Bavarian air meet 2012 presidential candidates

Helmut Josef Michael Kohl was a German statesman who served as Chancellor of Germany In the federal election his party performed well, but the social -liberal when Kohl's rival from the Bavarian sister party CSU, Franz Josef Strauß, .. On 28 December , he was air-lifted by the Sri Lankan Air Force, after. Obama will cap his day with an open-air speech before an expected . Republican in presidential elections, including Alaska and Virginia. The Bavaria election served as a painful bellwether of the national mood.

Hide Caption 19 of Photos: A bill passed the Senate in Decemberbut there were intense negotiations before it could pass the House.

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The bill passed after more than a year of bitter partisan debate. All Republicans opposed it, along with 34 Democrats.

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Hide Caption 20 of Photos: It was the biggest expansion of health care guarantees in more than four decades, and it represented a significant step toward the goal of universal coverage, which has been sought by every Democratic President since Harry Truman.

Hide Caption 21 of Photos: He was scheduled to give a Memorial Day speech. Later, he boarded a few of the buses to thank them for attending and apologized for not being able to speak. And we made progress in each of these areas," Obama said.

Hide Caption 23 of Photos: Hide Caption 24 of Photos: Obama said he was "cautiously hopeful". Republicans Donald Trump publicly lauded James "Mad Dog" Mattis as "very impressive" on Sunday, fuelling speculation that the retired military general may be offered the position of secretary of defence.

Germany in crisis as Mesut Özil’s ‘Bling-bling gang’ take on Bavarians

As the President-elect spent a second day meeting with candidates for his top team at his golf course in New Jersey, he appeared to revel in the game-show style tension he has created around the appointments.

Despite the seemingly endless stream of high-ranking visitors to his golf course over the weekend, Mr Trump has so far made just three appointments to his cabinet, filling the roles of attorney general, national security adviser and CIA director.

Very organized process taking place as I decide on Cabinet and many other positions. I am the only one who knows who the finalists are!

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All three choices have been criticised by Democrats and human rights groups for holding hawkish and hard-Right views. But Mike Pence, the vice president-elect, who also heads Mr Trump's transition team said on Sunday that the two men had had a "substantive exchange" and that Mr Romney was "under active consideration" to become America's chief diplomat.

He later sought and received two additional student deferments. Benjamin and Craig were born after Romney had begun his career. Business career of Mitt Romney Management consulting Recruited by several firms inRomney joined the Boston Consulting Group BCGreasoning that working as a management consultant for a variety of companies would better prepare him for a future position as a chief executive.

In fact, clients sometimes preferred to use him rather than more-senior partners. Disagreeing about the license and wanting to continue a family outing, Romney took it out anyway, saying he would pay the fine. The ranger arrested him for disorderly conduct.

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The charges were dropped several days later. Romney set up a system in which any partner could veto one of these potential opportunities, and he personally saw so many weaknesses that few venture capital investments were approved in the initial two years.

Stemberg convinced Romney of the market size for office supplies and Romney convinced others; Bain Capital eventually reaped a nearly sevenfold return on its investment, and Romney sat on the Staples board of directors for over a decade. My job was to try and make the enterprise successful, and in my view the best security a family can have is that the business they work for is strong.