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Chapter 1: The Nightmares of Freddy's - Five Nights at Freddy's: MLP Style - Fimfiction

fnaf meet mlp fanfiction

Crossover of MLP/FNaF. TFive Nights at Freddy's: The Past Horror .. Boy and The Puppet, on top of all the old animatronics they met here. Fnaf Crew Meet Mlp Cast. By: DarkFreddy It was night time at Freddy's where Mike Schmitt had fun with the animatronics at the Pizzeria. Fnaf Crew Meet Mlp Cast (To let everybody know in this Fic Bonnie is a female with a pairing with Freddy and also Golden is in here K alright.

His metal feet carried the fox fairly far. In what was about five hours, he was at the edge of the forest. Dim light told Foxy that it was very early morning wherever he was. The pirate stepped tentatively out of the dark forest, checking his surroundings.

In the distance, he could make out some sort of town. It looked tiny from where he stood. Maybe someone was there that could help him? Arg, I be needin' ta get there. Foxy lifted up a back paw and scratched behind his ear absentmindedly before shaking his head. He needed to go and get help. He was a pirate, for goodness sakes! He could do whatever he pleased, whenever he pleased!

What else was he supposed to do? Besides, his circuitry was damaged and he couldn't talk. There wasn't much to do besides get help. So, his electronic mind made up, the fox set off towards the town. A cottage came quite a bit earlier before the town. It was a nice little place, with a stream that had a bridge crossing over it.

The cottage had a thatched roof and a. Foxy didn't know much, but he did know some things. And horse doors, no matter how odd it may seem, had been one of them.

There was a large garden surrounding the cottage, and dozens of small animals traipsed through it on silent and not-so-silent paws. Foxy slowly approached it. But then, he froze. His circuits locked up and he found it hard to do anything besides stand there. What I be doin'? Foxy urged himself on, but he just couldn't bring himself to. The moment brought back memories of when he was first introduced to the other animatronics.

In the center, there was a small wooden ship, though it was large enough so that an animatronic could be inside. Neither Freddy, Bonnie, nor Chica said anything. The room became silent.

His metal nose wiggled. Don't worry, I'll go get him. I don't want his circuits freezing. Just get him out here! Foxy, the others are here to see you. They've never seen you before," Zach said, searching around the pirate ship.

He stopped on the other side of it. He crouched down, placing one hand on the hull of this ship for balance. He emitted a few low pitched sounds, avoiding eye contact with the engineer. Zach smiled gently, setting a warm hand on the pirate's back.

They may seem intimidating, being a bit-well, maybe more than a bit-older than you, but they aren't going to hurt you. He peeked his head over it, eyes barely showing over the wood. His ears tilted backwards. The trio gasped at the sight, their eyes wide. Shying away again, Foxy dropped out of their sights. He quivered behind the wooden pirate ship.

Say hello, will you? Foxy shook his head stubbornly. He put his paw and hook over his face. Won't you want to have the courage to talk in front of them as well? Something stirred in his controls; he cared about the children. He didn't know why, but he couldn't hurt the children. His job was to make them happy. Foxy's going to get up and say hi, aren't you, Foxy? Deciding to put away his fears for now, Foxy grimaced and started to stand.

His legs trembled under his weight, but he managed to get to his feet; his eyes were closed as to avoid the gazes of the others, but he was standing nonetheless. Foxy peeked open his non-covered eye, getting a look at who was speaking. It's nice to meet you," Bonnie said gently, smiling.

Freddy gave a few chuckles. Soon, you'll be jumping and playing with the kids just like the rest of us," Freddy declared.

Foxy tapped his hook and paw together. Why this be so hard?

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He was more than a bit bigger than the engineer, towering over him. Foxy's ears drooped as he realized he'd been tricked. He turned around to look at the other animatronics. They were staring again. Metal in his face heated up, and his circuits froze. After not moving for what seemed like forever, Zach sighed. The engineer looked at the others. Foxy'll be up and running again shortly. When they were all gone, Zach turned back to Foxy, screwdriver in his hand. We've never had one like this.

It was making its way towards him.

Foxy shied away and dropped down to all fours, crouching beside a thick bush. Although he tried to stop it, his circuits trembled. It was obviously female. A few chitters were heard. Foxy grimaced and tried to dig himself a hole to hide in. Dirt covered his hands and stomach. Sometimes I be cursin' this here hook.

Foxy glared momentarily at the added part of his body before returning his focus to the female. Is that you, Angel Bunny? Are you playing tricks on the others again? The steps got nearer. Foxy rolled backwards, ending up falling into the small stream with a splash.

He would've yowled in shock, but it chilled his circuits and made them spark and spasm. Foxy barely saw the shape of something before it ducked behind a bush.

The pirate gained control of his rapidly deteriorating controls and leaped out of the stream. His fur was wet and he felt like he'd never rid himself of the rust this would surely cause.

He shook his fur out with a few quick motions, water spattering across the garden. Foxy heard steps and then nothing. He spun around from where he'd been planning to scurry away and faced the female. She glided towards him on silent wings of the warmest yellow.

Four hooves were held underneath her belly. A pink mane and tail accented her creamy coat perfectly.

What else could do, anyways? He was wet and broken and diffident. With a scrabbling of paws, the fox spun around on three legs and leaped forward.

He stumbled as he tried to get to his back paws, where he was fastest. Besides, he couldn't run well with a hook. Foxy heard the slightest sound of feathers batting the air as he sprinted forward at top speed.

Fluttershy whimpered as she saw the thing run away on two legs, surprisingly enough. It sprinted down the road towards Ponyville. She dropped to her hooves, wings folding in. Her mind was in a frenzy. What should I do? If the, uh, fox thing gets to Ponyville, ponies will go crazy! Just imagining how the gardening ponies will react. She shuddered, ruffling her feathers.

She gave her wings a flap and hovered in the air once more. Fluttershy tapped her chin in thought, desperately looking around. Her eyes locked onto her chicken coop and she got an idea. The pegasus swiftly flew down into her cellar, throwing the large wooden doors open.

She searched about in the dark for a bit before finding a large bundle of twine. She used it to fix holes in her chicken coop and the fences, but maybe it would work to capture that fox?

Of course, it had looked like it had had some sharp teeth. As Fluttershy zoomed over the lands, her hooves were working frantically to make some sort of loop in the metal.

It wasn't near good enough to anything that Applejack could probably do. One end was made into a noose-like thing and the rest was curled up into a roll in her other hoof. If it wasn't for her wings, she was sure she'd have lost the fox by now. It was quite fast, but no match for wing power. That's why pegasi were so much faster than any other species of pony.

Urg, alright, just gotta get in front of it a bit. Fluttershy managed to hover directly over it, her fore-hooves stretched forward so the wire would fall over it. But the fox saw it, much to Fluttershy's disappointment, though it didn't surprise her at all.

It sped up, leaving her behind by just a bit. Fluttershy pumped her wings harder. She was sure Rainbow Dash would be very proud of her right now if she were to see her. The loop of twine caught on its muzzle with a quick swing from the pegasus above.

Foxy didn't get a chance to dodge the carefully maneuvered loop that was hung in front of his face. He felt it rub against his muzzle and then tighten. The flying creature stopped in midair and he was yanked backwards. His hooked hand came up and tried to claw it off his face, but it wasn't working. He instead latched onto it and pulled firmly against the force. He heard a squeak of astonishment from the female attempting to stop him. Foxy took off again, dragging her behind. The flapping of wings increased as she tried to pull him backwards.

They were still quite a ways from the town, however. Dirt puffed up under the pirate's back legs. That's when he felt something wrap around his right hind leg. A strong pull sent him stumbling onto his side in a scrabbling of limbs. Dirt covered his red fur as he splayed on the ground. Thank goodness, it worked! Fluttershy could've sighed in relief if not for the twine in her mouth.

Her jaw was aching and her teeth felt like they were being pulled out, but she managed to hold on for that amount of time. Her plan had been fairly simple; make another loop and get it around its leg. It'd taken a bit of hoof work, but after managing to twist the other end into some sort of recognizable shape, she'd carefully aimed for its right leg. With a fast motion, she'd looped it around the grey foot, tightening it.

As soon as she'd tugged upward and backwards, it'd came crashing down. The fox writhed on the ground, attempting to rip the wire. Thankfully, it was fairly strong. She'd never needed to use much because it hardly ever broke, but when it did, she was ready. Fluttershy quickly folded her wings in and trotted forward.

The fox seemed to have calmed down a bit, but most likely not by choice. In all honesty, it seemed exhausted. She never liked to harm an animal further, but when one was in danger of hurting themselves or others, she took drastic measures.

Now was a time like that. Thankfully, it didn't seem to be struggling too much. Once the fox had all its paws tied together, she ran a hoof over its head. It wiggled and tugged against the strong twine, but couldn't break free.

I wonder why it has a hook? Fluttershy felt quite proud of herself. She didn't think much about that though and just took to the air. She would go get her wagon and then she'd take it back to her house. Maybe Twilight could tell her what it was? Foxy's circuit were sparking and tightening. He was unable to move because of the water damage. It was surprising he'd even made it that far. He felt her hoof run over his head and then had heard her leave.

Her wings were quiet and nearly impossible to hear. Honestly, it kind of pissed him off. Perhaps he'd care more after he was rebooted. Fluttershy was glad that when she came back, the fox was still tied.

It's been a risky move, leaving it here, but she definitely was not strong enough to carry it all the way back to her cottage, it had to be at least three times larger than her!

Recently, Equestria had made advancements in technology. They had better communication systems and forms of transportation for non-pegasi. Twilight had taken to studying these and inventing her own.

Prototypes had filled her lab last time Fluttershy had been there. Maybe this was just one of her experiments that had gotten out?

Better to find out than just let her worry about it. So, the pegasus struggled to push the large, metal fox into the wagon and put the tarp she'd also retrieved over the red creature. Fluttershy put the harness over her back, letting her wings remain free. Then, fluttering her wings, she took off.

The cart lifted with her, because physics. Fluttershy struggled slightly with the heavy cargo, a bit of sweat forming on her brow, but continued on. I felt it went too fast, and I really wanted to not have Foxy come to Equestria until chapter two, but there wasn't much to do with him.

We know what he does every night and I needed Luna to see the bite in his dream. Criticism the constructive kindis appreciated.

I've read several stories that say Foxy was really shy. I think it's cute. Also, my first FNaF's crossover! I got the game a few days ago and beat nights in a day. Five took a while, but mostly because I didn't have enough time to play.

Starker groaned, got on stage and hit the bunny hard with one hoof. These robots are years old. They tend to glitch every now and again. Because of the incidents that happened here in the past, no company would go near the place with a wing. I don't trust them. Once, my toaster was acting weird, and at the same time, my hoof shoes kept disappearing. I think he was taking them, cause something turn it You also said you ate an expired cake and that the doctor said you hallucinated the whole thing.

Whatever made the Alicorn uncomfortable by the robots, expired food must be the reason! Spike gulped hard in fear, not of the message, but at Twilight's action.

fnaf meet mlp fanfiction

The Mane Five saw this in feeling like maybe Twilight needs help calming down. This place seemed to really get to her, and they couldn't figure out why.

fnaf meet mlp fanfiction

The group couldn't help but agree. As they moved on, Applejack noticed an area that was closed off by a curtain; a sign that said 'Sorry! Out of Order' was front of it. Starker looks at the curtain then explains, "That is Pirate's Cove, home of the swashbuckling pirate fox who roam the Equestrian Seas, Foxy the Pirate Fox. Out of curiosity, she opened a curtain to take a peek. There's an animatronic robot who is apparently sitting there as if alone and forgotten.

Foxy was a large, animatronic fox with reddish brown, tattered fur. He had a hook as his right hand, and an eye patch that was folded over his right eye. Foxy wore brown linen pants that are especially shredded at the legs.

He appeared to be damaged, as parts of his machinery were exposed. It could clearly be seen that his legs were completely bare, exposing the metal endoskeleton.

fnaf meet mlp fanfiction

His chest was ripped in some places, showing the endoskeleton beneath, and his arms and stomach were torn apart as well. He appeared to have a broken lower jaw, making it so that the mouth cannot close properly. He also seemed to have a slightly droopy left eyelid.

fnaf meet mlp fanfiction

Like all of the other Fazbear characters, Foxy had a set of teeth. Foxy's teeth, however, appeared to be the sharpest, being similar to those of an actual canine, while the other animatronics' teeth resemble human-like dentures. It's also notable that, in keeping with the pirate motif, he has several golden teeth, and also appeared to have some teeth missing. His upper jaw muzzle was speckled on the sides with black dots, indicating either beard stubble or invisible whiskers.

