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World Cup Diego Maradona cries as Argentine media turns on team following defeat - CNN

meet the team reaction

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A mis-hit clearance was heading into the hands of goalkeeper Peter Shilton, before a leaping Diego Maradona intercepted it with his hand, punching the ball into the net.

The game endedwith Argentina going on to win the World Cup. Hide Caption 5 of 11 Photos: Roger Milla turned on the style at the World Cup in Italy, which saw his Cameroon team reach the quarterfinals -- the furthest an Africa team has ever gone in the competition.

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Hide Caption 6 of 11 Photos: Less than a week after seeing his team eliminated from the competition due to his error, Escobar was shot dead on the streets of Medellin, a murder linked to drug lords who lost huge amounts of money on the result. Hide Caption 7 of 11 Photos: Key World Cup moments A Dutch master at work Dennis Bergkamp stops Frank de Boer's pass dead, transferring the ball to his left foot as he twists past Argentina's Roberto Ayala.

His third touch, again with his right boot, flicks it past Carlos Roa, the keeper.

meet the team reaction

Three perfect touches to take the ball from a speculative punt upfield to what remains one of the ultimate moments of skill ever displayed in a World Cup. Hide Caption 8 of 11 Photos: With the World Cup final moving into extra-time, goalscorer Marco Materazzi muttered a few words to France legend Zinedine Zidane, who returned with a headbutt to the Italian's chest.

In his last ever professional match, Zidane was red carded and Italy went on to win on penalties. Hide Caption 9 of 11 Photos: This one, however, was less subtle. Suarez's hands prevented Ghana from bagging a winner in extra-time. He saw red, and Asamoah Gyan's whacked the resulting penalty against the bar. Uruguay went on to win on penalties. Hide Caption 10 of 11 Photos: Key World Cup moments Brazil vs.

meet the team reaction

A major study on the allergic reaction had been done right across the Blue Ridge Mountains at the University of Virginia. Suddenly, his hiking trips in that very mountain range came into focus: According to the research, those little brown bugs, marked by a telltale white spot, were to blame for his meat allergy.

Coughlin was bit by lone star ticks. People with alpha-gal describe their episodes as terrifying experiences that can land you in the emergency room and change the way you live your life. As climate change shifts temperatures and humidity levels across the country, many types of ticks, which thrive in warm, humid weather, are able to expand their ranges.

Meet the tick that’s forcing Americans to give up their meat | Grist

The EPA even uses Lyme diseasewhich is transmitted by blacklegged ticks, as an indicator to track where the country is warming. The spread of lone stars has been linked to climate change, and now, the ticks have made it all the way up through Maineimparting severe red meat allergies on unsuspecting carnivores — and offering a window into our changing world and its effect on human health.

meet the team reaction

As lone stars expand into new communities this summer, the ticks are poised to catch people off guard. And just like Coughlin, these little fellows are big eaters. Ticks are only second to mosquitoes as vectors for human disease. Disease cases in the U. Large swaths of the eastern U. And every so often, it seems, the ticks that rouse themselves from the leaf litter are armed with unexpected and mysterious pathogens, like the resurfaced Powassan virus or Pacific Coast tick fever. The CDC report says seven new tick-borne infections have been recorded since Climate change is among them.

Many ticks go dormant during the winter, when consecutive below-freezing days and nights turn them into sesame-sized popsicles. Hickling says a benign climate is helpful for ticks and what they carry: Deer can travel several miles in the days or even weeks it takes for lone stars feed on them, eventually dropping the ticks a long way from where they first picked them up. Reforestation efforts in the eastern U.

The growth of suburbs means there are plenty of people pressed up against these wooded areas. Already, at least known cases of alpha-gal have occured north of the Mason-Dixon line, according to University of North Carolina allergist Scott Commins, one of the researchers who discovered the connection between ticks and alpha-gal. Get Grist in your inbox Always free, always fresh.

See our privacy policy Compared to blacklegged ticks, lone stars are much more aggressive. Blacklegged ticks behave in predictable ways — they hang out in leafy undergrowth, arms and legs outstretched in case a hapless animal or human passes by.

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Lone stars, on the other hand, hunt in packs and travel at surprising speeds, emerging from the leaf litter like a swarm of thirsty, galloping lentils. Her team submerged lone stars in salt, fresh, and brackish water. Every single tick lasted for at least 30 days in each condition — the last lone star died after 74 days.

It only takes one bite from a lone star tick for an unsuspecting victim to develop a meat allergy that can last months, years, or even an entire lifetime.

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Alpha-gal is a sugar molecule found in nearly all mammals, except humans and a few other primates. When that person goes in for a cheeseburger, their body has a life-threatening reaction to the sugar in the meat. As recently as a few years ago, the link between lone stars and this allergic reaction was controversial.