The amanda show meet literals video

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the amanda show meet literals video

Find amazing Rhythm S GIFs from on Gfycat. Share your favorite GIF now. Episode In Preston's third appearance on the show, he meets Amanda in .. Episode 4–The Literals: A family who understands things exactly how they. The Amanda Show - Meet The Literals - YouTube. video - social skills for kids with high functioning autism, making friends in middle school. More information.

The protagonist of Moody's Point is named "Moody". Her emotions frequently shift and she's usually melancholy. There is also Mr. Oldman who is well, a cranky old man! And there's the recurring families with last names that match their personalities - The Simians who are half-apeThe Lucklesses who have terrible luckThe Extremes who overreact to everythingThe Klutzes who are inhumanly clumsy and The Literals who take everything literally.

And don't forget Mr. Gullible, the gullible substitute teacher.

the amanda show meet literals video

The raison d'etre of Nurse Zelda - who gives the Heimlich to a girl who just coughed, feeds pudding on a drip to a boy with a papercut and brings out the heart paddles for a sneezer. Missed Her By That Much: When Penelope finally relents and go to make Preston a sandwich, Amanda walks by where she was standing. Nobody Calls Me "Chicken"!

Sharon and Toby of "The Dare Show" refuse disguisting, painful, or humiliating dares until the darer starts calling them chicken, coward, yellow belly, etc. Their mom is the same. Judge Trudy yells almost everything she says. Two aliens pop up and snatch him while prepping on lax gloves to which the policeman pleads this trope's name.

After the intro, Amanda would greet her audience by exclaiming, "My name's Amanda," then sharing a random, usually made-up fact about herself. Amanda also closed each episode by saying, "Okay, that's our show! The father and son in the "Wrestleburgs" sketch were modeled after wrestlers Goldust and The Blue Blazerrespectively.

There's one Survivor parody called Stranded, which is a good example. The last one to leave the set location a bathtub in North Dakota, a parked car in Oklahoma, etc. The latter ultimately goes Off the Rails when the two remaining contestants Judge Trudy and the Bailiff realize that the keys are in the ignition and they've got a million dollars in the trunk.

This show loves this trope.

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Popper Pants, The Boost Varies per sketch, but the show depicts a number of police officers to be incompetent. Barney, Amanda's fat, slovenly lazy security guard, was the most frequent example. His love for food sometimes gets exploited by Penelope who Barney refuses to allow to break into Amanda's private room. One time when Drake ordered a pizza but it came with thick crust instead of thin, Amanda asked Barney to flatten out the crust.

Barney sits on the crust making it perfectly thin-crust but proceeds to lock himself with the pizza in his booth and eat it all up as Drake angrily screams for his pizza back.

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Also in a sketch that involves 2 teens eating up a family's food supply after fooling the family 3 times consecutively using disguises of firefighters, repairmen and astronauts, a pair of cops come up to the family warning them about the teens. The family mistakes for the cops to be the teens again, and when the dad starts roughly handling the cops, the cops decide to just arrest the family - allowing the teens to infiltrate the now empty house and eat up the food.

One episode consisted entirely of Moody's Point sketches, apparently to set up a spin-off starring Moody.

Ridiculously Long Phone Number: What is the prize, you may ask? A live baby mammal.

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It's as adorable and hilarious as it sounds. Amanda fell asleep in a cold open after eating too much, and then Drake and Josh were supposed to wake her up but instead they tried introducing the show themselves. I don't care what some people think, I really liked this show Ericho 27 June I don't really like it how a lot of people here keep saying how this show is so terrible. I think it's a good show in my opinion.

One of the best live-action Nick shows since "Kenan And Kel". Many of the skits entertain me, especially the ones with Mr.

The Amanda Show Meet The Literals

Gullible and the hilarious two "Survivor" spoofs. The first was everyone stuck in a car, the second was everyone stuck in a bathtub. It was so amusing to see which character would drive the others the most craziest.

I agree, some of the skits were pretty stupid at times "Moody's Point", the one where a group of people, like cheerleaders or old ladies attack people but most of the times it's very funny!

I especially like the skits with the family that does everything wrong. I always laugh every time they have those hilarious skits where Amanda crank calls an old man to irritate him.

the amanda show meet literals video

Also, the one where the family works terribly at places like movie stores "This is better! Keep this and "Kenan And Kel" around. Grow a sense of humor, people! I can't believe all the negativity here.

This show is hilarious! I am 34 years old and my husband is even older than me. We used to sit and watch it with our kids and we would all laugh so hard. We even recorded some episodes and watched them over and over. Anyone who says Amanda has no talent doesn't know what talent is.

She is a gifted actress and comedian. Watching her show reminded me of watching the old Carol Burnett show when I was younger. Sure, some of the skits are silly no-brainers, but everything doesn't have to be deep. The Carol Burnett skits were the same way. Sometimes you just have to be silly!