Misalignment of the tube part ir relationship results investments

misalignment of the tube part ir relationship results investments

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misalignment of the tube part ir relationship results investments

As is our way, we made the L and LSP as accurate as we can and think they will be the most accurate in the market.

During his more than 40 years of machine tool experience, Guy Laverty has heard from many people who call him after crashing a lathe. Nearly all of the companies exhibiting in the QA Pavilion at this huge show are focused on measuring the finished parts after they have been manufactured, but very few of them focus on measuring the machines before they make the parts.

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This is just one reason why a relatively small investment in laser alignment can quickly pay for itself. Of course, you have to invest time and effort into consistently using these kinds of tools or else nothing will improve.

For our customers that really embrace this way of maintaining good machine alignment, they find that part quality does indeed improve and scrap rates fall. Jan was working for a company many years ago that designed and built the custom CNC drilling system that Lockheed used to assemble solar panels for the International Space Station, or ISS. Back then, Jan had used an early design Hamar Laser system to check the straightness, flatness and squareness of the machine to the high tolerances they required.

Auto Accessories Manufacturing Ron Sullivan with show-goers from an auto accessories manufacturing company in Mexico It was good to see so many prospective customers navigate to our booth with a show guide or a phone app in their hands. They had specifically sought us out after doing some careful show prep, sometimes through our digital showroom, IMTS.

One group like this was from a large manufacturer of automotive accessories in Mexico. The L is our flagship alignment tool. His smile says it all!

Miles for Manufacturing supports educational efforts that will help to fill the employee pipeline, so that down the road the manufacturing sector has a viable pool of well-trained and educated candidates to fill positions that are being vacated as experienced workers age and exit the workforce.

In the meantime, please visit the Hamar Laser website if you want more information about us, and get in touch if we can help! The L will be a replacement for our L Spindle Laser for mounting directly into a spindle of a lathe, turning center, rotary-dial machine or transfer-line machine to check the various spindle-axis alignments of these machines: Headstock spindle-axis parallelism to guideways, guideway flatness and straightness and headstock spindle-axis alignment to tailstock or subspindle.

Since its independence inthe Burmese government had steadfastly upheld a neutralist foreign policy that was a direct result of its colonial history, whereby its subjugation under British rule had become the foundation of Burmese nationalism.

misalignment of the tube part ir relationship results investments

Thus, the ability to make its own foreign policy without outside domination became a fundamental component of its post-colonial independence. Military aid to Burma was also negligible.

misalignment of the tube part ir relationship results investments

Given its international isolation at the time of the Korean War, Beijing tried to cultivate a friendly relationship with Yangon. It was not until late that the Burmese government invited the People's Liberation Army PLA to take part in a coordinated military campaign that finally eradicated KMT troops from the country.

The alliance between Thailand and the United States ensured that Thailand possessed sufficient military capability for its counter-insurgent campaigns. The communist victory in China considerably boosted the morale of many other communist movements in Southeast Asia.

Via ethnic Chinese ties, communist ideologies, propaganda materials, as well as material resources were spread throughout the region. Thailand thus established diplomatic relations with the PRC inand both countries began to find common ground for a cooperative relationship based on common antipathy towards Hanoi.

When Vietnam invaded Cambodia inThailand and China formed a de facto alliance, whereby Thailand allowed Chinese material support for the Khmer Rouge to pass through its territory, and China promised to help Thailand if the latter came under Vietnamese attack.

The withdrawal of such external backing of the CPT empowered the Thai government to successfully suppress the internal security challenge that had plagued the Kingdom for decades. China supplied the CPB with RMB 2 million per year for general military expenditures, and Chinese hospitals along the border were opened for its use. Beijing also set up a radio station specifically for the CPB to disseminate propaganda.

Yet, there was little the Yangon government could do to protect itself from Chinese hostility. The CPB lasted untilthe Chinese side having withdrawn support in the mids, 74 although it had carried on substantially longer than that for the CPT. The demise of the CPB was mainly due to internal factional fighting rather than to the effectiveness of the Burmese military government.

Since the s, the two countries have maintained a competitive relationship.