Meet gavern template module positions in joomla

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meet gavern template module positions in joomla

Meet Gavern - Free Joomla! Template. Login Template Module Positions. 07 Oct Module positions available in the Meet Gavern template: Prev · Next. Template Module Positions. 07 Oct. Written by: Super User; Last Updated: 07 October ; Published: 07 October ; Hits: 72; Created: 07 October Please just use this code, in meet gavern template template we don't have gk. const file: . Creating new Module position (got errors) #

It is also possible to set different width values for desktop and tablet modes.

Responsive Bootstrap Joomla Template Meet Gavern | GavickPro

Please remember that this is only a sample preview and that the final template layout may be different in some respects. Module positions manager In this area you can preview the template layout. Basically, blocks are divided into two groups: Active blocks represent template module positions.

In this area, users can add settings for particular modules. Default module width — value to be set as the default width for every new module not included in Layout Manager.

meet gavern template module positions in joomla

For example, when a user creates 3 modules inside a module position and for the front-end publishes 5 modules, the 4th and 5th modules will each get a span5 width value Use default module settings — with this option enabled, Layout Manager will not affect the selected module; instead, settings are applied from the module configuration Sidebar is one of the module positions offering various options: Sidebar position — choose between left or right values Sidebar width — width value for sidebar area; changing the sidebar width also changes the mainbody area width After adding a new module to a module position, the element is presented by a simple block: Decrease width button — decrease module width by the minimum amount is 1 and the maximum amount 12 Current width value Increase button — increase module width by 1 Remove button — remove added block Sample configuration This part describes a sample module position configuration.

For this tutorial we assume that we will have 6 modules in this area: On sample preview the layout should be similar to what you need.

Meet Gavern Responsive Bootstrap Joomla Template

Next we go to tablet mode, using the mode switcher at the top to make corrections for particular module blocks. You can create modules with many configurations — just remember the maximum possible width of modules per row is With Layout Manager create structures for module positions like: You can also create different layouts by saving the current template settings using the built-in configuration manager. Then, simply duplicate the template and use it for totally different page views.

meet gavern template module positions in joomla

Layout Manager also supports sidebar width and position. You can specify left or right side for sidebar area and change the width dynamically in relation to the mainbody area. Layout Manager allows you to import configurations from different blocks to save time and to specify a default module width — used when you add more modules to a module position than was specified in Layout Manager.

Template option panel now more intuitive and user-friendly In Gavern 1.

how to Display Module positions in Joomla 3.0

Part of fields are removed — many of them are now included in Layout Manager, other ones are moved to proper tabs to make administration clear and simple. Added support for Tags Joomla component Due to Joomla!

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The default Tag Cloud List of all tags has been modified. We have moved tag description, images and hits to bootstrap pop-up to achieve a more compact view.

Meet Gavern supports now K2 component Another important change is related with K2 component. As you may notice, all of our templates support K2 and, since v.