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Lee SeungGi who normally had proclaimed YoonA as his ideal type said, “Tiffany is close I was in Korea but because I was preparing for my fan meeting in Japan, I am sending you my eng translation: [email protected] Seung Gi Soompi Thread. See more. Lee Seung Gi (Monkey King in Hwayugi-A Korean Odessey with mini monkey) . See more. Lee Seung Gi at Malaysia fan meeting 1st Night, The King 2 Hearts, Gumiho Your number one Asian Entertainment community forum! . Lee Seung Gi at Indonesia press conference The King 2 Hearts, You're All. Salam Korea hadir untuk memenuhi kebutuhan masyarakat Indonesia akan segala informasi mengenai Korea. Tidak hanya dari dunia hiburan.

Does this Perfect image brings pressure?

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He has a perfect image — great character, good in everything he does, no scandals etc. Thus we asked LSG, do you feel any pressure? Thus I have to constantly remind myself on this and it does feels abit pressurizing. LSG also jokingly said: However after thinking about it, I do prefer the Best husband term. As husband has a longer term meaning to it. Does LSG has any shortcomings? Is Mr perfect really perfect? LSG is actually quite a cheeky person and likes to makes fun of others.

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Yesterday at the open press conference, he revealed that his shortcoming maybe would be easily be fond of the new and tired of the old; abandon the old for the new things very fast. This is how a Mr Perfect Prince needs to behaves.

However before that, whether it be the public press conference on Friday or the media interviews on Sat morning, he has once again shows his Prince like style charisma. Serious at times, humourous at times and always with his best smile.

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There seems to be no questions too tough for this top student. They had a long kissing scene in the show. His reply was indeed diplomatic. As Suzy has less experience, she needed more time to get used to the location and the filming pace.

Sunny replies that is an erroneous generalisation to make since that logic would suggest girls attending all-girls colleges should all be dating.

She then mentions SNSD, as they're an example of a female-centric environment I would assumeto say by that logic SNSD members should have all been dating years ago, but since that logic is flawed there are still more single people than couples out there, including herself.

She then dramatically self-interrupts, sighs and says she'll stop there, in a humourous way. She actually continues on this topic briefly after playing the first song of the show, comforting the listener by saying she went to all-girls schools through junior to senior high and she expects things wouldn't be that different at an all-girls college and that perhaps the listener would have a better chance at love at a coed school anyway.

She then playfully asks listeners to send in texts to brighten up the rather lamenting, wistful mood that started off the evening. And life goes on. Those translations were confusing because those who translated them were selective about what they chose to share.

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And somehow what Sunny appeared to say managed to fit their fantasies in which SNSD members were single. Yeah, cos there was nothing noteworthy if the context of it was taken into account. One could argue she was a bit vague as she didn't clearly say who or what she was exactly referring to when she said there are more single people than couples, which is true enough and some Korean fans did discuss this but nothing took off but some 'fans' really need to stop attaching significance to every minute detail of what the girls say in public.