Power rangers samurai meet rpm

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power rangers samurai meet rpm

Power Rangers Samurai is an American television series created by Haim Saban and Toei .. At the Shiba House, Jayden and RPM Red Ranger meet up with Mentor Ji who pinpoints the whereabouts of Cog, Sergeant Tread and General Gut. The Samurai Rangers team up with the RPM Ranger Red to fight off Master Xandred's Mooger army and a robotic villain from the RPM Ranger's dimension. The movie focuses on the Team Up between the Samurai Rangers and Ranger Operator Series Red of Power Rangers RPM. The episode uses footage from.

Cog tricks Scott into lowering his guard and then escapes the battle. In a subway within the Samurai Rangers dimension, Professor Cog and his group of Grinders enter the scene. In the city, the Rangers battle Sharkjaw and the Gold Ranger joins the fight but he was late. Professor Cog is surprised to learn that Rangers exist in this dimension too, but dismisses them as mere pests.

Sharkjaw retreats after drying up and Octoroo tells him he is no longer needed as General Gut and his army of Moogers are waiting to attack in the human world.

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Professor Cog enters the Netherworld to meet Master Xandred. Professor Cog wants to use some of the Sanzu River to poison the humans in his dimension in return for the destruction of the Samurai Rangers. Master Xandred agrees to the plan. The Rangers are celebrating their victory with ice-cream when they run into a swarm of Grinders. Their swords prove ineffective against the Grinders until Red RPM Ranger joins the battle and destroys all the grinders.

Power Rangers Samurai: Clash of the Red Rangers

The Rangers bring him to the Shiba House so that he can explain his story. Scott doesn't de-morph because he fears he might not be able to breathe as he is more accustomed to the atmosphere of a protective biosphere from his dimension. Later the Grinders make their attack on Antonio who morphs into action and fights the Grinders.

The Gap Sensor alerts the Rangers to battle. Cog uses his hypno-bolts on Jayden and Scott which will slowly cause them to distrust each other and he uses his Portal attack to the other Rangers into his dimension. At the docks Cog blasts the Red Rangers into the water and leaves. Jayden tries to help Scott, who gives him the cold shoulder. Jayden is worried about his friends, but Scott tells him that the Rangers will help them.

power rangers samurai meet rpm

Jayden morphs into action and summons a horse while Scott takes the bike again. Both Rangers race to the scene. Scott is bitter that Jayden beat him to the scene and the two Rangers battle each other as Cog watches.

Mentor Ji asks who they brought, and Jayden says they're about to find out.

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Scott looks around the Shiba House and says that their stuff was interesting and says they're "old school", and Kevin berates him for nearly hitting them in the earlier battle.

The Rangers want an explanation, and Scott tells them that he's chasing Professor Cog as he's looking for a way to wipe out the humans from his dimension. Scott says he can't de-morph since he doesn't know if he can breathe the air in their dimension, as the humans of his world have been forced to move into a domed city due to the toxins the robots pump into the air. Scott is shown an extra room to sleep in, and Mike tells Emily that he's uneasy about Scott, especially how he looks at her.

Emily tells Mike that she can't see his eyes anyway.

power rangers samurai meet rpm

On the docks, the Grinders target Antonio first, but he hears their noise and quickly morphs. At the Shiba House, Mia offers Scott some food she cooked, but he declines. Mike gets the idea to wear his helmet whenever she cooks.

The Gap Sensor goes off and Ji tells the Rangers that there's a disturbance on the docks, but its not a Nighlok. Scott takes Ji's Harley and travels to the scene. He sees Antonio fighting the Grinders and activates the Street Saber to back him up.

At first Antonio thinks its Jayden but then realizes it isn't. The Grinders fire on Scott, but he shoots them down. Just then, Professor Cog shows up and fights Scott. The other five Rangers show up and fight Cog together, but they are easily knocked down. Cog then fires hypnobolts at the Red Rangers and starts up a vortex attack to send the two back to Scott's dimension.

However, the other Rangers take the hit and are transported to Scott's dimension while the Red Rangers are knocked into the sea. The Red Rangers emerge from the sea, with Scott realizing that the other five Rangers sacrificed themselves, and Jayden says they did it because he's the key to stopping Xandred. He then tells Scott to look at himself and asks if the other Rangers got sent to Scott's dimension.

He says that's highly likely, but that the RPM Rangers would help his group out. In the Netherworld, Xandred asks Gen. Gut if the invasion forces are ready, and he says yes. Xandred thinks the invasion will be easy with most of the Rangers teleported to another dimension. Jayden summons his horse as Scott uses Ji's bike to race to the scene. Jayden beats Scott there, but the latter draws his gun. Cog is impressed with the effects of the hypnobolts as the two start fighting.

While taking out a few Grinders and Moogers, Jayden doesn't want to hurt Scott, but they keep fighting. Tread compliments Cog on how well the hypnobolts worked. Both of them fall down, but they both get up and remove their shields. Scott then thanks Professor Cog for showing him the fakeout trick.

Cog wonders how they broke free, and Jayden explains that Ji noticed that Jayden and Scott were fighting each other, so he used his own Samuraizer to cure the two of the hypnobolts.

The two then realized they had to fake the fight to convince Cog, and Jayden says that he made a mistake since he can't reprogram humans. Tread takes the lead in attacking the Red Rangers as most of the Grinders transform into bikes as the Moogers ride them. Jayden summons a Ford Mustang for Scott and himself as they fight off the foot soldiers. Jayden fires and takes out one of Tread's tires.

But Cog fires more hypnobolts at them but they dodge. The two of them knock down Cog as the other Samurai Rangers are tossed out of the vortex. After destroying the two of them, Jayden says that they have to fight off the rest of the Nighloks.

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However, the car stalls as Moogers surround Scott and Antonio. Meanwhile, Jayden duels one-on-one with General Gut. Jayden gets knocked around by the General and is about to be struck down when he activates the Shark Disc and becomes the Shark Attack Ranger.

He introduces Gut to the Shark Sword as it stretches and winds across the battlefield, taking out the remaining Moogers. The five Rangers then perform the quintuple slash on Gut which destroys him.

Gut grows to Mega size, and the Rangers summon the Battlewing Megazord.