Forza horizon 2 gameplay car meet in orange

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forza horizon 2 gameplay car meet in orange

Byron Bay (Orange icons); Outback (Green icons); Surfers Paradise (Yellow 79 manufacturers, cars, not including the Silvia, Horizon Edition Cars or Midnight Cars. Ability to play with friends seamlessly just like in Forza Horizon 2 E3 Forza Horizon Gameplay top commentsshow Online multiplayer () Online co-op (). Description. To play the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion, some progress is required Race ten new cars including Hot Wheels icons like the Twin Mill and Boneshaker. Show More . Just plain fun, playing with those big orange tracks from the drivers seat is what ever. The next Forza Horizon game is an arcade masterpiece. Horizon 2 brought us to the French-Italian border and upped the polish of the Break past this first few hours of gameplay, however, and everything reverts back to its Autumn is punctuated by vibrant red and orange leaves carpeting the ground.

Break past this first few hours of gameplay, however, and everything reverts back to its brilliant Horizon best, albeit with a number of new features. Revamped progression adds breadth to Horizon 4 One of the biggest departures from the previous Horizon games is the removal of levelling up through multiple festival sites you no longer start as the boss of Horizon, instead joining as a mere rookie.

Sure, the bulk of it is driving disciplines such as drifting, off-roading and blasting through speed traps, but those who enjoy painting and tuning are also catered for. Carrying out more activities in each discipline gains you influence points and opens up rewards and things to do as you progress through the game. Skill point spending has also been tweaked, with the individual skill trees now attached to each car. Giving players the chance to drive some of the greatest cars of all time is — obviously — a large part of this.

Want to drive a modern hypercar?

Forza Horizon 2 - WEIRD CAR MEET and Epic Tag Moments!!

Want to slide around in a purpose-built drift car? How does a Formula Drift Mustang take your fancy? Or maybe you just like driving Transit vans with ladders on the roof. The car list of Forza Horizon 4 is rich, varied and lovingly created with vehicles to suit every preference. And best of all, each and every vehicle drives with its own defined characteristics.

forza horizon 2 gameplay car meet in orange

Playground has moved the driving dynamics game on from Horizon 3, too, giving each vehicle a touch more weight and balance all the while keeping the whole experience on that knife edge that bridges simulation and arcade. Customisation is alive and well with freshly introduced drift suspension upgrades, track width offsets and an increase on the number of bodykits.

Britain at its brilliant best Playground Studios will proudly tell you of the time and resources that were spent on capturing Britain at its finest. The end result is that each season is fabulously different to the other and capable of profoundly changing the entire nature of the map. Spring brings wild flowers and colourful woodland to life, summer is suspiciously bright and errr… sunny, Autumn is punctuated by vibrant red and orange leaves carpeting the ground while winter is a proper wonderland of thick snow, ice and plenty of understeer-inducing slush.

The map responds to the changes brilliantly, too, especially in the details.

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It also aids the creation of a new dynamic weather system - something that's a trend for next-gen driving games. The weather system looks at your location, the atmospheric conditions and other key factors and can therefore change the weather to suit.

It will also affect how you play the game as it has an obvious effect on driving too, such as roads becoming slippier the harder it rains - which we have to say is a wonderful, beautiful experience both visually and audibly. It can even drizzle or throw up fog.

And as time is also a factor, driving in dusk, at noon or during the night also all make for a different experience. It is because of these factors that no two races in Forza Horizon 2 feel the exact same. You can even go back to race the same event and because it rains during it, you get a very different experience - and potentially a very different result. The Road Trip feature is also new.

Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels

While the last Forza Horizon was based around a one-location festival, in the follow-up you switch from region to region after each championship is completed, driving there amongst your rival Drivatars of friends and others thrown in for good measure. If nothing else, these road trips, which do not count towards credits or championship points, can be considered tutorial sessions for whatever car class you've chosen to race next, as you can choose to do them in the car you've just acquired.

Plus, as with every time you drive a car, be it for leisure or competition, you earn style points which can eventually unlock skill points to spend on perks. Perks are chosen bonuses that add a sort-of role-playing element and are another addition to this year's game. They work in skill tree fashion, requiring previous perks in the area to be unlocked first before becoming accessible and nearly all of them help you gain more bonuses for the way you drive or types of races you win.

Also new in Horizon 2 is ANNA, the female-voiced Automated Natural Navigation Assistant, which - or maybe who if you feel attached - can be fully voice controlled through the Kinect sensor if you have one. As well as lighting your route from A to B, you can ask the system to recommend championship races or other events to complete. Xbox Forza Horizon players will no doubt recognise some of the features though, such as Barn Finds - where exclusive classic cars will be hidden in barns across the landscape - and showdown events, like racing against a jet display team.

forza horizon 2 gameplay car meet in orange

But there's plenty of variety and additional surprises that we don't want to spoil here. Let's just say it's worth you deviating from the beaten path from time to time. We will mention the smattering of Bucket List challenges scattered about though.

forza horizon 2 gameplay car meet in orange

Drive to one of those and you'll be given a dedicated challenge in a fantastic, specific car. Anything from a point-to-point time challenge to successfully pulling off a set number of jumps is on offer.

It breaks the pace a bit. Co-op play You can also compete in these Bucket List challenges co-operatively, which is one of the many ways that Forza Horizon 2 seamlessly incorporates online multiplayer play. You can do both privately with friends or just join a public session.

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We have to admit that we'd get a better grasp of the wonders of playing online with other members of the public when there are other members of the public available to play with. After all, we have been playing a review version of Forza Horizon 2 that, while completely fully-functional and as good as the finished version, is only in the select hands of a few worldwide.

Therefore, the online community is far less populated than it will be come launch day. That means we didn't get to race many opponents at once online, although in every event we did partake, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially when we saw what we presume to be another games-playing professional skid horribly into a tree and muck up their race as we left them for dust.

The same can be said for the in-game Car Clubs.

forza horizon 2 gameplay car meet in orange

Up to 1, players can join the same Car Club and compete against fellow club members in ladders, earning credits for reaching the higher echelons. However, the Car Club we're in currently has two members.

These minor hurdles aside, even having fewer people available to test with and against, we can see their benefit greatly. Indeed, we spent hours and hours each night playing online rather than solo, no matter how few of us there were.

And when there were too few, the Drivatars in the solo career mode were almost as good to race against. There are some odd moments though.

forza horizon 2 gameplay car meet in orange

For example, Ben, the host of Horizon both in voice and in graphical form, is ex-Eastenders actor and former teen heartthrob from the 90s, Sean Maguire.

He does a very decent job of it too, even though it comes as a shock to see his likeness so accurately rendered the first time. It makes us want more past and present Eastenders stars to appear in games: