Porsche swap meet 2013 schorndorf

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porsche swap meet 2013 schorndorf

Updated April 20, at PM ; Posted April 20, at PM Today what is billed as the world's largest swap meet for Porsche only. It was a visit to the Porsche and Volkswagen Swap Meet in Los Angeles in was relocated from Plüderhausen to the neighbouring town of Schorndorf, first After a break in for reorganisation, Paul Ernst Strähle has now found the. May Porsche Club News 2/10 Porsche Club News 2/09 Porsche Club News 2 /10 to meet inspired Porsche Club members and share our love of motorsport. marked in their diaries: the annual International Porsche Collectors Swap. .. In my native town of Schorndorf, where the company Strähle was founded in.

After purchasing, the owner put in a lot of time and effort to turn it into a Porsche with a classic VW body.

Is it possible or practical to do a or Enigine swap into a ? Some notable hemi-head engines designed and used by Porsche in commercial production and race cars include the following: The Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman are mid-engined two-seater sports cars manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Porsche.

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If so then make sure to check out our Engine Swap Checklist to make sure you get everything right. The only three logical and "cost effective" engine swaps in a are …The BMW V8 engine is a modern four-valve design. Good used Corvette 6-speed transaxles are much more plentiful and less expensive and more fun! Vendor setup is from 8 am to 9am and open to Porsche build with motor swap. Porsche, there's no substitute. The van was a daily driver, and a great example of a fun and relatively easy conversion.

Porsche lease for transfer or sale by private owner or new Porsche leases offered by dealers and auto brokers. The Porsche Only Parking area has grown to over 1, cars with good weather. Please bear with me. Anyone ever even think about trying to swap any kind of TDI into a Porsche ? I've got a '73 that needs a new engine.

Spend time with your loved ones and give thanks for everything we have. Besides various brake assemblies there are perfectly fitting engine mounts for the V8 change in the E30 on my commercial web page on www. The California Festival of Speed is the Porsche enthusiasts dream weekend.

Almost all of the main components were sourced from the Porsche G-series As nice underneath and inside. First and foremost, the best reason of all to be in Hershey, PA on the 20th of April is the largest Porsche centric swap meet in the nation, possibly the world. Love for Porsche — Liebe zu Ihm. Porsche drivers, send us your videos! I have no idea what Switzer gets out of MB's though, probably something just as intense. I had never attempted such a massive project before, and I was totally clueless.

It'll fit, and there's a lot of info available on getting massive power out of those engines. We're dealing with an ex-generation Porsche Cayman whose owner blew the factory flat-six and, upon analyzing the costs, came to the conclusion that a Ford Coyote swap would be more affordable. In the process I also ended up cleaning the lifters, which still had some metal shavings in them from the IMS failure. Any references to Porsche, their vehicles and or respective products and trademarks are for reference and descriptive purposes only.

I did the swap with the engine still in the car, which I think was the right move. Food is on the premis. Someone would swap in a 3. After removing the Porsche engine [and] transaxle it was simply [a] matter of building motor mounts, CV joint adapters and axles, a custom radiator and exhaust system. Porsche pulled the S from the North American market that year, thinking it would not meet forthcoming emissions regulations, leaving two models: I belive that this would be more reliable and much less Found in: Porsche Other pix from Thom Done well, almost Thom I picked up my 'new' car today - oh wow, this is a totally different beast!

Here's a shot of the muffler from underneath - some engineering had to be done here. The engine was installed using Texas Performance Concepts swap kit and features a Melling camshaft and Holley carburetor.

No one expects a Porsche to have a lumpy V8 under the hood. The factory power-assisted clutch system has always been the achilles heel for the Porsche turbo. Creating a capable street car that is as satisfying to drive around challenging circuits… 3. Hoi Michael Cheung added 37 new photos — with J. Click below to discover how easy it is to drive the Porsche vehicle of your dreams.

The LS1 weighs less than the M96, makes about ft-lb of torque and about 50 horsepower more than the M96 in stock form. Following-on from the last build, This Boxster was bought with a blown motor, so the swap was intended from the get-go.

