Meet cheap review compare to gotowebinar

meet cheap review compare to gotowebinar

GoToWebinar. Read user GoToWebinar reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. Cons: This platform stuck and freeze more often compare to other remote meeting tools. .. Cheaper compromise for GoToMeeting. Jul The GoToMeeting Free plan is a great way to get started with quick and easy of our most useful meeting features aren't available to you and your attendees. Best Webinar Software: Adobe Connect vs GoToWebinar vs Click Meeting logo Read our best webinar software reviews to see which service fits your Adobe Connect doesn't come cheap; it's among the most expensive.

Small businesses and agencies have a lot of options when it comes to picking an excellent webinar tool. You might have to fork over a bit more if you want to invite more people to your webinars though.

meet cheap review compare to gotowebinar

Do you anticipate that you will often have joint venture webinars or multiple people from your team joining you as a presenter? Not all webinar tools have the ability to host more than presenters, so that will cut down on the webinar tools you can use.

You never want to overcrowd your screen or have too many cooks in the kitchen. If the webinar tool you use happens to have multiple presenters though, the more, the merrier. You want your webinar software to be able to increase with you. When picking a webinar tool, think about how many attendees your webinar tool can hold at the highest level. You may never need that may attendees at once, but you may not want to host your webinars on a platform that limits your long-term growth and potential.

If you are okay with eventually moving webinar platforms, though, you can pick the most cost-effective platform as you are just beginning. Customer Service Customer service is essential, especially when you are forking over a lot of money for a service.

You never want to be stuck in a sticky tech situation with little to no help from your webinar service. Pick a company that has live reps, onboarding help, or even dedicated account managers.

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You want to make sure that your questions are always answered promptly. You want to make sure that the company that hosts your webinars is dedicated to offering quality video and audio content for your viewers. If your video and audio quality is poor, it reflects on the value and worth of your company.

Make sure you invest in companies that invest in their audiovisual technology. Video Recording And Storage Being able to record and store your webinars is vital if you want to repackage, sell, and profit from your past webinars. Your webinar tool should be able to record and save your files locally or in the cloud. You want to make sure that the webinar tool you use has these capabilities because this can help you cut down on the number of live webinars you need to host.

You must consider how important reporting is to you and your company.

meet cheap review compare to gotowebinar

Webinars are more than just a presentation; they are a business opportunity. If you want to leverage your webinars, you need to use a platform that can give you robust reports on webinar activities. You should never skimp on reporting if you are using webinars as a business tool. Attendee Participation Does your webinar tool focus on attendee participation?


This is a significant part of keeping people engaged with your message. Some platforms go above and beyond in this regard with the ability to poll your audience, create audience chats, and even with the ability to promote specific audience members so that they can ask their questions via video as a presenter. When a session is recorded, the presenter's screen, the audio conference and any shared applications are included.

Add co-organizers to help facilitate. Co-organizers are individuals who have access to the same organizer tools and features during a meetingthat you do, and can help you facilitate your sessions or even start it on your behalf.

You can either add co-organizers before a session or promote them to organizer during a session. Provide dial-in phone audio for your meetings.

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Your attendees will be responsible for charges billed by their own telephone provider when they use these phone numbers to dial in to the audio conference. With toll-free phone numbers, the organizer's account is charged a per-minute usage fee for each attendee who connects using toll-free audio.

This provides attendees with an alternative to connecting with their mic and speakers VoIP or incurring long-distance phone charges, making it easy for them to choose the most convenient method of joining the audio conference. Call Me allows you and your attendees to receive a phone call from GoToMeeting when a session starts to automatically connect you to the audio conference — no dialing in needed!

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Install the desktop app to use additional tools. To get the most out of GoToMeeting, you can download and install the full-feature desktop software on your Windows and Mac computer. Host meetings longer than 40 minutes. Don't limit your collaboration because of time.