Void stiles hospital scene from meet

void stiles hospital scene from meet

Stiles is out of it these days on Teen Wolf, but you would be too if you were that scene at the hospital between Scott and Stiles because it was, . this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. What's that melody playing at the scene with the oni illusion when they are all What was the song in the hospital sence where void stiles is walking thore the What was the song played in Wolf Watch's recap, when Kira and Scott met. the. Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) is finally safe and the Nogitsune is dead, but it was not easy the sheriff's station, the hospital and the animal clinic, leaving the sheriff, the a plan to meet Derek (Tyler Hoechlin)—who was bringing the box made of Then, in a scene that was sure to send the fandom into a complete.

And I have a new favorite character: He hits the demon ninjas. We never actually saw the extent of his Oni injury. Come back to me, Tray Guy! It looks at this point like the Nogitsune is definitely going to win, so the twins are all ready to skip town. Stiles, better watch it. Back at the Argent apartment Isaac realizes that Allison figured out silver arrowheads will kill the Oni. But arrowheads, which Allison just so happens to have made spares of, poison the Oni quite effectively.

Lydia, Stiles, Scott, and Kira show up at the high school, where Derek and the twins are supposed to meet them to hand off the Nemeton box. Scott responds that the plan is to save Stiles, not kill him, so he will go through with the plan, thank you very much.

void stiles hospital scene from meet

Then the four of them find themselves transported to a Japanese winter wonderland, aka Bardo remember Bardo? Kira immediately gets sword-y with them, and… look, I love me some violent lady characters.

void stiles hospital scene from meet

Agent McCall gives her pushback, whining that but he told her to leeeeeave, waaaaaaahhhh. Even when Mama McCall is literally on her deathbed he still has to be an argumentative little asshole with a martyr complex.

Void Stiles

Still, one of the Oni manages to stab Aiden in the stomach. The Nogitsune goes all Bond villain and finally reveals his evil plan: Stiles is totally fine with it… but Scott, not so much. Stiles is all ready to stab himself in the stomach until he realizes that all the Oni and the Nogitsune are an illusion.

So he, Scott, Lydia, and Kira just walk through the gauntlet of stabbiness out into the school proper. Ah, screw itwhich is what defeats it. Isaac traps the fly in the Nemeton box.

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Were they just sitting at home while a group of teenagers, including their daughter, marched into mortal peril? This show makes no damn sense.

Mama McCall hugs a crying Scott, and Chris and Isaac take the Nemeton box with the demon fly away to hopefully store it somewhere a bit more secure this time.

At least duct tape the lid closed.

void stiles hospital scene from meet

Also, did we forget about how there were several hints of something not-quite-normal with Malia? In a series of awesome sequences, the Oni tore through the sheriff's station, the hospital and the animal clinic, leaving the sheriff, the deputy, Melissa, and Deaton all with probably fatal injuries.

void stiles hospital scene from meet

Watch the exclusive promo that reveals the season four premiere date While Chris and Isaac Daniel Sharman realized that Allison had figured out how to kill Oni with silver arrowheads, Stiles, Kira Arden Cho and Lydia Holland Roden had a plan to meet Derek Tyler Hoechlin —who was bringing the box made of nemeton wood—to the school, but when they opened the doors, it was no longer a school and was instead a snowy garden.

The Oni appeared and Scott and Kira were ready to fight until the Nogitsune, back in its bandaged form, revealed itself and told Stiles that everyone he loved was in danger if he didn't allow Scott, his best friend, to stab him.

Stiles almost did it, but realized at the last minute that it was all an illusion. Scott and Kira fought their way through swords and Scott tackled the Nogitsune through a doorway and into the school.

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The snowy garden was nowhere to be found. However, the Void Stiles fighting Derek and the twins outside was not an illusion.

void stiles hospital scene from meet

While Chris and Isaac showed up with the silver arrows just in time, Aiden Max Carver essentially sacrificed himself to kill one of the Oni, getting fatally stabbed in the stomach in the process. He died in Ethan's Charlie Carver arms, while Derek promised he would tell Lydia that he was one of the good guys.

We'll miss you and all six of your abs a lot. Scott bit Void Stiles on the arm, changing him into a werewolf, while Kira stabbed him with her sword. The nogitsune turned to stone and fell to the ground and one last fly was trapped in the nemeton box. And everything was fine—Stiles got better.

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Scott taught Malia Shelley Hennig how to control her animal tendencies. Then, in a scene that was sure to send the fandom into a complete freakout, Derek was talking to Stiles in a locker room, telling him the story of some men who came looking for a she-wolf, and a rumor that you can become a werewolf through a scratch. We get a flashback to Kate Jill WagnerAllison's believed-to-be-dead aunt with a thirst for murder, being scratched across the throat by Peter Ian Bohen.