Narendra modis full speech at bjp national executive meet

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narendra modis full speech at bjp national executive meet

BJP National Executive Meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh moved a Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his valedictory address of the BJP . in all states and said they will contest election with full force in Telangana. PM Narendra Modi addresses BJP's national executive meeting in New address at the conclusion of the BJP's two-day national executive in. Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the National Executive meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

We are discussing in detail the national concerns, the political concerns and our concerns and are also planning for the organizational programs of Bharatiya Janata Party since last two days. There have been many elections after independence. From the time of Jana Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party, we all have experience of working in the elections, but if we look at all the elections of past, we will find that elections are completely different.

We have not ever seen such plight in the country.! The ghastly form of corruption that the country has witnessed in the last decade, was never seen before.

narendra modis full speech at bjp national executive meet

Farmers committing suicide, the youth astray for employment, women worried for their honour, the children dying of inflation… such plight is unprecedented.

And thus the elections of are not only the elections of change but they are the elections of hope and aspiration for the millions of people.! The elections of are the elections to realize the dreams of the heights that we were shown by Atal Ji and Advani Ji in the beginning of 21st century and even of surpassing them.!

Friends, National Councils of two major parties have been held at Delhi, if we analyze them then we will clearly see that in the Congress conclave that was held two days back, there was a struggle evident to save the face of party in elections. How to save their party, how to save Congress, how to keep a crumbling party together, these were their primary subjects.

Friends, there they were trying to save the party, whereas here we are struggling to save the nation, this is the basic difference of the elections.! They were very anxious with lots of hope and expectation that they will go back with the name of their Prime Ministerial candidate. As our Arun Jaitley Ji said that Congress party workers from across the nation came here to take their Prime Minister, but went back with three bottles of gas, with three gas cylinders.! Friends, I find it essential to mention the points that were raised there.

They took excuse of democratic practices for not announcing the name of Prime Ministerial candidate, is it the truth.? I thought that the people who discuss night and day subjects like this will definitely discuss this, but no discussion took place, they might have their own respective reasons but the country wants to know that after independence, when the first Prime Minister was chosen, what happened to the democratic tradition at that time.?

Entire Congress party unanimously wanted Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to be the Prime Minister, what were those democratic traditions because of which even after wish of every member of Congress, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel did not let become the Prime Minister. Such people talk of traditions.! I want to know that when on 31st October Mrs.

Indira Gandhi was assassinated, Rajiv Gandhi was in Kolkata at that time, he came running from Kolkata, went straight to the hospital and within moments Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as Prime Minister.

I want to ask the Congress party which is referring to traditions that at that time inwhether any parliamentary party meeting took place.? Did the party elect their Prime Ministerial candidate.? Are there any notes, minutes and agenda of it.? Nothing happened, just a few people gathered and got the oath taking done in haste and you are giving us lessons on traditions.?

After this, elections were held inUPA had to come in power. Friends, I can say this with full confidence that, in UPA-1, no one in the parliamentary party elected Dr.

narendra modis full speech at bjp national executive meet

Manmohan Singh for the post of Prime Minister, as their leader. Manmohan Singh and he was made to take the position of Prime Minister, and these people talk of parliamentary traditions.!

PM Modi to address valedictory session of BJP National Executive meeting today

Yesterday, respected Sushma Ji, Rajnath Ji, Venkaiah Ji and Arun Ji, all have said this in their own way that they may have their own reasons to run away from elections, but I can see a very humanitarian reason to it, there is definitely a political reasons, but there is also a human element, and that is, when the defeat is certainly clear, when the havoc heading is clearly evident, will any mother be ready to sacrifice her son.?

Friends, these days the tea vendors are being treated very well, every tea vendor of the country is walking with pride. There are two more reasons for them to run away from elections. First that the culture in which they are brought up, the way they have established themselves as an elite family, friends, the people who live in such lives, their mental setup becomes of a type that they become feudalists, they feel that General elections are important, Congress should win as well, but this is a matter of insult to compete against a tea vendor.!

They are feeling ashamed, there is no equality.! Such big names find it insulting to compete with a worker, they find it to be a shame, how can they fight a worker.?

narendra modis full speech at bjp national executive meet

Not only this, sometimes this feeling of conventional discrimination, the venom of racism, the felling of superiority, all these are a matter of concern for the people born in high societies that we are born in such a high family who has been respected for ages and the person in front is one from a backward caste, one whose mother used to work as a domestic help and used to daily chores like cleaning, washing etc, and I should compete against a man who was born in a backward caste and used to sell tea in trains.?

