Paintless dent repair tools swap meet

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paintless dent repair tools swap meet

No need to wait for the car dent repair in the repair shop, most of the dent Machine learning meets trending news, viral videos, funny gifs, and so much more. Photo 1: Remove the switch panel Car Window Repair, Car Repair, Vehicle. Results 1 - 24 of has a wide selection at great prices to meet any ARISD 32Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit Glue Gun Dent. Using expensive PDR tools, but still tapping down with an old hammer handle Fear not, we have the solution for all Freebies · Swap/Trade. All Custom Hardwood Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Paddle Hammer. Only trade with sellers who you can meet in person and never send or wire money.

paintless dent repair tools swap meet

Even if they are working at the mall making fifty cents over minimum wage, they need a perfect ride. In other parts of the country your car is just a car so an imperfection is not a big deal—older cars are just dinged up. The reality is that people just over spend on cars. The guy checking you out out at the supermarket might be driving a BMW. How can people afford these cars?

paintless dent repair tools swap meet

The leasing company will go over the car with a fine tooth comb, and they will pay for every scratch, ding, and crack. The opportunity is in fixing these problems. Unlike other parts of the country, when they get a dent in their car, they will pay to have it fixed fast.

The key is doing a paint-less repair. In the old days, you would sand out the dent, fill it with Bondo, apply more Bondo, then sand the area smooth. This was followed by repainting the area. But the new system involves just bending the sheet metal back in place. Any scratches can be dealt with by touch up paint. And insurance companies will often pay for this because it is cheaper than sending their clients to an auto repair shop. As with other businesses, the hardest thing you will have to do is marketing.

One of the big companies in this field is the Dent King of Huntington Beach. They have a whole system of education that teaches you how to get behind the dent and pop it out. There are there other technologies. The first is a dent puller. You make a small hole in the dent and then use a tool to yank it out.

Plus I like doing things myself. D I did think of screws and welding the holes shut but honestly at that point I would rather just cut it open and weld a seem. I would like to avoid welding on the tanks if possible But it might be the only viable option.

paintless dent repair tools swap meet

I appreciate the input though! Keep the ideas coming! Dr Stan Does leave you with problem of sealiing the hole though. Guess one could weld it up, NOT! Why not fill the tank with water, and freeze it?

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Of course, you'd have to watch it very closely in the event the water pushes too hard on the aluminum shell. These are used here in Brazil to take dents out of cars in hard to reach places. You have to be creative, but you can design your own curve and figure out how to gently press the dents out. Also, people who take dents out of brass musical instruments would have some tools and ideas.

There is a special gun that spot welds on a pin. Special slide hammer grabs the pin and you slide hammer the dent out, grind off the pin and go from there.

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Does not leave a hole. Not sure if they have a set up that will do aluminum. However you could tig weld on the same type of pin and use that to pull on, then grind and file it off and polish.

paintless dent repair tools swap meet

Would be a ton of work but you would not have to deal with putting any holes in the tank like you would with self tapping screws. Also have to take special care that tank has no fuel residue or fumes in it when welding on it, but I did not have to tell you that!! I had that idea as well.

I know the ice would push on the tank but would it push out on the dents before trying to rupture the tank? Does ice put equal pressure all around on the inside of a tank?

Pump it up with water or That is an option I am willing to try. I think you could use a curved steel bar with a nylon ball on the end. One other problem with a rod threw the one hole in the one tank is the hole is threaded for the cap.

I'd hate to bugger up the threads. I pull dents in steel at work with draw pins.

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These tanks have been sitting dry for years and have no seams. I would still take precautions before welding and make sure it is safe. The pins are also an option and I can weld aluminum pins on with the tig. But Like you mentioned it is allot of work and it would take allot of pins to get all the dings out. Once again I think I would rather cut the tanks open to do the work and weld and smooth one seam instead of a bunch of spots.

The entire industry revolves around fixing dents in metal from door dings to hail. I was a believer after having the wife's car get the hell beat of it with 1" hail.

I honestly could not find where the dents were. I must caution you that not all dent guys are the same.