tells her that when she gets some leave time in the next few months they should meet halfway like in Mumbai.

She smiles and tells him she likes Indian food. Both looking sad, they share an emotional goodbye hug. Catherine jokes with the team that McGarrett forgot that it was Valentine's Day.

Later, Steve shows up at Catherine's hotel room in his fatigues bringing her chocolates for Valentine's Day. Steve tells her that since their weekend was ruined, he put in a request to do his reserve duty on her ship. They kiss and she tells him that's way better than chocolates. Both Danny and her make fun of Steve's new haircut. Later in the day, she is seen exiting the surf with her surfboard in hand, Kono is waiting for her on the beach. Kono asks for a favor. Catherine comments that Steve is usually the one that asks her for favors and asks if he sent Kono to do his dirty work.

Kono says no and that the favor is for her. Kono asks Catherine to run off-the-books Intel on Sato and if she could keep the request between the two of them. Catherine says she won't lie to Steve of he asks, but Kono says that Steve won't ask cause he doesn't know anything about this. Catherine later rings Kono at Five-O Headquarters. Catherine suggests that Kono tell Steve that Adam is getting involved with the Yakuza.

Catherine then hands Steve a file, that has evidence of his mother hacking into the National Fingerprint Database. Catherine is later seen at the hospital visiting Kono after she got shot in the stomach.

The plane was being used by CIA to transfer ghost detainees to black sites for interrogations. She says she's got nothing on the prisoner that was being transferred and nothing on the bloody fingerprints that were found. Catherine finishes her phone call and runs into Billy Harrington, an ex-boyfriend. She smiles and hugs him, Billy tells her that he is retiring from the Navy. Catherine asks him what he'll be doing with his next, and he offers to tell her over dinner. Catherine sadly says that she's seeing someone at the moment.

Billy correctly guesses that she is with Steve, and says that he thought that was over. Catherine says things change. Billy then comments, if things change again that he'll staying at the Ilikai before hugging Catherine again and parting ways. Catherine is later at the Navy Op Center giving Steve directions by phone, she's tracking the suspect through satellites. After interrogating the suspect, Steve calls Catherine to let her know that the terrorist target is San Francisco.

That night Catherine is at the docks to see Adam off as he goes into hiding. She is shocked when Kono says that she's going with Adam. Catherine hugs Kono before she leaves and says she'll miss her. She's stopped by a military man, he tells her of the situation at 5-O headquarters and says that she should, go down there.

She pulls over to check under the hood when a tow truck stops next to her asking if she needs any help. She is then taken hostage and her captors use her phone to call Steve. Her captors demand that they get their people back or Catherine will never be seen again. Catherine yells for Steve to not do it and is slapped across the face and kicked in the gut. Her captors gives Steve 10 minutes to release his people before hanging up. Steve runs to her and cuts her bindings, asking if she's okay.

She says she is and Steve hugs her tightly and kisses her. Catherine says that Steve shouldn't have let the terrorists go, but Steve replies that they only think they've gotten away. After agreeing to settle their argument later, both teams go after the terrorists. A ceasefire is called and 5-O move in towards the car.

Catherine comments that they're all dead but the driver is missing. She then notices that Steve is gone. She spots Steve running after the driver as he heads towards the helicopter. When Steve lands the helicopter in the parking lot, Catherine runs over to him. As Steve climbs out with the help of Danny she offers to buy a round beer for the tough day they're had.

Catherine helps Steve walk away and asks him how he managed to catch up with the helicopter, she listens in fascination as Steve spins his story. As Danny calls a timeout to talk to Grace, Catherine calls out to ask if they're going to keeping talking or are they going to play some ball. When Steve calls out Kamekona on his 3rd strike on Grace, Catherine comments to her team that what Steve is doing is not good sportsmanship.

Later in the day, Steve calls Catherine down to headquarters. She asks if everything is okay, Steve says it is. She then mentions that she heard that Billy stopped by and the reason she didn't mention anything about leaving the Navy was because she wasn't sure if she would do it.

And that was a decision she had to make on her own. Steve asks her if she needed to make it on her own or with Billy. Catherine says her CO told Billy. She was thinking about resigning but she hasn't even submitted her letter yet. Steve realizes that Catherine is actually serious about Navy. Catherine states that she's spent half her life within the Navy, she needs to start thinking about what comes next.