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This is the largest Porsche only swap meet in the world, after all. Then a friend pointed him to one that had already setup for the swap. The BMW V8 engine is a modern four-valve design. Yes, it's a Corvette in the video. I figured that if I'm going to be spending big dollars - I'd want to at least investigate if its possible to do a reliable swap of some sort. Eric Valencia at Porsche Swap Meet. A friend might have a engine for me. See the event website for more information. The hottest pornstars doing their best work can always be found here at Pornhub.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I'm still new to the performance side of Porsche, what is possible, feasible, what is not. Some people have said that the engines are stronger, but perhaps less powerful than the 3.

Hosted by the Central Pa. The CRX placed in the top third, which we were quite happy with, considering that it was a daily driver on street tires. It will be held on the day aft I have a Porsche that is a great car, but it is slow, very slow. Whether you are a casual Porsche enthusiast or a die hard fanatic who eats, sleeps and breathes Porsche, there is a little something for everyone at the Hershey Swap Meet in Hershey, PA.

At the core of the Porsche brand is fascination. The manual steering is not heavy, as long as you are not at a stand still, you get a lot of feedback from the road. Always well cared for. So I am preparing to buy a 3. This is not an official site. Jul 18, V8-swapped Porsche s seem to be everywhere nowadays.

There have been four generations of the sports cars; the first generation model was the Boxster, a 2-door, 2-seater roadsterwhich was introduced in Orange 75 project, Engine is in! Today, I drove my Porsche for the first time in nearly four months. The swap opens early on Saturday morning, so be sure you get there before sun-up to get the deals, and keeps going into the… A possible engine swap between a Cayman and a wouldn't be limited to the top of the line Cayman and base modelthough.

This is without I have a Porsche that is a great car, but it is slow, very slow. For car nuts, engine swapping is a thing. The book contains pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to changing your brake pads. We've seen the procedure done on everything from old air-cooled models to newer water-cooled s. Buy the Love for Porsche Calendar. So rather than fixing the engine he decided to perform an engine swap where a foreign engine, one from a completely different vehicle, is adapted to work with the Porsche torque tube.

The all-new Porsche features a wider, aluminum-intensive body, more power in the Carrera S and a more tech-focused cabin. See the Deluxe kit for a more comprehensive set of parts for installation. Fabrication of just one adapter could cost far more then what you would spend in fuel if you were to go with a drop-in kit adapter for a V8. The engine swap itself doesn't seem to be the impossible part. This is a Porsche A Porsche 5 speed conversion is a nifty modification that makes your Type 1 VW really nice to drive!

The Porsche transaxle is strong from the start because it is engineered for the power of a flat six engine. The gold lettering on the glove box and engine cover of Chris Toy's pristine black Porsche reads "Outlaw. You may have to register before you can post: Worth Metroplex and the surrounding North Texas counties, providing social, driving and technical events that enhance the Porsche ownership experience. A website by and for Porsche fans. Porsche Financial Services has prepared these attractive lease offers to get you the full Porsche experience at a highly competitive lease payment.

Gates open to Porsche parking at 8 AM. For the auto enthusiasts this swap meet boasts thousands of car parts and car accessory vendors making. If the event has passed, click the "Event Report" button to read a report and view photos that were uploaded. I love the car, but the engine is not as smooth or as powerfull as I want. It was replaced by the Type in model year Other shops are sticking with a more pure Porsche formula, using larger engines from Carreras to swap into the middle of a Cayman or Boxsterbumping power but sticking with that flat-six character.

This finally came to fruition in Although many changes were made to cause controversy, many people liked the end simply because it offers a much better driving experience and remains a real Porsche.

porsche swap meet 2013 schorndorf

And how quickly and effectively. For the uninitiated, the annual Hershey Swap Meet is one of the largest single-day Porsche enthusiast gatherings in the country. It will be held on the day after the Lit Meet, Sunday March 4th, Tags Classics, Engine Swaps, Porsche, Porsche aaronbbrown A blasphemous desecration, filthy GM motor in a Porsche does nothing but degrade and defile a once fine vehicle.

This Boxster was bought with a blown motor, so the swap was intended from the get-go. Find the exact used or new Porsche you're looking for now at LeaseTrader. Plus i plan on using the Integra as my daily driver, which it is at the moment. Porsche Club Great Britain gives no warranties, guarantees or assurances and makes no representations or recommendations regarding any goods or services advertised on this site.