Friends, there are also reasons beyond political periphery. The elections of are heading and when we meet people in the villages, on the roads, we ask them. On 27th October, when innocents were worshiping their motherland with their blood, the mass that was struggling then, that inspires me to think that in the era of our struggle for freedom, what was the motivation that Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were so excited to sacrifice their lives.? That is why the people who have no connection with Bharatiya Janata Party at all, those who have not even been a party worker with BJP, those who are simply untouched from politics; lakhs of such people reach BJP office, write letters to me, write to me on Twitter and Facebook, that give us some responsibility, we want to do something.!

This spirit of elections, the spirit of good governance movement in elections resembles the spirit of independence movement.! Friends, more than 60 years have passed since India got independence. We have heard a lot about concern for the poor, about development,; just for a moment keep the map of India in front of your eyes and try to analyze that what was the problem in our strategies, our policies, our actions, because of which when we look at western part of the country we can see slow but steady development taking place, it seems as if something is changing but what is the reason that when we look from the center towards the east, entire area seems to be struggling for development.

Why is there such situation, such imbalance.? Our vision is that whether it is Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, North East, Odisha, entire eastern part, eastern UP… we want to move ahead with a dream of balanced development in all the parts.

Friends, if we want to strengthen the nation then we should not see regional aspirations as a threat.! In the last four decades the leaders have taken regional aspirations as if the center has been burdened heavily with them.

Friends, regional aspirations can also be a great opportunity for development. They are opportunity and not challenge, because the desire of progressing that every state has developed, if it gets linked with Delhi then I have full faith that we can walk at a much faster pace.!

Friends, it is a matter of joy for me that I have been a Chief Minister and now the party has selected me for a new role, but as a Chief Minister I completely understand and realize the importance of federal structure.! Bharatiya Janata Party takes interest in empowering the federal structure and we want to strengthen it further.!

Friends, these days there is a big brother attitude. We are the Delhi regime, we give aid to the states, but this does not look good.!

BJP's National Executive meeting adopts political resolution called Vision Document

We promise to change this situation, there is no younger or big brother, the attitude should be that both the brothers are together taking the country ahead with equal efforts and strength.! Today it is considered that the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Ministers will take the nation ahead together. I have a different opinion, I believe that the Prime Minister and all the Chief Ministers should together be a team which should take the country ahead.!

Not only this, the Central Council of Ministers and the State Council of Ministers should together form a comprehensive team. The bureaucracy of the state and the center come together, and all these work together as a huge team, if we can create such environment, then we can take our country ahead by bringing these forces together facing all the challenges that lie ahead of us.!

Friends, good governance is a must for the nation, the root cause of all the problems of the country is bad governance, and if we want to get rid of it then we will have to focus on good governance.! Friends, this good governance is not a must for the rich, they can buy the governments, good governance is for the poor, is for the common man, it is for the exploited, suffering and the oppressed.!

Friends, we want to move ahead with good governance, and these days we get to hear many things, we heard such talks for several days now, we have to decide that now we have to believe on the same age-old tape records or we want to trust the track records.!

The same old record has already played enough, the country should now decide on the basis of track record that in whose hands do they see the nation safe.! Friends, only bills will not serve any purpose, now we need political will and the heart to act.! Friends, we have heard the incantations of acts enough now, the country has heard enough of it now, now it wants action.! Friends, they offer doles to win the elections, but the government is still imbalanced.!

Friends, the doles are at its place but for urban development, growth is needed, delivery is needed, thus in good governance, we will have to move ahead and include the mantra of development and delivery.

Their compulsion is our victory. It shows our popularity," he told the party top brass gathered at the Ambedkar International Centre. Opposition grand alliance a sham for fulfilling self-interest The Prime Minister trained his guns especially at the Congress party, who he accused of spreading only falsehoods and not debating the BJP on real issues.

He took more potshots at the Congress party and accused, "Nobody is ready to accept the Congress' leadership. Some even think of the Congress as a burden. It was noteworthy though however how there was no mention of the Rafale deal or fuel price hike in the Prime Minister's speech, issues the Congress has been raking up offlate.

Either way, with the trail beingthey find themselves in a precarious position and would need something miraculous to come out of it.

Full Speech : Shri Narendra Modi at the BJP National Council Meet, Delhi

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