Scholastic election 2012 meet the candidates forum

scholastic election 2012 meet the candidates forum

The Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics, v, n.4 ( February ) “Forecasting the Presidential and Congressional Elections of The . “Ambiguity in the Issue Positions of Presidential Candidates: A . Campaign Reform Act Meets Politics, A Campaign Finance Institute. Results 1 - 20 of election lesson plans from C-SPAN Classroom and other resources. . Help students look critically at the candidates, issues and campaigns from The Learning . Teacher to Teacher Ideas in the Top Teaching Blog | Scholastic Meet the presidential candidates in Election – Lesson Plan. 2 • Voters Guide. VOTING. INFORMATION. Registering to Vote .. in meeting the necessary reforms. e grading method is .. measurement systems that fully funds opportunities for scholastic improvement of our children. .. Las Cruces Candidates Forums was held on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at the Las.

Ruelas, a political science major, has worked with Campus Ministry, leading student retreats. She currently works with Diversity Council, giving her experience working with student government, Student Affairs and groups that provide resources to underrepresented students like Multicultural Student Programs and Services.

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As a team, Ricketts and Ruelas feel their unique, individual experiences make them a strong complement to one another. We complement each other well based on what we have done on campus. She also points to a need for a mentorship program for these students, helping them acclimate to the potentially unfamiliar Notre Dame environment.

The program aims to change views toward sexual assault, and create an environment that protects students from sexual violence. Ricketts and Ruelas also hope to implement an online forum that will allow greater transparency between students and administration.

They hope the platform would allow students to address university officials directly regarding issues that confuse or distress them.

Election 2018: Meet the candidates in historic Costa Mesa City Council race

Neil Joseph and Noemi Ventilla Voice. NeilandNoemi For student body president hopeful sophomore Neil Joseph and running mate sophomore Noemi Ventilla, it is all about the conversation.

scholastic election 2012 meet the candidates forum

From the changing of the print quota, to the elimination of the PE requirement, to Campus Crossroads, students feel as if they are being left out of the conversation, the candidates note.

The sophomore partners vow to improve these communication channels, provide information up front and ensure that the administration understands the needs of the student body. One way Joseph and Ventilla aim to understand the needs of their potential constituents is to continue the trend of hosting office hours open to all students, a practice started with former leaders Alex Coccia and Nancy Joyce in and continued through the current administration.

scholastic election 2012 meet the candidates forum

From talks with current students, the pair already has plans to institute a hot meal option at Grab and Go, update the DARTing system and expand student access to CIF reviews. Another aspect of previous regimes that the prospective candidates will look to continue is the fight against sexual violence at Notre Dame.

Additionally, Joseph and Ventilla will look to expand the reach of campus security beyond the campus grounds to ensure these goals are met.

We should do our share and help our own but cannot be the regional provider.

scholastic election 2012 meet the candidates forum

This is also a public safety issue. We need to spend less, rebuild reserves and, if we have surplus funds to spend after rebuilding reserves and addressing debt, the surplus should be spent on capital assets. Owner of Eckles Construction Inc. Bachelor of Arts in marketing and minor in political science, Southern Methodist University Time lived in the city: Eastside Costa Mesa; in current home sincepreviously lived in another house in Eastside Costa Mesa Public service, activism and volunteerism: Reducing homelessness through enforcement and utilizing public-private partnerships 2.

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Reducing the concentration of rehabilitation homes in our residential neighborhoods 3. Fiscal discipline that prioritizes essential spending for our community and eliminates wasteful and redundant spending. Adopt policies to attract job-creating businesses to Costa Mesa. Mechanical engineer licensed in Washington state, managing large energy-efficiency projects. I work for Willdan, a large publicly traded company, and oversee local and international projects.

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Bachelor of Science, aerospace engineering, U. Husband Scott Sylvester, parents, brother. What are the three issues you believe are the most important facing the city and why? While the city has done great work with the Network for Homeless Solutions, we must do more to get more people housed but not become a dumping ground for Orange County.

We need to work with the county, other cities and existing nonprofits to get people off the streets.