The Oregon Region Porsche Club of America offers Porsche touring and events, including autocross and high performance driver training, for Oregon and Washington enthusiasts. Porsche Race Car with a 3.

Tucked away in a nondescript industrial park in Las Vegas is a performance shop that specializes in replacing tired Porsche powerplants with new Chevy hearts. At first glance it looks great, but upon closer inspection we see lots of imperfections, overspray, and bubbles.

The weather was absolutely perfect and the turnout was outstanding. Some like it, some may not, it was never an issue for me. In-house conversions of the and the are available at this time and conversion kits for these late model cars are scheduled to be released soon.

Region PCA, featured a range of not-to-be-missed cars, parts and people. Porsche Cayenne Engine Swap. Getting set up for our first Porsche swap meet in Hershey, PA! Before beginning, the first thing you will have to consider is what kind of manual transmission you are going to convert to.

It's not to be missed. With over 2, members, we are the largest region in Zone 5 and the 15th largest region out of regions that make up the Porsche Club of America. Porsche Diesel Swap I know this isn't a tdi performance motor but thought someone get a kick out of this. Porsche-powered Vanagon This project, now sold but fondly remembered, was a Vanagon L, with a 3. Click here to register your carThe base car was a black Porsche type Carrera. It is obviously wearing a relatively new paint job in Tangerine Orange.

Largest Porsche Only Swap in the world!

May Porsche Club. News 2/10

The owner replaced the factory inline-four with a rebuilt Chevy ci V8. The reason I swapped the LS1 into my is for reliability over the issue-plagued M96 engine. Every First Sunday in June from 7: The early engines are aluminum, and use bosch K-jetronic, as the Delorean. Tuning company Bisimoto plans to swap a Hyundai V6 into a Porsche Click on the thumbnail photos to expand the imagesThis article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, Performance Projects for Your Porsche Boxster.

What I did try is to swap the front part of the dash and plug it in to the back part and it seems the immobilizer is on the back because I could get the car to start although I got some funky numbers and characters on the dash. Compliments of freedomperiod www. Instead, the general public had to satiate their Porsche-Van fantasies with their own unofficial Vanagon engine swaps.

The gift of design from eta beta. After a good showing in with the CRX, we decided to up the ante a bit.

porsche swap meet 2013 schorndorf

We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you perform many repairs and upgrades on your Porsche. Bentley repair manuals provide the highest level of clarity and comprehensiveness for service and …Help build a global register of our great car. Front trim with striking air inlets Powerful, raw, sporty: And there s more where that came from.

The Porsche Tequipment sports exhaust system changes the engine noise depending on the driving conditions. The standard raw sound is still there during a steady drive but the more athletic the car's movements, the racier the engine sounds. The sports exhaust system, available for Carrera and Targa models, can be controlled individually inside the car by the driver, using the button conveniently integrated into the centre console.

The unmistakable Porsche sound is effectively transmitted through the stylish tail pipes. These are included as standard and, with the SportDesign front trims, complete the sporty look without compromise. The components were optimised by the Porsche engineers in the wind tunnel and improve the car's aerodynamics. For all Porsche drivers who live life in the fast lane, there is the new 3-spoke sports steering wheel. The switch levers behind the right and left steering wheel spokes let you change gears manually and give the inside of your car a sportier look.

This product from the Porsche Tequipment range is also testament that with a Porsche, comfort and sport go hand in hand. The 3-spoke sports steering wheel with switch levers Racy soundtrack: The sports exhaust system with unique tail pipes Further information on the complete Porsche Tequipment product range and the current Tequipment catalogues can be obtained from your Porsche partner or on the Internet at Please also visit our online shop at this address for a choice of selected Tequipment products 17 Porsche has produced cars in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen for 60 years In the world of cars, the name of the headquarters of today s Dr.

Porsche AG, has a very special ring to its name: Zuffenhausen means much more to Porsche AG than just a production site steeped in history, because Zuffenhausen is where the heart of the company lies. Key chapters in automobile history were written at the original Porsche plant from the very beginning: Originally designed for the long-distance race from Berlin to Rome, these aerodynamic, streamlined vehicles are regarded as the groundbreakers for all subsequent Porsche models.

