British para swimming international meet 2016 mustang

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british para swimming international meet 2016 mustang

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She sliced over four seconds off the old mark set by Kirston Harwood at the trials. The Olympic qualifying time is 1: Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson of Ottawa was next in 4: The qualifying time is 4: The S9 swimmer was timed in 1: Brittany MacLean of Toronto also set a Canadian record, lowering her own standard in the metre freestyle.

Oleksiak looked both thrilled and relieved after race. Noemie Thomas of Richmond, B. Only the top two swimmers can be nominated. She believes she can go even faster in Rio. It the record was an extra special bonus. Block, of Calgary, was left riding a roller-coaster of emotions after winning the m breaststroke in 1: Markus Thormeyer of Markham, Ont.

She was timed in It was the best meet of my life, so I put some pressure on myself. Now I am quite happy with my race. Benoit Huot of Longueuil, Que.

The S10 swimmer was clocked in 4: Nathan Stein of Maple Ridge, B. The S10 swimmer was timed in The evening final promises to be fast.

The Olympic qualifying time for the event is He won the morning heats in 1: Jason Block of Calgary was second in 1: Kennedy Goss of Toronto finished next in 4: Luke Reilly of Richmond, B. Jeremy Bagshaw of Victoria led the m freestyle in 1: Yuri Kisil of Calgary was next in 1: The S10 swimmer was clocked in She also swam 4: Veteran Benoit Huot of Longueuil, Que.

In other notable m times, S8 swimmer Morgan Bird of Calgary was timed in Katarina Roxon of Kippens, NL, who is celebrating her 23rd birthday, was Gordie Michie of St.

By Jim Morris Ryan Cochrane is setting the bar high as he prepares for what is likely his last Olympic trials. But his own pride, plus a desire to set an example for his teammates, is fueling his motivation. They need to put those times up at trials to show the world what they can do and really gain that internal confidence. If I can help other athletes gain that by showing what we are capable of, I think that is an ideal circumstance. Cochrane has said this will probably be his last Olympics.

English — 62/84 — Swimming Canada

The year-old from Victoria won a bronze medal in the 1,metre freestyle at the Games in Beijing, then improved to silver four years later in London. Through it all he has experienced the excitement and disappointment of past trials.

I was a total nervous wreck the entire time. It was an experience I had dreamed about for years. There was a lot of pressure. I know what I need to do and my goals are set for the summer. I know this is a stepping stone to that. I expect better things than I have ever seen before. If I can be on the podium a year out of the Olympics, anything can happen.

County trio selected for UK School Games

I can get back to work for three months and get ready for the Games. Clarissa Andersen Swimming Canada presented awards of recognition to three paramedical leaders, honouring their long-standing support and dedication as integrated support team members. These professionals are national and international leaders in their fields, and often go above and beyond what they are asked to do.

They volunteer countless hours, travel around the globe with teams, and ensure that the athletes have the foundation of health and wellness they need to compete at such a high level. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, and in many cases do not even get the chance to watch the athletes perform.

Ken Mikkelsen — Chiropractor: Ronald Mattison — Physiotherapist: Based out of the Allan McGavin Sport Physiotherapy Centre in Vancouver, Ron Mattison has been working with swimming sinceand has been to five Olympic Games, one of which was dedicated to the swim team.

Aurel Hamran — Massage Therapist: He has been to five Olympics as part of the Canadian Olympic Committee core medical team.

british para swimming international meet 2016 mustang

The Sanctuary keeps me grounded and keeps me at peace and it's healthy for me. It's been amazing for me and me coming here has really been a major part of keeping me sober.

I think the other part of it has been having my grandson this year. That's been a big part of my recovery process as well. Between working here with Clare and the horses and my family they've kept me grounded- how much healthier could I get?! I think those are the things you need to pick up in sobriety. There's a certain amount of replacement therapy. When you're changing your life to that extreme, you need to replace the addiction with somewhat of a new lifestyle.

With Kim, she'll show up here first thing in the morning.

British Para-Swimming International Meet 2018 - Day One Heats

I think knowing that she's coming here gives her a purpose and a reason to wake up every morning. This new lifestyle of mine does not fit in with the old lifestyle laughs and this new lifestyle is beautiful and this place has been a huge part of my sobriety and my recovery process.

Honestly, my sobriety kind of came with it- with spending so much time here. It just happened naturally.

Swimming Club: Norwich Swimming Club

I don't think that's coincidence either. The two things go hand and hand. You threw yourself into that and I don't think that it suddenly came along. This was definitely the right thing that came along at the right time for Kim.

british para swimming international meet 2016 mustang

It feels to me that this place healed your soul. Yeah, I found something healthy and beautiful to put myself in to, which doesn't leave much room for the negative stuff.

This has percent been very therapeutic for me. Being here helps me get out of my head. When you're constantly hands-on with something so beautiful and you're so busy with it there really isn't any time for negativity and bullshit. I just come in everyday and ride my horse.

Has your family been supportive? Have your kids or sisters come to visit you during your time here? Well, my one daughter just had her baby and he'll be one next month. The kids haven't made it out here to the ranch, Kimberly has been here but Brooke and Whitney have not. They definitely will though.

My daughter Kimberly and my son Chad have been here. My older girls have not and actually I'm working on a little something- I am planning a fundraiser here and planning to get my family involved.

Let's just say someone in my family will be singing wink wink and someone else from the family will be planning it so the whole family will be there for that. Something big is happening!

british para swimming international meet 2016 mustang

How long have you been coming? A year and a half but Clare and I knew each other a little before that. What kind of transformation have you seen in Kim since you've known her and she started coming to the Sanctuary?

I think her energy has changed a lot. She's a lot quieter and calmer. Not that I ever saw Kim do anything crazy or like the sort of crazy stuff that the show highlighted. She'll get very excitable about things which is a really great quality, but when she comes here there's a sort of calmness and grace to her. She's doing something beautiful and it's really amazing to watch. She knows the horses and she feels confident around them. The way she can handle a horse kind of translates into her life because she was always running herself ragged for other people and in a way it's taught her to set boundaries.

I think that she's definitely found her voice here. She speaks up a lot more.