Aaja laut ke mere meet female version of mark

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Check out Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet - Male (From "Rani Rupmati") by Mukesh Buy song £ · Add to MP3 Basket Sample this song Mark Ronson feat. 2 National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer. Honours, Padma Vibhushan (). Asha Bhosle (born 8 September ), is an Indian singer. She is best known as a playback Her first solo Hindi film song was for the movie Raat Ki Raani (). At the age of . She was the best person I ever met." The parting. The female versions lagged so far behind that many of them When you think of Aa laut ke aja mere meet you think of the plaintive cry of.

Then I got to see the visuals of many songs for the first time, but essentially my sensibilities were derived from the audio of the songs. I find it ironical that what just the two DD channels could provide in olden days, we can not get with channels today. Even DD with its over two dozen channels have been reduced to catering to the lowest common denominator.

aaja laut ke mere meet female version of mark

But God bless internet and Youtube, we have access to all the old gems we thought were lost for ever. Youtube performs four important roles as far as this blog is concerned- i validation and confirmation of the credits, ii revisiting the songs which were either lost in my consciousness, iii exploring songs which I had never heard before, but brought to my notice by the readers in their comments or otherwise and iv helping the readers who may not be that deeply into the music of that era to experience first hand what I am trying to say.

Now the three twin songs you have mentioned Jiya ho jiya ho jiya kuchh bol do, Teri ankhon ke siwa and O meri shah-e-khuba O meri jaane janana, I strongly remeber these as Rafi songs. That they also had a female twin is just a piece of knowledge for me, I would have to really strain myself to recall the female versions.

Is it my bias? I do not know. I would tend to think that it is just that the male version created a much bigger impact. Is it because I heard the male version first? Not really — in the long listening experience it does not really matter which song fell on your ears first, especially if it is a sustained pattern in one direction.

Is it because we have heard the male version more often? But is it not a function of which song got public acclaim? As for Geeta Dutt twin songs, my article mentions two — Na ye chand hoga na tare rahenge and Kaise koi jiye, both pitted against Hemant Kumar.

Twin songs: A front runner and a laggard

You are clearly a big fan of Geeta Dutt, I am leaving it to you to judge which creates more impact. Wud tend to agree thy most of times male solo of same song r better than female solo.

Another song to my mind is rim jhim gire sawan,where kishoreda version is far better than lata. The way to look at it male and female voices play complimentary roles rather than competing ones so duets wid hv equal contribution gem Both. For me, humein tumse pyAr kitna, kishore da version is superior Proving that soulful and expressive singing touches a common man more than technical variations of thumri.

Anyway, to each his own. Now that you mention it, I had to go back to Youtube to remind myself of it. Again the Mukesh version was more popular. Her first set of six Bollywood songs did not receive any response from the audience, which consisted mostly of Indian and Pakistani expats.

Before the start of the second set of songs, a fan in the crowd requested her to sing a Marathi song. Asha obliged and sang "Naach-naachuni ati mi damale" "I'm very tired of this endless dancing". When the song ended, the auditorium erupted with claps and the encores started. After the concert, Asha was in bed for a month, recuperating from overexertion.

In Octobershe did a concert with Sudesh Bhosle and others, in London, for "Help the Aged" to help raise funds for the elderly in India. This tour, originally scheduled for only 12 concerts, went on to run more than Inshe sang a love song with the boy band Code Redat the age of The song was also released on the album 1 Giant Leap for Inthe British band Cornershop paid tribute to Asha with their song " Brimful of Asha ," an international hit which was later remixed by Fatboy Slim.

Asha Remix" created by Digital Cutup Lounge. Despite her age, she recorded three to four songs a day, leaving the quartet members stupefied. Burman's Bollywood was released in US. In lateAsha collaborated with Australian test cricket star, Brett Lee. The single, You're the One for Medebuted at number 4 on the charts and reached a peak position of number 2. It was aired as part of the film's promotional campaign and became very popular, featuring on top music charts.