GmbH, and started planning production in early On the 6th of April the first Type was produced; of these cars would be made by the end of the year. The success of the Porsche sports cars can not only be deduced from the sales figures, but also from the further expansion of the Zuffenhausen production units.

In the complex designed by architect Rolf Gutbrod was built for Porsche Plant 2, and in the 10,th Porsche left the constantly expanding production halls. In ensued Porsche Plant 3, housing the sales and customer service departments, among others. Right after the launch of the in the company, then Porsche KG, took over Reutter s body plant together with its employees. Today, the 17 18 Plant 2 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in the mids Aerial view taken in the early years of production series, cars from the Boxster series and all Porsche engines are produced in Zuffenhausen.

The plant is divided into departments for body construction, paintshop, car assembly, upholstery, engine assembly and test stations.

Porsche has developed several special solutions to guarantee flexible production in limited space, including multi-storey production for the body construction and vehicle assembly departments.

Porsche series cars are manufactured on the same production line as the racing versions. In a new, particularly eco-friendly paintshop will be opened. Not only has the Porsche Museum made company history for being its most spectacular construction project, but it also enriches the Stuttgart region with a further cultural and architectural highlight.

On the topic of motorsport we have chosen the number 4, because just 4 years after production of the Porsche started, the still-fledgling Porsche company managed to win 75 international races as you can see from the historical poster below. Already propelled to international stardom. Winning poster at the end of the motorsport season, four years after production started. That says it all. In Peter Daniell Porsche commissioned the construction of the St.

To cover the Paracelsus-Schule Salzburg s annual running costs amounting to some 1. All profits made from these books go towards cultural and social projects in and around Salzburg. Photos of the trip and poems written by Peter Daniell Porsche describe the technology as well as the sentiments felt on the journey but which we can all relate to in our daily lives A5 oversized, thread-stitching, bound, pages, 4-colour print, glossy.

Available in English and German.

strähle porsche swap in schorndorf - Page 4

The sales of these books will help retrospectively finance art and social projects already sponsored by Daniell Porsche, and will help sustain them in the future. The book is available from the publisher, Kulturverlag Polzer. Go to or For more information, please go to: Per aspera ad astra: In this exciting series of races for drivers with and without a racing licence, ambitious and passionate drivers put their motorsport skills to the test.

The Porsche Sports Cup is sure to offer another year of high-quality thrills, competition and action for Porsche enthusiasts. InFinland will host a race from this exciting series for the first time.

The first Clubsport series race took place on the 10th and 11th of April in Hockenheim. From the 22nd to 24th of October, participants from all national Porsche Sports Cups currently, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia will be able to compete against one another on the Formula 1 track for the Porsche Sports Cup Deutschland.

Those with the best results from the national scoreboards will race against each other for the title of European Champion Porsche Super Sports Cup. Other drivers are of course very welcome to take part in their cars as guest starters, provided that your car meets the regulations set out by the Porsche Super Sports Cup Deutschland.

Further details will be available soon. Porsche shows its unique position at Le Mans with more than Porsche Club cars on the infield of the racetrack.

With 16 overall wins, no car manufacturer has managed to win the world's most famous long-distance race more often. That is reason enough for Porsche France and the French Porsche Club umbrella organisation to celebrate this top event and warmly welcome Porsche Club friends from around the world.

Here s a brief overview of the key information: General information on the event: The homepage at managed by the French Porsche Club umbrella organisation, is the central website for all Porsche Club members who would like to visit the Le Mans Classic and get all the information they need. Tickets are available at different price categories, allowing entry into various areas of the event e. Fortunately, all members of official Porsche Clubs are offered exclusive discounted tickets for Depending on the type of ticket, Porsche Club members can receive a discount up to 20 Euro off their ticket price.

You can book your tickets on the website or by writing to the following address: You can find information on hotel bookings and accommodation on the website, which provides details of room availability and prices.

If you want to experience the Le Mans Classic on a stylish campsite, you can request tent pitches or parking spaces at the racetrack itself or by visiting The organisation has not reserved specific campsites for Porsche Club members.