Steve then asks why she turned down Billy's job offer, Catherine replies that it wasn't right for her. Steve disagrees and says the job is tailor made for her and he doesn't understand why she said no.

Catherine replies it's because she's really happy right now and things are good between her and Steve. She doesn't want a job, even fits perfect, to get in the way of that. They're both interrupted by Chin about the latest case before they can continue. The tells her he's got to go. The next day, at the 7th game if the Pee Wee Championship Catherine is with her team, Steve brushes passes her and tells her to take the job.

Catherine tries to argue but Steve says they're good and nothing will change that. Catherine laughs, hugs Steve and pulls him into a kiss. This causes the crowd watching the game to cheer them on and Kamekona calls a timeout as everyone is watching. They break apart and apologize to everyone, the game continues. She apologizes when the group is shushed by the usher. He only shrugs and says that he's on duty still. Gabby moves to the seat next to Catherine and they both sigh in relief as both men leave the movie theater.

Steve whistles at her outfit as he enters and says she looking sharp. Catherine says Billy and her are running personal security on a visiting diplomat from Saudi. She mentions that she know that woman dress modestly from Saudi, the way the diplomat looks at her you think that she was wearing a string bikini. Catherine says that's exactly what she getting paid to prevent. Catherine then says that leads to the reason she's here.

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Steve says he thought she was just here to show off her new pantsuit. Catherine calls him a smartass and says she needs a favor. Steve asks what she needs. Catherine says the client has a packed schedule for the next day and Billy has asked Catherine to run some threat assessments on the people the client is meeting with. Steve guesses at because Catherine doesn't have access to Navy Intel anymore, she's come to Five-O to run the background checks. Catherine smiles and says Steve is handsome and smart.

Steve says he's not sure of he feels about allocating Five-O resources to a private security job. Catherine scoffs and reminds Steve about how many satellites she has repositioned for him over the years. She says he owes her. Steve was just joking and tells her to relax.

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He then goes to log her into the system. In the car he says that part of him had doubts they could make it work, after seeing Catherine in action, he knows he made the right choice.

Catherine thanks him, but says it sounds like he's congratulating himself. Billy says it kind of did, didn't it, causing Catherine to laugh.

Catherine exits the car and Billy says he'll pick her up at 8 the next morning. Catherine says coffee and malasadas are on him and Billy agrees. Billy watches wistfully as Catherine walks up to the house.

Steve is in his pjs waiting for her on the patio, he mentions that he couldn't sleep and wanted to make sure she got home okay. He asks her how her first day was.

Catherine says its big change but in a good way, Steve says that's good. She mentions that Billy has already gotten them another gig and she they're going to be busy. Steve says he's glad, as Catherine leans in and gives him a kiss. Catherine then says she's going to wash up, and asks if Steve could open a bottle of wine.

Catherine is watching a couple make out through with a window with binoculars while Billy listens to the audio. She says a simple photo of the couple kissing would convince their client. Billy replies that they were paid to get the true and that's what they're going to do. Catherine asks how long the couple have been in the room, to which Billy replies, 3 very long hours.

Catherine complains that her butt is numb, and Billy counters that he's drunk 4 bottles of coconut water. Catherine says she warned him, and suggests he could use one of the empty bottles if he really needs to go.

Billy comments that he's a trained SEAL and he can hold it. Billy then points out that it looks like the couple I'd finishing, which Catherine is happy about. She wants to go home and shower, and maybe bleach her brain on what they saw. Billy asks if she going to quit on him.

Catherine is shocked and asks where that come from. Billy replies that when he offered her this job he promised her an exciting post-Navy life, world travel, intelligence gathering. Catherine points out that last week they protected a foreign diplomat, Billy counters and asks this week she a peeping Tom. Catherine just says it practise of her surveillance skills.

As one half of the couple leaves, Billy says they just wait for the husband to leave before he takes her home. He asks her before he drops her off does she want to get some pancakes, which Catherine says sounds good. Before they can leave a new car pulls up to the house. Catherine pulls out her binoculars and watches another man enter the house. She notices the man has a gun and alerts Billy.

