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meet people in hawaii

Meet people in Hawaii for free. Meet new people from Hawaii on mobifriends for dating, make friends, flirt with video chat and is % free. Find Meetups in Honolulu, Hawaii about Meeting New People/Making Friends and meet people in your local community who share your interests. My question is: What is the best way to meet people in Hawaii? I'm sick of doing things alone! Work is not an option as I work a pretty solitary.

Leave this field empty if you're human: Sweat pours from your forehead like a facet; your face is scarlet red, your vision is blurry. You pound your chest in victory. Just then a burly, sweaty man in an Aloha shirt wearing a fanny pack swallows you up in a bear hug; another petite woman jumps up and down shouting in what sounds like Japanese.

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An elderly woman with coke-bottle glasses plants a juicy wet kiss on your lips. She gives you a wink.

meet people in hawaii

You gag and think to yourself: Being a member of a Meetup group means sharing memorable adventures and making meaningful and occasionally meaningless memories with total strangers.

A little strange you say? Well, it sure as hell beats getting blasted all by yourself o n Mai Tais at the hotel bar or sitting in your tomb-like apartment, alone, staring at the TV. You came to Hawaii without knowing a soul; but now you get to know different people every week.

There are over Meetup groups that you can sign up for just on Oahu. Most offer free or low cost memberships, with events ranging from trivia nights to hikes to film screenings to potlucks.

So, go watch the fireworks at Waikiki on a Friday night with a group of total strangers or share your deeply personal memoir or screenplay with a writing group in Milani. Things to avoid though: This can be confusing for the other members. For any of these infractions, you might be placed in the Meetup doghouse and be labeled a weirdo.

Many members belong to several groups and they will share disturbing stories about you.

Where to go to meet other singles in Honolulu (for any age)

If this happens, you might as well pack up and move back to the mainland. Be a Star for a Day Well, not exactly.

meet people in hawaii

But you can be an extra for a day, or two, or three. Extra work is great for newcomers to Oahu who have flexible schedules. Hawaii Five O has a public casting call early in the summer and the show will shoot weekly from August through May A few things that you need to know about being an extra; this is knowledge that will keep you from getting get kicked off the set, your promising acting career immediately incinerated.

Thinking about taking selfies with the actors and getting an autograph, oh hell no! If you try that, you will be escorted from the set by a livid crew member and banned from future extra work.

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As they used to say in Hollywood — you will be through in this town and never work again! If you get screen time, expect it to range from two-seconds to a millisecond. You will probably be in a crowd scene or running down a street during a gunfight, over and over again.

You may not get a speaking part, but what you do get is lots of down time to meet and trade life stories with people in between takes — and eat lots of snacks. Oh, and did I mention you get paid too? Paid to have fun. Really excited servicemembers They're stationed in Hawaii, after all.

meet people in hawaii

Intense hippies They preach the benefits of vegan diets, sleep in tents on the beach, never wear shoes, and will, at one point or another, ask you if you have any weed. Lost tourists Seriously, the sidewalks aren't even safe. The Kendama master He can be found playing with the toy at the beach, on the bus, even while crossing the street.

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No one knows what his day job is, but the Kendama master spends each waking hour perfecting his moves for no discernible reason whatsoever. Guy who accosts you with parrots on the street Ready for your photo-op? Haole who moved here three years ago, but really embraces all things Hawaiian She handpicked every single shell she's wearing and starts all conversations with, "Aloha! The last man in Who wishes he could have shut and locked the door behind him.

5 Ways to Have Hawaiian Fun With Total Strangers

You should have been here when I first moved here, before all these newcomers started changing everything and crowding the islands. Karaoke dream girl Not only does she have the same go-to song as you, but she pronounces "karaoke" correctly: Shark whisperer We're not kidding. People like this actually exist in Hawaii.