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making ends meet bloggers

This Pin was discovered by Joyce N Sam Medley. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. It can be hard to make ends meet, but there should be no scenario part when in the grocery store, especially for a personal finance blogger. Inside: When you need to make ends meet (and avoid acquiring more debt), you find any way you can to cut costs. Here's a growing list of things we aren't.

That means adding up your mortgage interest, charitable contributions, state and local taxes to take them off your income.

Making Ends Meet | Bill Rose

If the total is more than your standard deduction then it could save you thousands in income taxes. The tax value of donated goods is almost always higher than the resale amount. Most people work through their budget by taking their expenses out of income first and then saving the rest.

What happens, they never have anything left over to save. Instead, try taking something for savings out before your expenses.

making ends meet bloggers

Then start taking money out of income for your expenses. This will not only force you to cut unnecessary expenses but it will also force savings.

making ends meet bloggers

The idea is that you stretch out the time you go without eating, starting at just a few hours but working your way up to ten hours of not eating.

You can eat as much as you want outside your fast hours. Not only did I lose weight but I saved a lot of money while fasting. This is one area where you can really save a lot of money. Try spending on only the bare necessities for a month. This is a drastic cut in spending on entertainment, eating out, cable TV and all things outside of shelter, food and transportation.

Try cutting just one expense out of your budget for the month. I prefer the second type of spending challenge. If you were to list out your must-have expenses, would they include cable TV or eating out every month? These things may not cost a lot but they add up fast. That means making more money. Fortunately, it may not be as difficult as you think. I created an entire blog to share my experience working from home and doing side jobs to make more money. It still surprises me how much someone can make blogging and freelancing…all while wearing flip-flops and a t-shirt.

How much do I make every month from different work-at-home jobs? No hot food here, just a cold salad from Mrs. Blogger, supplemented by a slice of Mrs. B's best sponge cake, the tin parked in the rain but with the lid on to keep the cake dry.

This volunteer was wrapped up to his chin, hat pulled down to his eyes, a lukewarm cup of coffee to fight off the cold. The drizzle stopped for a few moments, then resumed throughout the afternoon.

After lunch the rail changing by the bridge was largely completed, and at last we were able to go and fetch some rail. Steve, Bert Ferrule and Nigel laid in 3 lengths alongside the goods shed, and the railhead moved further towards Broadway by another 55 metres. Behind the camera further sleepers were being laid down.

making ends meet bloggers

It was a bit of a traffic jam up on the embankment, with Steve trying to lay in rail, and Alan trying to get past with loads of concrete sleepers. This is where the railhead was at mid - afternoon, clearly well past the goods shed. A small group is clipping the rail just laid with a few basic clips, to make it stable. Alan continued to bring sleepers. A brick was put on top of one of the fence posts to warn us not to go too far, as we would be in the territory of the turnout to be laid.

This turnout is likely to keep us busy for three weeks, judging from previous experience. The sleeper laying team has only 4 more sleepers to lay, to reach the end of the plain track on the main line.

9 Ways to Make Ends Meet You Haven’t Tried

Looking the other way, we can see double track now right through the station, with a last rail on the down line about to go in the replacement one. From here you can see the long curve that goes right through Broadway station now. The last rail on the bridge has gone in, and is being clipped up by a small gang here; some younger members under the supervision of one of the old hands.

Jarrah sleepers are used on the bridge, reverting to concrete once the track is back on Terra Firma. This shot, taken from the end of P1 at Broadway, shows just how close the two rail heads are right now. On a normal day you can see the hill above Greet down the end of the trackbed here. Today - nothing, it's a whiteout. That's bad news, it means it's going to rain, or is already raining. The gloom descends over the site, and the Telehandler's headlights are used to stand out in the greyness.

Personal finance 101: Making ends meet as full time student, without a scholarship (part I)

Even more sleepers are on their way, where are they going now? Meanwhile, the main gang has found a moment in which to lift in a pair of rails on the down line sleepers laid first thing this morning. With these rails laid in the foreground, the two rail heads were only some 50 yards appart. Now to get a turnout in here. And still Alan brought more sleepers out of the gloom.

Our last hurrah would be to extend the sleepers off the bridge on the down line, that's what they were for. And another pair of rails went in, this time on the goods shed section, using the sleepers just laid to the end.

making ends meet bloggers