Two oceans meet but do not mix snopes mark

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two oceans meet but do not mix snopes mark

Aug 1, on the Pacific Coast Highway, blue ocean foaming to the left, sunlit hills “I'm not sure I'd call it a post-truth age but there's been an “I get lots of negative emails but the people I meet are always friendly. . 2 Legitimate news organisations that regurgitate stories without It was allegedly Mark Twain. Feb 5, Photos dubbed the place where two oceans meet have been making the rounds on the Internet for years, but there's a lot of misinformation out. Jul 26, was started by David Mikkelson and his ex-wife Barbara But at the same time, revealed in December, the two They are not mentioned on his website or in a GoFundMe set up for Snopes. . that the 'money we raised will be used to meet our basic operating.

This huge influx of nutrients causes massive phytoplankton blooms to occur, this in turn leads to a large increase in zooplankton that feed on phytoplankton. Large amounts of dead phytoplankton and zooplankton waste then accumulate on the bottom of the seabed.

FACT CHECK: Do Two Oceans Meet in This Photo?

The decomposition of this matter depletes the oxygen in the area faster than it can be replaced. This leads to large hypoxic areas called Dead Zones.

two oceans meet but do not mix snopes mark

These dead zones tend to occur in the summer and fluctuate in size. According to a fact sheet published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the average size of the dead zone is around 6, square miles.

two oceans meet but do not mix snopes mark

Nutrient overloading and algal blooms lead to eutrophicationwhich has been shown to reduce benthic biomass and biodiversity. Hypoxic water supports fewer organisms and has been linked to massive fish kills in the Black Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

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The Gulf of Mexico is a major source area for the seafood industry. Consequently, if the hypoxic zone continues or worsens, fishermen and coastal state economies will be greatly impacted.

Two oceans never meet which describe on the Quran , Shiv Puran failed - ABP News Viral Sach Show

Most of the posts say that the video shows the meeting point between the two oceans. The same video has also been said to show where the river Congo meets the Atlantic Oceanor even the dividing line between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. How do you identify the video's origin?

two oceans meet but do not mix snopes mark

The one thing all these videos have in common is that the video quality is mediocre — and it is likely that a better-quality version of the video exists somewhere on the internet.

But we cannot find the original video simply by doing a reverse image search click here to learn how to do an image seach.

two oceans meet but do not mix snopes mark

The false information has been shared so many times that there are now hundreds of variations on the same post. So to find the original video, we have to start with the process of elimination: Find the first time this video appeared online. To do this, click on "Tools" at the top of your Google search, then "Time" and then click on a "Custom range" date period. By using this tool, we can narrow down the results year by year — and if you go back toyou can see that there are only two results for that year, one of which is a YouTube video.