Catherine and Billy both get their guns and exit the van. They hear gunshots and make their way closer to the house. Billy yells for the man to drop his weapon, but he opens fire on Billy causing him to duck behind some trees. The man pulls out an auto gun and start shooting at both Catherine and Billy as he tries to escape. The man manages to shoot Catherine in the arm, Billy asks if she's OK, she says she's fine. The man gets to his car and fires off a few more rounds, this time hitting Billy in the stomach and he goes down.

Catherine gets back up and fires at the car tail lights as the man drives away, while making her way to the fallen down Billy. She tells him he's going to be fine as she open his jacket the see the damage. Billy struggles to stay awake, while Catherine tells him he's not going to die tonight. Catherine has managed to get Billy into the van and drives him to the hospital, yelling at him to stay with her. Billy says he's not going anywhere and that she got the excitement he promised.

Catherine says this is not what she had mind. Catherine drives up to the emergency entrance, honking the van horn loudly. As she pulls Billy out of the van, doctors and nurses come rushing out. She tells the doctor Billy's injuries and what blood type he is - O-neg - while helping into the gurney. The doctor notices that she's injured too, but Catherine says fine.

She watches as Billy is wheeled into the hospital. Catherine then passes out due to blood loss. Catherine wakes up in a hospital bed with Steve sitting next to her. She confused and disorientated, she asks Steve where she is. Steve replies she in the hospital and to take it easy. He asks her if she remembers what happened, reminding her she was on a stakeout with Billy. She does remember and then asks if Billy is alright. Steve doesn't answer straight away and then painfully tells Catherine that Billy is gone.

He coded on the table and the doctors couldn't revive him. Catherine starts to crySteve tells her he's so sorry and kisses her head. Later on Catherine takes out her IV, as Steve tells her she can't do that. Catherine mentions that she was in such a hurry to get Billy to the hospital she forgot to call in the shooting of the husband. She needs to get back to the house. Steve tells her she needs to stay at the hospital and rest. Catherine says good and that she going to. She can't do nothing while Billy's killer is still out there, Steve of all people should understand that.

In the morning Catherine arrives at the crime scene with Steve. Duke meets them and suggests they look for themselves. They walk into the house and are surprise that the house is completely cleaned, no blood, no bullet holes.

Catherine insist that there was blood and that it doesn't make sense. Steve asks if there's a chance she got the address wrong, Catherine says someone must have scrubbed the place while she was unconscious. She takes off her sling and points out where the victim's body was and that the walls have got still wet paint on them. Someone cleaned the crime scene.

Steve takes Catherine to headquarters and asks about her case, trying to figure out who would have motive. When Danny comes back to headquarters Catherine says he didn't need to rush back and asked if Grace will be disappointed that he's not cheering on, Danny says no because last year the judges had said he was to distracting. Danny hugs her and tells her that he's sorry. Later in the day Steve helps Catherine change her bandaged arm. Catherine is there every step of the way to find out who killed the victim, as there death resulted in Billy's.

Catherine goes to Billy's funeral and speaks to Billy's father at the wake. Afterwards she tell Steve that she feels Billy's death is her fault, as she was supposed to have his back. Steve her not to do that to herself and hugs her as she cries. She runs through Steve's door just as he's giving candy out to trick-or-treaters, he tells her her costume needs some work and offers her some candy, which she rejects. Steve tells Catherine that she needs to stop punishing herself for Billy's death.

He tells her he know exactly what's she going through, he's been exactly where she is now. She needs to stop carrying the weight of that night, stop reimagining the situation in all the ways she could have done something different. He tells not to forget but forgive herself and give herself a chance to move on. Catherine says she wants to but she doesn't know how.

Her whole life was the Navy, she had a purpose and now that's all gone. Steve tells her she's gotta find something, it doesn't have to be a job, does put matter what it is she just has to find something.

Putting her life on hold won't bring Billy back, Catherine agrees. She comments that Riku Sato has been laundering a lot of money through Hawaii lately. Chin asks her where she got the file, which Catherine replies a friend in the bureau.

Chine then asks if Steve knows she's doing this. They need to identify that person and they lead them to Sato. Chin says he know Catherine already has an idea of who that person is. She does, Ryu Nabushi, listed as an officer on three of the accounts, showed up in Hawaii around the time the cash started to flow in. On paper he's clean, but Catherine thinks that's a cover. Chin thanks Catherine, he promised Kono he'd find Adam and this is his best lead yet.