If you have any other queries about the event, registration or payment, please contact the French Porsche Club umbrella organisation at porscheclub. On the second day, after breakfast and a briefing meeting, you will set off towards Eifel in your designated Porsche.

The landscape, shaped by volcanic activity, is dominated by ash cones, craters and lakes called maars. And, of course, winding roads. After lunch, you will continue the tour on the winding roads before heading back to your hotel in the afternoon.

Dinner will be served in the Green Hell village in Eifel. After the theory briefing on day three, it s down to serious business: Experience a challenging day on the Nordschleife.

Under the professional guidance of an instructor, you will get to know the basics of driving under racing conditions. After a lunch break in the Dorint Hotel, you will return to the Nordschleife to complete more racing laps. Round off the day with an evening event in the Business Lounge overlooking the final stretch. After breakfast on the final day, you will start your journey home.

Built inthe Nordschleife is an old-school racetrack, Precise knowledge of the route is essential here. A superlative racetrack, guaranteeing even the most experienced drivers maximum driving pleasure.

These courses are designed for advanced participants and are split into two categories, guided and freestyle driving. In the guided driving part you will get to know the ins and outs of each bend and the ideal racing line, together with our instructors who are track experts.

In the freestyle part you have the chance to fine-tune your knowledge of the entire track. Optimum handling because of the large, rigid elements on the outer shoulder the benchmark for braking distance improvement top-performance by multi-compound tread on both wet and dry roads tested long-life cycle Specifics: High safety on wet roads Excellent snow and dry handling Very good snow traction Tyres and designations: Porsche Club members make a valuable contribution to creating and sustaining such a positive brand image, constantly underlining the core values of the Porsche company.

We were therefore particularly excited that at the start of the year we had the chance to dedicate a lengthy report on the international Porsche scene in the Porsche customer magazine, Christophorus. To present the lively and colourful world of Porsche Clubs, Edition of Christophorus featured interviews with a total of nine Porsche Club Presidents representing their Clubs in nine countries and revealed some very interesting and previously unknown facts. At this point we would like to thank all the Porsche Club Presidents who took part for their active support and the editing team of Porsche s Christophorus for their helpful cooperation and for providing us with the original article to print in Porsche Club News.

Porsche Clubs worldwide Welcome to the Club Porsche Clubs around the globe unite brand enthusiasts and admirers alike. A small trip through the multi-faceted Club scene highlights the fact that it is the people as well as the cars that make up the Porsche legend. Driving through Havana in my Porsche Ernesto Rodriguez is a globetrotter when it comes to fashion, hot rhythms and motors.

The Cuban is a music professor who has shared the stage with Eros Ramazotti and is regularly seen playing drums at the famous Montreal Jazz Festival. He has his own fashion label in Italy: All Porsche drivers on the Caribbean island gain membership to the Club. When I was small my father had a yellow VW Beetle which I adored because of its distinctive engine noise and design, explains Rodriguez.

And that s when I understood the close connection between the Porsche that drove past our house every morning and my father s Beetle. He now owns a himself and exercises his passion for Porsche in the Caribbean, too.

In the evenings, Rodriguez likes to sit outside a Havana bar to enjoy the sunset with a Mojito or Daiquiri.

But his view of the crystal-clear water of the ocean is only made perfect by the Porsche waiting for him at the side of the road. Herbert Demanega can rely on his co-drivers during the annual Karwendel Trophy race through the Tyrolean mountains. They have a very special road book the data for the race is written in Braille.

Nevertheless, it is with confidence that the President of the Porsche Club Tirol steers up the passes and back down to the valley in his hp Porsche. The Porsche Club has worked closely with the Tyrolean Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired sincehighlighting a social responsibility to which many other Clubs are also actively committed. We wanted to give our event a deeper meaning and give the blind and partially sighted a wonderful experience, says Demanega.

Travelling in a Porsche is an unforgettable experience for the driver but even more so for the passengers with their exceptional sense of hearing and touch. The family keeps on growing. For nearly 60 years now they have lived and experienced Porsche together. The bonus of being a member adds to the feel-good factor. Membership offers a wide range of activities, from excursions and parades to driver training on the road, ice or racetrack, from rallies to social commitments and the Porsche brand is always there in the spotlight.

Porsche Clubs present no boundaries as far as Porsche drivers are concerned. Anyone who has bought a Porsche will be in good hands in one of the Porsche Clubs, now operating in 68 countries.

The exceptional fan community hasactive members. The interests of the Clubs are centralised in Ludwigsburg. Barely 13 kilometres from the original plant in Zuffenhausen, five employees provide the members with exclusive support. The many members make a key contribution with their respect and loyalty towards the Porsche name, keeping the unique legend alive, says Team Manager Sandra Mayr. This boundless commitment is held in high regard by Porsche.

Club Coordination therefore gives Porsche enthusiasts the best support there is. Porsche Clubs are supported according to market region, which ensures that each Club has specific contact partners, that wishes are closely heard and that contact with Porsche is as direct as possible. Members make a host of personal contacts at the numerous events around the world. In the company showed its appreciation by producing 50 special-edition s to mark the year anniversary of the Porsche Club of America.

porsche swap meet 2013 schorndorf

The cars were sold out instantly. All official Clubs are identified by their logo and a homepage that follows the Porsche branding guidelines. This builds up a standard image worldwide. Herbert Demanega middle with his partially-sighted co-drivers in front of the summit tower Contact: Porsche Club Argentina Founded in: Argentina Hugo Pulenta combines profession with passion. In sunny western Argentina on the edge of the Andes, a delicious red wine is produced more than metres above sea level.

Guests at the dealer familiarisation events for the Cayenne and then the Panamera were impressed with the wine. Club members are also welcomed once a year for tasting and driving experiences, invited by Hugo Pulenta and his brother Eduardo for the Wine Lover s Tour. This includes a visit to a variety of bodegas in the Porsche of course. Participants get to experience unforgettable roadtrips through unspoiled landscapes around the Cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the western hemisphere at metres.

Berna Hatipoglu is an exceptional lady. Since becoming President of the Porsche Club Istanbul a year ago, she has held her own in a man s world. And she is thriving in her chosen role. I know it s hard for some people to believe that a woman should head the Porsche Club, especially in Turkey, laughs Berna Hatipoglu, but I always remember that there s a yin for every yang and that keeps me smiling.

Her passion for Porsche started in the s when she was studying in Boston. It was a Porsche that did it. She later drove a Boxster but now that she is a family woman, she has switched to a Cayenne. Fascination shines through even in everyday life. Hatipoglu sees herself as a forerunner in many areas: The fact that I m president in Turkey should encourage other women to drive Porsches and become members too.

A Porsche for all: Watching movies such as Harper starring Paul Newman, he would marvel at the A Speedster on the big screen and then throw himself with starry eyes into every magazine that featured Porsches. It was a long-time dream of his to drive along Russia s roads in a And it s no surprise that Gerasimov is the Club s president. Even in the remote Vladivostok numerous people are now driving classic Porsches. It s unusual to restore classic cars in Russia you often have to pay customs fees as high as the price of the car itself to import a classic.

But we want to do our bit to see these exceptional cars driven on the streets of Russia, says Andrey Gerasimov. Numbers Porsche Clubs in68 countries around the world organise roughly events per year for around active members. With members, the Porsche Club of America is the largest.

The world s oldest Club was founded on the 26th of May The Club, now called the Porsche Club Westfalen, was established just 2years after production of the started in Zuffenhausen. From Russia with love: His company, The Writers Institute, publishes reference works and training material for up-and-coming writers. When he sits at the computer and becomes a writer himself, it is mostly about one certain topic: Kelly informs his readers about pretty much everything to do with the brand from Ferry Porsche to diesel tractors to Porsche aeroplane engines.

During his many years as President he has also actively helped create the largest Porsche Club in the world, with 57, members.

I still enjoy the sociability of meeting others at the Club and sharing my passion for Porsche with like-minded people, says Kelly. His second love is for collecting Porsche technical literature, posters and souvenirs.

This is where Kelly helps organise the world s largest collector s event of this kind. More than people from around 15 countries travel to Los Angeles for this event every spring.

There are two things Prescott Kelly needs in his life: