Motown meet the beatles

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motown meet the beatles

Jay Spangler, Tamla-Motown artists are our favorites. The Miricles." JOHN: "We . We met each other with long hair, didn't we .". What lead The Beatles to steer away from their boy-meets-girl, royal . Although The Beatles had already shown the influence of Motown, Stax. The Tumultuous Life of Motown's First Superstar Peter Benjaminson singing, they recorded three Motown songs on their second UK album, Meet the Beatles.

Ultimately this resulted in a complete transformation, from touring Rock and Roll Group into in-studio Recording Artists. In contrast, The Temptations morph was expeditious. With The Temptations transformation, they began to rely less on the lead singer, and instead their new arrangements traded lyrics more freely among all five group members, all of whom were talented singers in their own right.

motown meet the beatles

It was during this period that The Temptations charted higher on the Top Pop 40 charts then they had in their entire previous incarnation. This lends to the theory that — like The Beatles — they not only retained their relevance and commercial success, they improved upon it.

It could be argued, particularly in the case of The Beatles, that such a metamorphosis would be easy, and unsurprising. On the flip side, there had been countless vocal harmony and Doo-Wop groups prior to The Temptations, and none of them had morphed at all.

In all fairness, several groups do come to mind.

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But due to a series of mental breakdowns suffered by chief songwriter and producer Brian Wilson, marked the end for The Beach Boys experimental period. They stayed their course and kept to a successful formula that garnered them commercial success while maintaining their relevance.

motown meet the beatles

In all fairness, they may have dabbled in different experimentations, but it was just that… dabbling. In this respect The Beatles and The Temptations were unquestionably remarkable. That The Beatles authored most of their own tunes is a massively impressive feat, yet this fact alone does not make them the greater recording artist. Taking a great song and making it a hit is what it all boils down to. Elvis Presley, who out sold and out-charted The Beatles, did not write his hit songs.

Cultural Relevance and Irrelevance The Beatles broke up inand the split made headlines, with the four former Fabs using the press to slander one another in public forum.

motown meet the beatles

Additionally, each of the four was able to attain multiple 1 hits, hence retaining both musical and cultural relevance as solo artists. The Beatles soon returned to the Icon status they still hold today. The Beatles relevant period essentially began in until their breakup in The Temptations relevant period mirrored the start, and continued into Post, The Temptations began a steep decline into epic irrelevance.

Motown and Capitol's "butchering" of the Beatles' catalog

Unlike their meeting with The Byrds however the consensus seemed to be that they simply could not get close to Elvis. Then we got contemporary. The second song to be recorded encompassed much of what the Beatles had been soaking up over the previous ten months.

With Lennon attempting to match Dylan with his lyrical prowess, The Beatles also mixed their recent folks-rock acoustic leanings, so prevalent inwith both a Byrds style guitar-figure and for the first time, the introduction of the sitar into western popular music.

This was the beginning of the melting pot of influences and sounds that would peak in The Beatles world over the next two-to-three-years. McCartney singing at the top end of his vocal register only added to the songs appeal which could have been custom built for Redding himself. An approach suggested by Journalist Kenneth Allsop.

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He was the Motown bass player, he was fabulous, the guy who did all those melodic bass lines. It was him, me and Brian Wilson who were doing melodic bass lines at that time. It was really an anti-John song, written by John.

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Actually, I think it was about the state of his marriage. It was in a period where he was a bit dissatisfied with what was going on. In McCartney and Lennon were both still in touch with Ivan Vaughan, the mutual friend who introduced them to each other back in I was very insulted but I know what he meant.

To counter this The Beatles simply delved back into the endless supply of covers they played in their Cavern days and recorded a selection of their favourites.