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The songs were duets with Binod Chattopadhyay and composed by Manna Dey. She sang many pooja songs in Bengali. In the mid s, she would frequently sing for Bengali songs tuned by Sudhin Dasgupta, Nachiketa Ghosh rtc. In the s, she sang a lot of songs in films such as Chhadmabeshi, Bandi, Mouchak, Anand Ashram etc. Inshe has created the album "Pancham Tumi Kothay" in honor of her husband Rahul Dev Burman 's 75th birth anniversary.

In this album she has sung 8 songs previously composed by Burman. She has also sung in a film Parapar at the age of Asha, at the age of 16, had eloped with year-old Ganpatrao Bhosle. They separated in They have three children and five grandchildren.

Aa laut ke aaja mere meet

The eldest of her three children, Hemant Bhosle named after Hemant Kumarspent most of his early years as a pilot and quit to have a brief career as a music director. Bhosle's daughter Varsha committed suicide on 8 October ; she was 56 years old and worked as a columnist for The Sunday Observer and Rediff.

He manages Asha's career. Her grandson, Chaitanya Chintu Bhosle Hemant's son is a part of the world of music. Her sisters Lata and Usha Mangeshkar are playback singers.

Her other, sister Meena Mangeshkar and brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar are music directors. Her son Hemant died of cancer in Asha's first husband Ganpatrao was her personal secretary. Their marriage failed miserably in Her husband and in-laws mistreated her.

aaja laut ke mere meet female version of mark

After a few years of marriage, Asha was turned out by a suspicious Ganpatrao [30] and she went to her maternal home with two children while pregnant with her third child.

She continued to sing in films to earn money. Asha married Rahul Dev Burman in Rahul, 6 years younger than her, earlier got divorced from Rita Patel in She often gets flooded with requests by Bollywood celebrities for kadai ghosht and biryani dishes and has rarely turned down a request.

aaja laut ke mere meet female version of mark

In fact, her paya curryGoan fish curry and dal are very popular with the Kapoor family of Bollywood. Once, when asked in a Times of India interview, what if her singing career had not taken off, she said "I would have become a cook. I'd have cooked in four houses and made money. She runs restaurants in Dubai and Kuwait called Asha's. Asha's offers traditional north-western Indian cuisine. Asha is not involved in the day-to-day running of the restaurant which is looked after by the Wafi Group.

She personally trained the chefs for almost six months. According to a December report in Menu Magazine, [35] Russell Scott, a former head of Harry Ramsden's the fish and chips chainsecured the UK rights to the Asha's brand and planned to open up to 40 restaurants over the next five years.

As part of her chain of restaurants, Asha has recently opened a new restaurant in Birmingham, UK. As a child, Lata used to carry Asha all the time. They were so inseparable that when Lata went to school she would take Asha with her.

One day the teacher protested and said that they cannot have two students on one fee. Lata refused to return to school without Asha and quit her studies. This led to tensions between them. She disapproved of the alliance. In her initial days in the industry, Asha always played second fiddle to her elder sister. Some say that Lata had once criticised Asha's relationship with O. This widened the rift between the two sisters and O P Nayyar also decided that he would never work with Lata.

Asha Bhosle

Nayyar had once revealed that "Asha and Lata, staying in opposite flats at Bombay's Peddar Roadshared a maid. Said maid's responsibility was to come and tell the younger sister that Lata had just recorded something wonderful for Asha to lose her vocal poise.

Such was her Lata phobia that it took me some months to convince Asha that she had a voice individualistic enough to evolve a singing style all of her own.

Their first duet was for the film Daman While singing, Lata used to hold her notebook in her right hand, while Asha held hers in the left hand. This meant Lata had her face away from Asha, making it difficult for them to "anticipate" each other. It was the only time Dev Anand and his frequent playback singer, Kishore Kumar, acted together. The award-winning film was faithful to the original material and drew impressive performances from its cast.

The duet was sung by Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. The movie had an interesting premise about two parents, and devotees of Indra, who are told that their only child will be an atheist.

aaja laut ke mere meet female version of mark

Sung by Lata Mangeshkar, the moving prayer was embraced by the nation and is played at schools and events till today. The superhit music of Samrat Chandragupta gave composer Kalyanji Virji Shah his big breakthrough.

Interestingly, Manmohan Desai assisted the film's director Babubhai Mistri.