Jab me meet

jab me meet

Jab We Met is India's first truly immersive interview show which takes you to the heart Jab We Met: Meet Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma youngest Indian . We just planned for me to catch the train back to Philly and they would meet me at I felt something pointy jab me in the back and a deep male voice demanding . Imtiaz Ali's romantic-comedy, Jab We Met, continues to be one of the most The two meet on a train journey, which changes their lives forever.

He was perfect for the role of a young, mature, quiet guy.

jab me meet

The summer shots in Punjab of the haveli were filmed in Nabha near Patiala. Though the media projected it as a publicity stunt for the film, it was later confirmed that the couple had indeed parted ways.

Jab We Met

Debuting at number 10 in the U. Critics praised the film for its simplicity, its romance, saying that it was "one of the finest romantic films to come out of Bollywood in ". Taran Adarsh from indiaFM gave the film a 3.

jab me meet

Jab We Met is the kind of cinematic experience that is hard to come by in this day and age of smoky cynicism and borrowed rage. Rajeev Masand further explained, "The real magic of this film lies in the performances of its two main leads who seize your attention from the moment they first appear on screen.

Kareena is in top form as well.

jab me meet

Jab We Met is a turning point in her career [personally as well as professionally]. Fantabulous -- that's the right word to describe her work this time.

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The confidence with which she handles the contrasting characterization speaks volumes. The film was originally titled Punjab Mail.

jab me meet

The character of Geet was inspired by a girl Imtiaz Ali met on a bus in Delhi. She was from Delhi and she was incessantly talking and she was talking in a way that About not going out when on her period — and then she said main itna kuch bol rahi hoon iska matlab yeh nahin hai ki aap kuch galat socho The film was such a resounding hit that the screen-count increased in its fourth weekafter Saawariya, the launch-pad of Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, failed to create magic at the box-office.

But then he told me it was the fourth or fifth most important character in the film.

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The role I am playing needs to add something to the film. But the truth is going to blow your mind. The film was actually never shot in Ratlam!

We were shooting Ratlam in Manali, which I would avoid today. We never went to Ratlam to shoot and we cheated many places.

Jab We Met: Meet Prashant Kishor, man with the Midas touch

Manali has been shot in Shimla, and Shimla has been shot in Manali. We were doing all that because we were in a big hurry.

We had to complete the shoot in a certain time because both the leads ——Kareena and Shahid had to start other films.