Come to think of it, she recalled seeing Foxy during her days as a filly, but hadn't seen him for years to understand why. And as the group goes down a hall, not one of them saw Freddy's group coming to life, turning and glaring to where they went It had a fan that was cooling the room, a phone, drawings of Freddy and his pals on a wall, pictures of the cupcake, a panel with two buttons near each room, a chair to sit in, two windows that showed the hallways, and some sort of laptop.

He pointed to the phone as he said, "Now this is the phone. He then motioned to the panels, "Now then, these panels are important. The top button opens and closes the door. The bottom turns the lights on. The cameras, doors and lights will drain so use them wisely. Don't tamper with them. We don't want them to break down further than they are already.

He gasped, "Holy horse crap! I am here longer than I thought! Uh, I will leave you alone now for your fun. Now, I got some few instructions let to give you. Rule 1, stay in this room between No need to get lost in the dark.

If you need to go, do so now! Use them whenever necessary. Third, try not to break the robots. The last part caught the Mane Six's attention. Gotta go; I will leave you to it. He didn't waste any more time in galloping out of the room. And enjoy your week stay here at Freddy's. Twilight shudders, "I don't know why but I am concerned more than ever.

Twilight wished that she shared her friend's happy nature right now. The baby Dragon manages to bring his comic books along for him to read. Fluttershy was sitting in a corner, trying her best not to be frightened while Applejack and Rainbow are playing with some sort of mini-game that the Pegasus pony has found in the prizes area. Ah could've sworn yew done cheated!

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Hay, you're talking to the Element of Loyalty here. She looks at the cameras on the lap-top thing, checking on the images from each camera. Freddy and his pals are still on stage. Everything else is silent.

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Odd, for some reason, the camera for the Kitchen is broken. Twilight would've gone to see why Fluttershy got up and heads over to the drawings. She notes how cute they are, despite how this restaurant appears to be a bit creepy at nice. The yellow Pegasus pony thought back on poor Foxy, forgotten and broken down. What happened that made him decommissioned all these years?

What's more concerning Fluttershy is Twilight's behavior. The new Alicorn isn't thrilled to be coming back here for some reason. Twilight changes the channel to that of the Backstage The mare cringes as memories of what happened returned to her mind You ready for Freddy?

Twilight gave a wide smile. She is ready for Freddy! But then, the mascot then spoke in a dark voice, "Good The unicorn filly looks confused. What kind of special treat involves a knife? Is he gotta cut pizza or something? Twilight's eyes widen as she watch what's happening in front of her. The cries of joy gave way to that of terror, slashing noises And because of the cheering and loud noises in the dining room area, no one else could hear what's going on!

Twilight yelps in terror, feeling like she wants to scream as the mascot continues his business The mascot then proceeds in Rainbow yelps and flew up to catch it in time.

Right, the phone; Twilight chuckles a bit awkwardly. It's the middle of the night, Freddy's is closed The group decided to let the answering machine get it. Sure enough, a stallion's voice is heard on the other end, "Hello, hello?

Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Starker told the group to expect the former security guard's recordings. I will call him 'Phone Guy'.

fnaf meet mlp fanfiction

The caller, known as Phone Guy, continues, "Um, I actually worked in that office before you. I'm finishing up my last week now, as a matter of fact. So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you there's nothing to worry about. Uh, you'll do fine. So, let's just focus on getting you through your first week. Uh, let's see, first there's an introductory greeting from the company that I'm supposed to read.

Uh, it's kind of a legal thing, you know. Um, "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza; A magical place for foals and grown-up ponies alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property, pony, Dragon or any other species.

Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing species report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced. Is he saying 'dat someone dies on 'dis job?

Uh, the animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night, but do I blame them? If I were forced to sing those same stupid songs for twenty years and I never got a bath? I'd probably be a bit irritable at night too. Is the Phone Guy also suggesting Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long.