But he can't involve her any further. Look Give her some space, okay?

Give her some time. When she's ready, she's gonna come to you. And what if that never happens? No, no, no, stand down, Mom. I want to talk to my lawyer. What, exactly, are you gonna tell your lawyer? That Five-O raided your illegal hack shop, during which you fired a big cannon at my face. And then following your apprehension, we download everything on these goofy little computers, and we find out that you are indeed a world-class cyber thief.

Use my phone, I'll dial it for you. I remember that night I went into your room and I saw you sitting on your bed, crying. And that scared me, Dad. I miss you so much, Dad. I slept on Steve's floor 'cause I didn't want to be alone, you know and I guess I've been that way ever since.

when does steve meet catherine in hawaii five

But when Steve just told me that she was alive all I could do was think about you that night crying, Dad. I'm just so angry for what she's put you through.

And I miss you so much. I miss you, and it just hurts so bad. Where else was I going to go? I've been to a lot of stone gardens, kid, but I got to say, this is by far the nicest.

Not too shabby a place to end up, I think. Sweetie, I'm retired air force - the 34th Bomb Squadron - so sign me up. Mary, I need you to do something for me.

I need you to go see your mother. You can't or you won't? She disappeared from my life when I was ten years old, Morty. This whole time I've thought she's dead.

You get a second chance, kid. Other people aren't so lucky. I'd give everything I own to have a second chance. What are you talking about? You had a daughter, Morty? I didn't know you had a daughter. We got into a fight over this boy she was seeing. Her mother and I disapproved. She left college and took off for San Francisco with the guy.

We didn't speak for years. One day the phone rang. It was the Highway Patrol. Carpet salesman from Oakland had too much to drink. He fell asleep behind the wheel and hit my daughter's car. Not a day goes by I don't wish I'd picked up the phone and called her. I let the privilege of knowing her slip away because I was a stubborn SOB. Don't make the same mistake. Put away your anger.

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Go see your mother. You only have one family. I once saw a boar kill a tiger in India. This is serious business, okay? I'll tell you why. Boars are deadly, unpredictable beasts. They are everywhere on this island. They are all around us right now. They can attack without warning, so you guys have to be ready to protect yourselves at all times. We're gonna talk about the kill zone now.

This is very important, okay? I thought you brought him here to teach them survival skills. You brought Colonel Kurtz. Let's, um let's take this opportunity to talk about something else. Um, something useful, like how to find fresh water. Or, uh-- I don't know-- how to build a pillow out of-of flowers, something like that, something appropriate for the age group. Yeah, we could definitely do that. Or Who wants to learn how to do that? There's something pathologically wrong with you.

You know, on the plus side, we've figured out that camping is terrible, as I've always believed. Are you kidding me? These girls are never, ever gonna forget this experience. Yeah, I'm hoping that they're repressing the memories as we speak.

So, how's the arm? It also hates camping. I talked to Lucy today. Happy to be home. She said one day she's gonna marry Uncle Steve when she grows up. Max got an ID yet? No, he's still fishing out body parts. I think he's enjoying it, too. I can't believe that was a person. Um, I told you my nephew was maybe gonna come visit from Jersey. That's not your bro, your name's Eric. My sister's worried sick, does not know what to do with him.

So she sent him to me, maybe I can, I don't know, scare some sense into him. How's that working out? He just saw his first dead body and he's still acting like a complete idiot so, I guess I have my work cut out for me. I mean, the kid has zero impulse control. People have a way of surprising sometimes. How can a girl who's so spicy also be so sweet, huh? Don't make me change my mind.

when does steve meet catherine in hawaii five

Thought nobody wore a tie in Hawaii. No, they don't, but, you know, it's a special day, so I thought I'd wear one. They'd make me walk the plank if I don't wear a tie with the dress blues. How come the blues are black? I know they're black; I don't know why. Thank you very much for being here-- it means a lot. What difference does it make? Well, it makes a very big difference, you see, because official business is, uh, official. A favor is like a quid pro quo kind of deal, right?

You solve this murder case for me, and I will give you, uh, oh, five days' paid vacation. Or tickets to Monster Truck Jamor whatever. Monster Truck Jam's not in town. Okay, so then it is, indeed, official business.

It seems to me like we're taking a case just to protect the governor's friends. We're the governor's task force. Then why does it feel like we are performing janitorial services, blindfolded, I might add. We've been given a directive, Danny.

Catherine Rollins

Oh, right, I understand. When McGarrett gets an order, he takes the order. You know what you're like? You're like one of those windup toy soldiers. Let me get you a drum for Christmas to beat. We just wanted to thank you, Steve. You're all I could've hoped for in a son, Steven. I'm proud of you. Give me a sec! Trust me, she's not your average mom. She's a former government agent. She disappeared from my life 20 years ago because of an assignment, now she's back says she's changed.

I don't believe her. She goes dark a few hours every day. She racks up too many miles on the odometer. I want to know what she's up to. Well, why come to me? You've got the resources to handle this. No, I don't want my people involved. Besides, there's no one better than you at recon and surveillance.

That's audio, stills, video Good chance I'll see your mother naked. This guy's got The Guns of Navarone. You do this, you're gonna end up in prison, and we do not want that. Don't give me a puppy-dog sad eyes, please. You're not off the hook. You're on house arrest till this I over. I've got an island to feed, brah. Okay, then you are on shrimp truck lockdown till otherwise advised. Like the sweet waters of Hanauma Bay.

Then why are you staring at me? You hired somebody to run surveillance on your mother? Okay, I know what you're gonna say. Well, what am I gonna say? That hiring somebody to spy on their mother is the act of a crazy person.

Uh, yeah, I would've used different words like, uh, "whack job" or "psychopath". I had no choice, Danny, okay? Have you ever tried speaking to your mother like a like a human being, like normal people do? What am I going to say? Yeah, that would work. I had a craving. Can you do me a favor and pass me that canteen behind you there, please?

You know what, I got my camo in the car.

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If you want, I can throw them on and we can play out this whole "trapped in a foxhole" fantasy thing you got going on right now. Look, I think the takeaway is we're living in the new golden age of quarterbacks. We got Brady, Manning, RodgersBrees. It's almost an embarrassment of riches. I just hate to see you two guys fight. So let me get this straight. You're telling me people, they pay good money to get chased around and shot at with a pellet gun? Everything about these guns is real except for the ammunition they fire.

Trust me, those training rounds, they pack more of a punch than you'd think. I'll take your word for it. We should come and do one of these tactical simulations sometime. It's fantastic for team building. Listen, working with you is harrowing enough, okay?

I do not need you hunting me for sport. It wouldn't be much of a challenge. What the, uh, what the hell is this? What, I can't surprise Steve at work? No, you can do that. I'm talking about the, uh, the jersey. Oh, oh, well, we moved around a lot when I was a kid, so you know, I never stayed in one place long enough to get tied to a team. Oh, so you willingly root for the Dallas Cowboys, huh?

Who doesn't like America's team? And, uh, if I recall correctly, my Redskins humiliated your Cowboys the last time they played.

You got a Cowboys fan dating a Redskins fan. That's like the Capulets and the Montagues. I'm gonna give you an A plus for that literary reference. Oh, you got that? But actually, um, I came here with a peace offering for Steve.

when does steve meet catherine in hawaii five

See, the NFL hooked up my unit with some tickets for the game tomorrow. So, you and I are going to the Pro Bowl. I'm already going with Danny. We got 50 yard line seats. Best seats in the house. We got them this morning. Um, you know what, my seats are-are pretty good. So I'm sure I can find someone else to take it. I'm gonna just let that awkward moment fade out a little bit. We got a bar to go to. We're going to a bar for a case. Hey, why don't we do some tailgating before the game together?

Yeah, I would love that. But I don't want to get in the way of your man-date with Danny. It's not a man date. Anyway, Kamekona already invited himself, so it's fine; you're not getting in the way. Mmm, that's a three-way bromance. Max is wearing a Japan national football team jersey. You realize this is not that kind of football, right? Ten-year post-parole plan is working out. I got my shave iceI got my shrimp, and when I officially open Kamekona's Island Tours, that'll be my entrepreneurial peak.

when does steve meet catherine in hawaii five

Kamekona and Steve both look at her] Catherine: