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T.H.S.W.P.A. - Texas State Championships. , , T.H.S.P.A / T.H.S.W.P.A. - Regionals @ Lampassas High School Moody High School . But in the first two State meets, he has come up empty-handed, finishing sixth overall in Morgan's best output was at the Region VI meet held in Decatur last weekend when he tallied 1, pounds, according to the THSPA's web site. Global Event Center at WinStar World Casino and Resort. 21, USA, kg, (kg), , 09 Nov , World Champs, Potchefstroom RSA , 01 Mar , LHSPLA Varsity State Meet, Baton Rouge USA 17, USA, kg, (kg), , 25 Mar , State THSPA, Aldine USA.

Even though he is in my opinion the greatest squatter ever, I sadly cannot rank him any higher on this list. Sarychev holds the World Record for raw bench press at kg The first time Sarychev broke the kg lbs barrier on bench press was in at the first ever Battle of Champions in Arkhangeisk.

The event featured two divisions without equipment — bench press and deadlift. Deadlift placement was determined by the Glossbrenner formula, and Sarychev placed 5th, having deadlifted kg lbs.

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In the bench press, Sarychev placed 1st — having benched kg lbs. At the Battle of Champions competition, Sarychev bench pressed kg lbspassing the lift of On the third attempt he raised it even further with a kg lbs lift. His bodyweight at this competition was Last year, Belkin made a splash with his epic kg lb beltless deadlift, while weighing in at a mere kg To round off the meet, Belkin finished first for his class and completed a kg lb squat, a kg lb bench, and of course the kg deadlift, which earned him a total of 1,kg 2,lbs.

This total also awarded Belkin the lb kg total all time World Record. Totalling over 1,kg at a bodyweight of kg almost 10 x bodyweight is just phenomenal, and earns him a place on this list. As incredible as this strength is, I cannot list him any higher up this list. A varsity American football player, Pena last year, recorded an IPF world sub-junior and junior super heavyweight record with a mammoth You can check out the squat and the ensuing debate below — ultimately, the objection over his finger position was upheld and the squat was officially counted as a world record.

Pena has always been big, both in talent and sheer size; The average height and weight for a 14 year old boy in the United States is 5ft 5in, lbs 51kg — according to the World Health Organization.

Not just because he obliterated growth charts, standing 5ft 9in and weighing lbs He notes the lb Last April, his flirtation with the revered 1,lb He stunned the crowd with a lb He squatted what would have been an IPF equipped single-ply sub-junior World Record of kg 1,lb squat. It cannot be classed as an official World Record as it was not done at an IPF international competition.

You can see the lift here: His bench press and deadlift had each increased around lbs On January 12th, Pena squatted lbs By March we were seeing him squat 1,lbs kgor lbs Pena has a bright future, and may well challenge Ray Williams at the top level or powerlifting very soon.

He may also end up with the legendary status of some of the others on this list — only time will tell. No one else in history has been at the top of both these sports at the same time. Henry was also the first man to cleanly lift the infamous plus lb This specific dumbbell is so hard to handle because the diameter of the handle is almost two and a half inches thick.

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After his careers in powerlifting and weightlifting, Henry then joined the WWE and is thought of by most to be the strongest man ever to compete at the WWE. Mark Henry was supposed to break the locked door open to interfere and help MNM win.

It took 40 seconds, as it seemed like time stood still in the ring, but Henry legitimately broke the solid steel chain that was holding the door closed, in front of an audience of thousands. By the time Henry finished high school, he was a three-time Texas state champion with state and national records in all four powerlifting categories—the squat at lb At the age of 19, Henry had already managed to qualify for the weightlifting competition at the Summer Olympics, where he finished tenth in the Super- Heavyweight class.

After the Olympics, Henry became more determined to focus on weightlifting and began competing all over the world. National Weightlifting Championships, but also the U. Olympic Festival Championships in and At the Pan American Games Henry won a gold, silver and bronze medal.

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Having reached the pinnacle of weightlifting on a National and continental level, he competed again in powerlifting and shocked the world by winning the ADFPA U. National Powerlifting Championships in with a In the process he set all-time world records in the raw deadlift at Later that same year in October, he competed in the drug-free Powerlifting World Championships and won again, even though he trained on the powerlifts only sparingly—due his main focus still being on the two Olympic lifts.

