Eibach meet 2012 location services

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eibach meet 2012 location services

The last Eibach Honda Meet I attended was last and it was crowded with rude-manner people Location – Eibach Springs in Corona, CA. Impp 01 o eibach honda meet honda civic si Impp 03 o eibach honda meet honda civic EJ Impp 06 o eibach. Posts about eibach meet written by jdmriceboy

I personally loved it when they Honda Meet was held at the Eibach Springs so after since they changed locations, I stopped attending because there is usually more chaos when there is more people. I hope you guys enjoy this never-before-seen coverage of Eibach Honda Meet of I did not snap much pictures from the gates because I want to start from the back and circle around the VIP show cars.

Eibach Honda Meet 2012

This was the beautiful lineup. Him being a Lakers fan, he wanted me to take a picture of his attire and Rays Engineering RE wheels. His car was also a rarity since his Integra Type R utilizes the Cwest body kit.

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From the matching rear bumper with vents to the sideskirts. You can also see a Mugen Gen. This Honda Civic had it all! Love this duo of Acura Integras because it shows two different facelifts.

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Both have JDM 1-piece headlights. Before CCW wheels became popular inonly a few had them on their rides. I thought this was hilarious. Not sure why he has this facial expression but I can see some hilarious memes being created, haha.

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Tracked out Honda Civic EG hatchback. Random but always a pleasant treat to see a Nissan Silvia S These are import-only vehicles so you can understand its rarity here in the US. If if correct, this was owned by a female driver.

eibach meet 2012 location services

It was just so flashy like bling bling haha. Acura Integra had a nice paintjob but even nicer engine bay. Notice the super rare Red Horse carbon fiber strut bars. In the beginning it was pretty simple. As Japanese cars were built and sold cross the world, different options would be offered for different markets.

eibach meet 2012 location services

People would and still do swap out their factory parts for their Japanese home market counterparts — be it a steering wheel, a set headlights, or even an complete engine. Pretty straight forward right?

eibach meet 2012 location services

Somewhere along the line things changed. For some reason Honda decided to design a unique front end for the US market eight generation Civic, but judging on the popularity of the JDM conversion I think they should have left it alone… Love this Civic hatchback. With so many similar cars gathered in one place, people do some pretty strange things to make their car stand out.

You be the judge.

Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Photo Gallery

Or you can go in a completely different direction and transform the TSX into a focused, circuit-oriented machine like this one. That contrast between two cars that left the assembly line exactly the same is again what makes Eibach fun. If someone would have told me 10 years ago that the Honda Civic Shuttle or Wagovan would be a popular car to customize inI would have laughed.

One more little slice of EF Civic heaven.

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