He not only become World Champion by winning the competition but also bettered his previous all-time squat world record to He earned the right to compete at the Olympics by winning the U. National Weightlifting Championships in the Spring of for a third time. This kg total, in the opinion of many experts in track field of international lifting—including Dragomir Cioroslan, the coach of the U.

By that time, at the age of 24, Henry was generally acknowledged as the strongest man in the world, even by many of the Eastern Block athletes who outranked him in weightlifting. No one in the history of the sports had ever lifted as much as him in the five competitive lifts—the snatch and the clean and jerk in weightlifting—the squat, bench press and deadlift in powerlifting.

Eddie Hall Another well-known face on this list in Eddie Hall. Eddie Hall was a British champion swimmer growing up, becoming national champion in breaststroke. He always had a large, muscular physique — Competing at the World Deadlift Championship in July Hall attempted to break the existing kgs record that he and two others set that weekend with an incredible kgs deadlift. The Newcastle-under-Lyme born strongman thus became the first man to lift half a tonne — equating to 1,lbs or 80st — at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, but he immediately collapsed afterwards and revealed that he had burst blood vessels in his head.

I passed out after. I had nose bleeds. He has since retired from Worlds Strongest Man, stating that he wanted to lose weight, get in better shape and look after his health.

Hall had to sleep with an oxygen mask due to Sleep Apnea, caused by his excessive weight. Some of his best other lifts are: He was a true legend of a man, standing 7ft 9in and weighing between lbs His stature was proportional in every way and his immense size and strength was due only to his natural genetic gifts. A record breaker on multiple counts, MacAskill had 12 siblings, and average sized parents. To put his size into numbers; by age 20 he had reached 7ft 4in 2.

First-team defensive end selection Had 82 rushes for yards and five touchdowns Returned 12 kickoffs for yards, 47 solo tackles and 38 assists and five sacks. District defensive co-MVP for 3A Had tackles and three interceptions as a senior Selected to the A all-academic team Winner of the All-Rebel Award.

Led the team with 42 receptions for yards and had yards in Named Mountain Conference Special teams Player-of-the-Week after totaling all-purpose yards and scoring one touchdown Graduate of San Gorgonio High School where he was a first-team, all-county selection Caught 62 passes for yards and 14 TDs as a senior.

Tommy Cogburn, Jr. Finished year with 29 tackles and two interceptions Caught four passes for 83 yards, including a yard touchdown against San Diego Southwest Jonathan Darby,Jr. Team finished with an record and participated in the U.

Brownsville Independent School District

Bank Beach Bowl where they beat El Camino, Squad won the last seven games of the season and finished as Rooster Bowl Champions with a overtime victory over Ventura Graduate of Laguna Hills High School where he was the team's most valuable player Terrence Humes, OL, Jr. Started 20 consecutive games for SBVC at right tackle Graduate of San Bernardino High school where he was a two-time all league selection and selected as the team's lineman of the year in Jace Johnson, QB, So.

Starting linebacker for Golden West where he finished second on the team with 53 tackles, five of which were for losses totaling 14 yards Started every game at GWC for two consecutive seasons Graduate of Fountain Valley High School where he was a second-team, all-league selection Listed on the Principles Honor Roll four consecutive years. Team made it to the second round of the state playoffs as a senior.

Kemaine Thurston, DL, Jr. Graduate of Arroyo Valley High School where he was a three-year starter and also a member of the school's varsity wrestling team. Marvin Tribble, Jr. Finished the season with 15 tackles Isaac Tucker, RB, Jr.

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Rushed for nearly yards during his career, including back-to-back seasons with an identical yards Earned American Division Mountain Conference first-team quarterback selection in when he completed of passes for 2, yards and 27 touchdowns Graduate of Cypress College where he was a first team, all-conference selection and threw for over 2, yards and 22 touchdowns as a senior Also rushed for 1, yards and scored 11 rushing TDs.

Bronze Withem, LB, Jr. As a freshman had 90 tackles for the Owls which earned him all-conference and ranked him third among freshman in the Southern California Football Association